Gratitude and announcing first ever STEMng meet-up

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Time, even though relative, is an important phenomenon. It's been an awesome 6 months of community building through mentoring, engagement and consistently churning out of quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related contents on the steemit blockchain.

Who are we?

We are a Nigerian community of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics writers/lovers/enthusiasts on the steemit blockchain. We represent a part of a larger community, the steemSTEM; and since our inauguration as shown by this blog, the community has been growing in leaps and bounds despite the bearish trend of the crypto-market.

We now boast of hundreds of quality writers who never get tired of churning out good contents for the consumption of the blockchain users and the world at large. Here is an invitation to join our discord server where we engage one another and have a bit of fun.


We could not have come this far without the support of a lot of folks. Top of our list is the management of steemSTEM in persons of @justtryme90 @lemouth @anarchyhasnogods @suesa and @mobbs. You guys are the unsung heroes of the steemit blockchain as far as quality content is concerned. A big thanks to @curie, and several innumerable others for their strong support for quality STEM contents on steemit in general. Special thanks also go to steemSTEM curators, steemSTEm honoured members and the entire steemit community for their hard work in ensuring that quality STEM contents get deserved rewards while those that try to cheat the system are taken care of appropriately.

Announcing STEMng's first ever meet-up

With a view to socialize, learn as well as create more awareness about steem/steemit within the country, we are happy to announce to the public that a meet-up for STEMng authors, readers and enthusiasts has been slated to take place on the 11th of July, 2018. The rendezvous of the meet-up is the Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos Nigeria. The event promises to be both educative and fun in all ramifications. More details about the meet-up would be released as time progresses.

Thank you all!


Meet-up banner: @agbona


This is really awesome. I am going to mark the date on my calendar. WOuld such a wonderful experience meeting some of the brilliant faces behind those wonderful posts I have been reading under the stemng tag. Well done guys!

I can't wait to see everyone! So excited to finally get a chance to meet my new amazing family members....

Let the countdown begin.....

I can't wait too ooo

Oh, do come around...

Guy just bring correct Alomo Bitters come. You know say @samminator, @rharphelle, @agbona, @menoski, @polaleye, @addempsea, @akiripromise, @polaleye50, @steepup, @osariemen and @michaelwrites are all Agberos. We go dance Shaku for there like madt 😂

Thank God say you know say we be agberos, and when we dance the shaku shaku and drink Alomo finish, the next item for our agenda na to drill you wella.

He should actually expect that....... Can't wait to see you guys though

Me too o boss

Same here buddy, it's time to put a real face behind the bizarre usernames

Me wey get juju 😂 😂

See, you don they cast yourself already. Now we dey come up with measures to counteract your charm.

Man, you're in trouble

😂 😂 😂

God come to my rescue oo!!!

Thank you

Him don enter my wahala laidat

Hahahahaha. Notin do u jare

Just like a small seed; Stemng has emerged from the crevices of just a fragment of men's imagination, and has grown into something symbolic in the field of science and technology in the land of Nigeria.

This is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come. What more can I say? Stemng can only get better.

Salutations to the entire management of Stemng and SteemSTEM at large. The light you guys have shone on the path of STEM community would be remembered by posterity.

Go guys!!!

Much love

Baba bring babes for me oo @samminator 😂 😂

Wetin u wan take babes do? 😂

Everytime I imagine what you look like, Daft Punk comes to mind, don't disappoint me o. Now lemme Coman be going before you turn me to robot.

Lol. Kuku kee me naa 😃

The time has come to see the faces of all the keyboard warriors that makes up this amazing community.

Anticipation! Anticipation!!

Keyboard warriors indeed 😂😂😂😂... They'll soon come for you. Thanks for the banner.

I have my shield and sword in hand, let them come 👿😠

I know its gonna be fun. I can't wait !!!

10 days to go !!!

#stemng-rocks !!!

Where did you learn how to count?
It's 9 days baba 😂😁

I said it yesterday, so it was 10 days to go then(smiles).

Sarcasm bro, sarcasm

Let's go Nigeria :)

Oh! Bring it on! Lagos, here we come. :)

It always breaks my heart whenever I realize that school won't allow me attend this meet-up. But all well, I'll be there in the spirit.

Oops... Do not worry, I will definitely send your rice. Keep calm, @teekingtv gat your back! Oya chop 😘 😘

Lol... Don't forget to do that.

I look forward to this exciting meetup. Gonna certainly gonna be one of a kind!

I can't wait in granddad's voice.

Nice nice nice!!! STEMng all the way.

anticipating the meetup like kilode!!!

Looking forward to seeing the faces behind the awesome science posts coming from this side of the world (im wondering if they would look like i picture them to)

Lol, me too... Hoping people fits the picture I envisage.....

Anticipating 🕺🕺🕺

Guy don't get your hopes too high, people look darker, fatter and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay older in reality.

But I know for a fact that it's going to be awesome experience, and truly, I can't wait to see everyone one of y'all

I think I've had this experience a lot meeting people from the web.

I'm just only saying though, there's always a kind of picture you attach to each person according to their online actions and reputation.

Sure, I can't wait..

Like me now, I'm some short ugly boy 😂😂

Speak for yourself

Better stop envisaging....

Finally finally, Meetup here we come.

Packing my bag already

What a way to get my Monday running. Brilliant idea behind the meetup. I do hope I make it!

Wish I was currently in Lagos, will definitely attend.
I believe it will not be the first and last meet-up.
This is a very nice concept

Wow! I'm gonn attend my first ever meetup finally.

Having leaders like @gentleshaid, @greenrun, and everyone behind the flourishing @STEMng will surely make a community thrive in no time. Many thanks to @mobbs, @suesa, @justtryme90, @ruth-girl and the rest of @steemstem management, curators and members around the world for bringing the best out of us.

I'm giving one Atiku material to my tailor straight. Gotta look good so I can go home with some fine babes ☺

Let's stemup Naija!

I am @teekingtv and I write STEM.

Smh. You really have some ambition against it... Babes though, I don't think I've seen many in the community... So, ur Atiku might not see anyone to tickle😅

Anticipating though... Do bring your Airplane too!

😂 😂 😂

Finally, I will see @gentleshaid and @greenrun, the visionaries and the real heroes of the community. All these Agbero boys that I haven't seen in a while will also show face (@real2josh, @addempsea, @rharphelle, I'm not referring to you guys o).

I'll do my best not to miss this. Let's go there...

Woooooow!!! I will be there Live by God's grace. I can't wait to meet all my "oga-at-the-top" in person.

I've looked forward to this meet up since I joined this community only for the chance to present itself and my job is about to take it away from me. Anyway, any chance I have in the office I'll rush to the venue to see my bosses😆😆

LCC Lets get prepared for the first day of its kind.. I hope to meet new people.

Its great to see that the Nigerian SteemSTEEM community has such great support!

Great work to everyone who has contributed to the growth of this community. I can't wait to meet everyone in person.

See you there.

A roaming dove without a dry ground to perch on, that was what I was once. But somehow with the help of @gentleshaid and @samminator, my feet sorta found home. Although I am not quite a people person, for the first time, I can say I can't wait to meet my new found family. Can't wait to see all the Agbero boys and fine girls. The only thing that is paining me is @florae will not be there. I was wanting to put a face to that beautiful, rapturous voice. Anyway sha, nothing spoil.

finally we are meeting . Can't wait to meet @stemng members. See you next week.

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