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What a great couple of days in Southampton and Portsmouth! Southampton University is a great campus university with a melting pot at the center in the student union! There were students everywhere, and most were open to discuss steemit, take photos and hopefully visit the site later!

Portsmouth was a much smaller university, which is incorporated into the city itself! It has a great union bar and I met a lot of students there! Portsmouth is a beautiful seaside town with wonderful English architecture! I could see myself moving here..... but must move on to the next stop for the steemit tour!

Here are the pics!







































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Wonderful post and lots of hard work too keep going on :D @starkerz rock on !!


Thanks @blazing!! great to see you around these posts!!


Rocking for you @blazing!! thanks for the comments!! :)

Nice work and great method. Permission to adopt your method here in Nigeria.


I only do what i do so others can take my methods, improve them, adapt them and re use! steemit is about leading by example and I hope that i have shown a strong example of how you can make some money promoting steemit to the world! Adopt away sir!! STEEMON!

It quite amazing seeing the way you promote.... Sincerely, You are undoubtedly a great steemian... I'm also able to bring @temmy8284 to steemit today..... I made a post to show him to steemit world...

I can't stop waiting for your update on STEEMIT PROMOTION

Steemit is definitely a great opportunity for students to make extra cash! Resteemed!


Thanks for the resteem! Definitely was a great day and hopefully some of these students will realise exactly what you have said above

You are doing great work for the Steem community. I hope you are seeing more people that know about Steemit when you arrive. It shows real dedication. Very much appreciated. Good luck with @dannyshine in London. Upvoted and resteemed


Thank you @honeybee11!! :) I am actually starting to see more people who have heard of steemit! it is quite amazing!!

Great job, looks like you're having a fantastic time! I'm sure all those people will remember Steemit and hopefully many will also check it out and become users of the site. What is the reaction you generally get? Do people really believe what you're telling them or are they sceptical?


My method is to tell them that I am doing a blog about the university and ask if they would be in a photo with me, but that i am funding the tour using steemit, so they should point to the steemit logo on my t-shirt. I then give them a business card with a link to my blog so that they can find their photo and see how much money their pics raised. most are happy to do this. about 40% then become interested in what steemit is and about 20% are skeptical, but i explain about how traditional social media is extorting their information and making money of of them, which is returned to the users in steemit. This reduces most people's skepticism


That's a really well thought out way to approach it

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I hope you haven't been wearing the same hat and t-shirt for all these tours!

Seriously though, well done on all this promotion!


I am like bat man, I have a t-shirt for each day of the week ;))

I like your method! I read about it in comments. I think it's smart to have students find their photo in your posts and see how much money their pictures raised!


Thank you!!I hope that as a result of this, there will be small pockets of steemians starting in each major uk university, which can then lead to mass adoption... The photo means that people are invested in the promotion and hopefully will come to take a look at steemit!

This looks very fun. I like your positivity and passion. I am a fan now :)


Always great to see fantastic supporters Salamat po!!

Thanks for promoting Steemit wholeheartedly.

I also withdrew my Steemit money(check out my post and guys are now believing Steemit!) so that i can print a t.shirt for myself hehehe.

Let me resteem this so that i can show more people here that Steemit promotion is happening all over the world.


Great news!! one piece of advice, make sure you print your @user name on your t-shirt so that people can easily find you. or use a QR code on your t-shirt also, this works well, along side handing out business cards! STEEMON!

Keep the good work going sir.

wow @starkers , you are so awesome , it's nice to see you promoting steemit, bringing tons of people in the community! Keep going!!! Would love to spread steemit as well heheh , your pictures can tell!!! really superb!! :D


Salamat po!! really appreciate your support and hope it can give many ideas to you and your friends!!

hi i upvote you so you also upvote me plzzzzz

Sir plss comment and upvote my post, I also follow you

amazing moment you have passed...
that was awesome...when they were with you...
keep of luck...
thank you..@starkerz
@followed and upvoted