As the Promo-Steem Project continues to grow around the World I just wanted to say a Massive Thank You once again to everyone who has supported the Promo-Steem Project and made the Project the success it is today.

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#Promo-Steem - Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem around the World - A Massive Thank You

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Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit around the World

As the #Promo-Steem Project continues to grow around the World, I just wanted to say a Massive Thank You once again to everyone on #Steemit who has supported the #Promo-Steem Project and made the Project the success it is today.

With your overwhelming support for the Project and the shared vision of what #Promo-Steem could achieve I cannot you all enough for backing the Project and making it the phenomenal success it as become.

No Owner. No Central Authority. No Rules

Having No Owner, No Central Authority and No Rules is what makes #Promo-Steem so powerful and gives it its true value.

A Project that is truly decentralised and set up to belong to the #Steem Community it is up to the #Steem Community to decide just how big #Promo-Steem becomes.

Sure, I would love nothing more than to see the #Promo-Steem Project one of the biggest projects, if not the biggest project on #Steem but that is not for me to decide.

Its fate remains solely in the hands of the #Steem Community.

Decentralised Global Marketing and Promotions Project

Launched back in 2017 as a fully Decentralised Global Marketing and Promotions Project powered by #Steem, the #Promo-Steem Project was setup to leverage the success of #Promo-UK in the U.K. and to tap into the growing market of Social Media Marketing Content I expect to see coming to Social Media over the next few years.

As a fully Decentralised Project built on #Steem it is up to each and every one in the #Steem Community to decide just how valuable the Project is and what value the Community places on the those Posts contributing to bringing added value to the #Steem Blockchain through Marketing.

Added value to the #Steem Blockchain

If you have any spare #Steem Power and would like to support the growth of #Steem by rewarding Content that is helping to increase the value of the Blockchain through Marketing and Promotional Activities, please hit that #Promo-Steem tag and vote on those Blogs posting under #Promo-Steem.

Promoting #Promo-Steem on twitter

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Promoting #Promo-Steem on twitter

Having recently added the #PromoSteem tag to my twitter profile I am now looking forward to promoting #Promo-Steem on twitter more.

Unfortunately due to the way that twitter handles the "-'s" in their hashtags #Promo-Steem will be promoted on twitter as #PromoSteem.

Massive Thank You

Looking forward to continuing to support those helping out with the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit and especially those that are posting their Promotional Activities to #Promo-Steem.

Thanks again for reading and a Massive Thank You to you all.


#Promo-Steem - Supporting the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit around the World

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Dear mentor @stephenkendal you're a role model, a unique icon and a visionary leader, you have build promo steem and initiated your marketing strategies from the grass root way back in 2017 as a fully Decentralised Global Marketing and Promotions Project powered by #Steem, the #Promo-Steem Project was setup to leverage the success of #Promo-UK in the U.K. As earlier mention.. permit me to say your iconic movement and support is here to stay in the test of time, I also picture someday that promo steem will have annual events where members and leaders gather to share common goals and unique ideas...
I'm proud to say that with your courage I was able to start promoting steemit/steem in my office

Long live @Stephenkendal
Long live
Long live promosteem
Long live leaders and esteem members
We're moving to another level of greatness.

The thing I like most is that #promo-steem can be promoted in any process. Be it through a social media post or it is through marketing of a product.

And there is no special qualification to be the promoter of #promosteem.. Any #steemit user can promote it. There are two benefits together. One is the #steem promoter army is growing day by day and at the same time the activity of steemit users is increasing.. I hope it will go further.😊😊

And all this has been possible for @stephenkendal sir. Thank you Sir for everything ♥️

Number of that people who are working on promoting #steem is increasing very fast and promotional activities are also increasing everyday. This is a clear indication that the #promo-steem project is on the way of success. This project will definitely do something big and make us surprised one day very soon. The #steem ecosystem is getting balance for this project and this project is very important for every #steemit users. I hope the value of #steem will be like 2018 again by the hard working of promoters and every supporters of this project.
Thank you.

It would be a great way to support #promo-steem project by voting the posts with #promo-steem tag who have much #steem power. If promoters get huge support from them, we will get some more promoters everyday for their support. Many users will start to promote #steem to see the pending reward of current promoters. Glad to see that many users are supporting promotional blog now and it should increase to make this platform better.
Thank you.

Promoting and marketing #steem on tweeter will be very effective because we need to convert tweeter users to #steemit. I'm always trying to promote #steem on tweeter with like and retweet of every post what you share on tweeter. We should share our tweeter profile link here, so that we can follow each others and make the promotion stronger on tweeter. The #promo-steem project should be viral on tweeter and we can do this together who are working on promoting and marketing #steem.
Thank you so much.❤️

The #promo-steem project is growing very fast all over the world because of increasing the support and sponsorship to promoters. It’s really huge what you are doing alone for this project. I believe that promoting and marketing #steem on tweeter will help to increase users and investors on #steemit and promoting and marketing of #steem on #steemit will help to increase supporters and sponsor.
Always good wishes for you and #steem.
Thank you.

Muchas Gracias Sir @stephenkendal gracias a usted nosotros los usuarios de Steemit nos sentimos más apoyados y orientados a sacar a steemit y a steem adelante como un proyecto para el futuro... I LOVE Steemit .... Muchas Gracias por Su Apoyo🤗🙏😘Desde Venezuela 🇻🇪 Seguiré trabajando por la plataforma.

I respect to your all promo steem activities. Very well posted sir. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Linkedin social media to promote.


Increasing holding amount of #steem and powering up #steem always help to increase the value of #steem and joing new users will help ti increase the holding and powering up #steem amount. So supporting this #promo-steem project by up vote will be more useful for them who have more #steem power on their account. So I think they should support the promotional blogs by up vote.
Thank you.

Its a great pleasure to be a part of #promo-steem project. And big thanks to you sir SK for being our kind supporter and sponsor. May you achieve more success and goals you have in your life. Stay blessed and happy 💖💕❤️

It is our duty to promote, directly or indirectly, this great project that is already growing worldwide. We have to continue supporting it so that in this way it is the largest project in steem. As a community we have that power in our hands. Thanks to all the people who are committed to this work and especially to Stephen who is the central mind of all this.

Thanks to you Stephen for giving that necessary energy to this great project, without you it was not possible, we must do everything possible to promote this great movement, since we all win. Greetings to all.

Sir I have made some banners for #promo-steem, i hope you will see my posts and support.

I am glad to get more and more users on the steemit. It doesn't take your energy or time. You can easily promote steem anytime and anywhere. This is the new beginning as we know it will grow bery high in the future. All we need is to constantly promote steem and it is very easy for everyone. I think the best would be to start it from our own families. It can be like as a chain.

I also support what you are doing, sir, hopefully with the #promo-steem that you are doing, hopefully there will be many new users joining.

I really like your opinion and I also like #promo-steem I support your promo goals sir

Well done sir we are always with you. #welovepromosteem.

Just as a plant requires constant care (fertilizer, watering, etc.). It is up to each of us to project the constant growth of #steem . Thanks .

May #steem continues to grow more and more. For this we all have to work hard

There's more to come and for that purpose, we all have to promote steem as much as we can.

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thAnk you too sir for your #promo-steem

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Please help to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit by sharing your Blogs to Social Media.



I am so happy that I found this #promosteem community coz it makes me a whole human being. And it teach me how to communicate and mengle other by this promoting #steemit and #steem. And also since I joined #steemit it is already my companion this community. Cheers! #steemit and #steem promoters!