Subtitled Steem Jeopardy Video with @ned, @steemcafe, @coruscate and @llfarms - Promoting The Steem Creators Conference In Austin (Comedy Open Mic Week 46 #1)

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It's that time to laugh and find peace with things about our blockchain many won't publicly talk about so we can get them out of our system.

I'd also like to raise awareness for @steemcafe & @larrymorrison's Global Block Builders / Steem Creators conference, as well as some issues through subtle and not-so-subtle satire.

Today's Cast:

After the first warmup minute of intros, we start to get into some jokes, jabs and promotion.

I'll admit that I was more focused on getting points across than making the perfect joke because most audio snippets were very short.

Anyway, this still took a lot of time to brainstorm, while learning Russian through osmosis (I think), so please give it a proper chance to unfold...

Bottom line: Go To The Steem Creators Conference from April 10-13 so we can take action to create the change we want to see.

Make sure closed captions are ON via the CC button in the video.

Key Links:

Not so fast!! Here are my other subtitled comedy videos if you missed them or want some more:

1. Bernie Sanders' hysterical interview of Ned. It never gets old.

2. Ned & Andrew speaking at SteemFest 3 featuring the world's most contagious laugh.

Hope you enjoy and will consider supporting these blockchain pioneers who take meaningful action to build their businesses around Steem.

Thanks also to those who are making the trip to speak and/or contribute: speaker list, and the "cast" for their great senses of humor as I try to make light of some sore subjects we shouldn't always ignore.


COM nominations to enter the dragon: @holoz0r & @nomadicsoul

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Thank you. You were mentioned as the greatest thing Steemit has seen in the last year in the video if you didn't catch it.

This is GOLD! Thanks for the laughs @steemmatt. Looks like I'll be a winner since I'm going to the conference in Austin. :)


I tried to hedge my post by focusing on the promo aspect since I wasn't sure if this was that funny. Hearing that at least someone laughed is sweet relief. Regardless, you absolutely nailed the master punchline, which is funny... because it's true. Thanks for the resteem.



I’m dying!!

Seriously - these videos are hilarious. Keep em coming.


I’m with I.J., I have no idea what I just watched or why you have to hate so hard on my flannel and moccasins.. but I laughed really hard. Lol. Almost as hard as that bernie interview. Ouch though, ouch.. I’m not sure you were quite honest enough there 😬

Too funny! I’ll see you in Austin!!


Imagine how many times I watched this, and I still don't know what I just watched.

With that covered/addressed, flannel is just great comedic material, and the moccs are fun to mock. (insert several eye roll emojis)

Thanks for being part of the show and audience. And, yes, I may have just inadvertently cornered myself into going to Austin.

@steemmatt I have no idea what I just watch. That steemcafe guy is charming & down to earth. A real man of the people. I like his style. 😛😝😜. Thank you for whatever I just watched. May God have Mercy on your soul. It feels like the person who made this would rather dumpster dive in a Best Buy back parking lot than spend $5 on a brand new DVD from Walmart. Just saying. See everyone in Austin. Shameless plug "insert here." -resteemed-.

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Hahah. I hope you watched the video with the SUBTITLES on. Glad you caught this and hope it helps raise some awareness for your cause.

Good work, Matt, but it reinforces the vicious rumor that steemit is nothing more than an elaborate but uninspired Russian election fraud bot.


You are consistently one of the few Stemians capable of a more effective backhanded and sarcastic reply. You know what they say about sarcasm... cпасибо!

Terrible, poorly executed, it wasn’t funny at all, I didn’t laugh the whole way through it.. and the second video.. and the third video and Resteem it or anything. 👍🏿

Way to set the bar @steemmatt.


Muussstttt ressiisssttt thhiisss reeevveeerrsssee psssyycchooollloooggyy.

Thanks for enjoying all three (MVP viewer), a perfectly clever counter joke, and sharing the post.

Nicely done yet again dude! The beginning of this especially was hilarious. Love the not so subtle pokes at various steemians as well :)


Glad you caught this. I need a few solid fans like you who get this humor for the motivation to keep putting these together. As for the pokes, someone has to keep it real around here and call out their BS. My favorite travel vlogger muted me for some reason over a year, and none of the others I have in mind would ever visit my blog/reply/upvote me anyway.

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you made my evening bro... what da fuck :D


Damn - that's more than I could ask for. Thanks for letting me know. There will be more, and will continue to be weird, but strangely funny at the same time.