Did you know that over $2,400,000 worth of STEEM rewards have already been distributed to the tag #Food in the Steemit Community since it was created back in March 2016? Reaching out for more Food Bloggers on twitter to come and join Steemit.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steemit on Twitter

Latest #steemtalent tweet - Reaching out for more #Food #Bloggers to come and join #Steemit


Promotion Campaign on Twitter

Today, I have been focusing in on and reaching out for more #Food #Bloggers to come and join the #Steemit Community.

As the campaign continues, I am pleased to share with you the latest tweet that has just gone out.

The tweet reads....


"Did you know? Over $2,400,000 worth of #STEEM rewards have already been distributed to the tag #Food in the #Steemit Community since it was created back in March 2016? Always on the lookout and scouting for more talented #Food #Bloggers to distribute payouts to..!! #steemtalent"

Accompanying the tweet was the following slide....

Distribution of Rewards to Food.jpg


Please feel free to retweet the tweet if you support the promotion and growth of #Steemit.

Number of followers - 6,915

I am also pleased to say that the number of new followers on the Twitter Account has continued to grow and now stands at 6,915.

At 6,915 followers I am pleased to see that this has increased over 700 from <6,200 followers when I launched the project in just under 8 weeks ago.

With >700 new followers starting to follow the #steemtalent twitter account in <8 weeks, that is approximately 88 new followers / week or >12 new followers / day..!!

Thanks for supporting #steemtalent

Thanks for reading and once again thank you to everyone around the World that has recognised the potential of the Project and supported #steemtalent.



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I saw a recent post from @blocktrades and thought that maybe BlockTrades could could consider adding a conversion pair between STEEM and DigiByte as a way of helping the DigiByte community transitioning to Telegram.


Have a great week!
Steem on,


That would be AWESOME..!! Thanks Mike. I am doing a lot of work with the DigiByte Community at the moment and this would be a massive move. Have a great week Mike and thanks again for all your support. Stephen


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I am very glad to know this ☺ upvoted


You're very welcome. Stephen


have a nice day!😊

I am pleased to be the part of steemtalent although i have joined this...and also follow this...

Steemjet is a very noble and educative motion, they make us that the community turns into larger and the sharing some of the participants is more. further, all the team of workers or the ones who've had the opportunity to engage via their articles had been very type and very interesting humans. I can hold to observe all your information carefully!

This is incredible.
I looove food myself.