Announcing the latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship awarded to @aafadjar to help support the Social Media and Educational Campaign.

#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem and #Steemit around the World

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Supporting the Promotion of #Steem and #Steemit around the World

It gives me great pleasure to announce the latest #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship awarded to help support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem and #Steemit around the World.

The #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship has been awarded to @aafadjar to help support the Social Media and Educational Campaign.

#OneHundredSteem Sponsorship Transfer

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100 Steem - Congratulations. #OneHundredSteem Sponsorship for your Social Media & Educational Campaign. Good luck. Stephen

Supporting @aafadjar

Expected to run over the next 25 - 30 days, please join me in supporting @aafadjar as the Social Media and Educational Campaign rolls out.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Helping to Support and Promote #Steem and #Steemit around the World

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We have started promo-steem recruitment program in our area.

@stephenkendal excellent support you give @aafadjar, so he can expand Steem and Steemit Promotion more strongly.

This post and @aafadjar's post were shared on my Twitter, to also help promote Steemit on social media.


The campaign is on. Nothing else will take the attention of some of us from promo steem. It is really making our community bigger. We only have to make plans for the newbies we are bringing on board. Thanks for your daily support for this challenge @stephenkendal

Congratulations to @aafadjar. And thank you so much @stephenkendal.
Your support is the most important to promote #steem. You are supporting them all who are promoting #steem that's really great.

Sir, you are really doing the great work. We are always with you. Congratulations @aafadjar. I think facebook coupon code is the best way to promote #steem on Facebook for free.

Thank you @stephenkendal

The steem promo is amazing, I'm sure the steem promo campaign will go well, and the public will get to know steemit faster, Good luck always @stephenkendal

Congratulation to @aafadjar Hopefully by getting 100 steem, hopefully it can be used properly here ,, Always success for you @stephenkendal

Congratulations to @aafadjar I also have Facebook page and I also can #promo-steem by creating a promotional campaign there on my page. What is the requirement to apply for this sponsorship? Let me know the procedure please! Thanks @stephenkendal

As an open-sourced project there is no specific requirements for #Promo-Steem.

If you have a Promotional Campaign or Idea that helps to support the Marketing and Promoting of #Steem please feel free to put your Campaign or Ideas forward.

I am always on the look out for more Promotional Campaigns or Ideas looking for support.


Ok sir let me Research on it and will inform you as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your unconstitutional regular support 💗💕❤️

@stephenkendal sir,You are doing a really great job. We are and will always be with you. I think Steam Promo is very amazing, because I am sure that Steam Promo will run very well, and people will know about Steam very quickly. I wish you all the best.

You have a lot of follower on tweeter. I think most of them are not using steemit. Please make a #contest post on tweeter and convert them from tweeter to steemit. Congratulations @aafadjar
Thank you @stephenkendal

Reading your posts, I believe more and more in the good future of Stemiti. Thank you for participating in this.

Can I get support for steem promotion through Instagram Ads, sir @stephenkendal?

Work work ☺️👍

Thanks nice a post

I hope this work will always run smoothly, and can always develop sir @sthepenkendal

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Great initiatives you take. Love to stay with you....

I always support and promote steem and steemit around the world, and we will strive to support @aafadjar.I am very proud that there are steemit players like @stephenkendal