By leveraging the infrastructure of #Promo-Steem within the Steemit Community, I am looking forward to rolling out the #Promo-DigiByte Project next week.

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#Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project

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Leveraging the power harnessed in the #Steemit Community

Regular readers of my Blog will know that for the past few months I have working very closely with the Active #DigiByte Community around the World.

I have been helping them to promote the #DigiByte #Blockchain as well as explaining to them the huge benefits they would have by joining #Steemit.

As I have mentioned before, this is not a one-way benefit, but one that I strongly believe will have huge mutual benefits to both the #DigiByte #Blockchain and the #STEEM #Blockchain.

On top this mutual benefit to both #Blockchains it will bring a huge exposure to #Steemit and one that I would like to see grow with other #Blockchains.

Today, this vision has taken a step closer to becoming a reality as we nudge closer to next weeks announcement.

Thanks for supporting #steemtalent

Thanks for reading and once again thank you to everyone around the World that has supported the #Promo-Steem #steemtalent Project and this new and exciting #Promo-Steem / #Promo-DigiByte Project.



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Thinking great. Good luck.

Good luck with #Promo-DigiByte ....My best wishes to you.

Really good news,Very wonderful project,shared on tweeter,Screenshot_20180908-011031.png