Although SBD prices continue to decline, we are still excited about steemit

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Hi steemian..!!!
Good evening, How are you all, Meet me again @saifuddin07. As usual we are here again to gather together with our steemian colleagues. image
On this occasion I would like to discuss about the development of steemit that is currently popular and about the price of sbd which is declining its price. Talk about the development of steemit at this time can be said our village has been much developed from a few months ago, young people who have left other social media, to join this steemit platform.
Most of them say other social media is less useful and just a waste of time there, one of them who say so is @dahrulsamin7 he just a few months to join steemit and he's one of my best friends.
In the past few days I have seen that the movement of coin prices in the crypto currency shows a decrease, especially in the price of Steem and SBD.1SBD Rp.18.144 This creates anxiety on some newly formed steemit friends in steemit.
Although the price of SBD continues to decline for us there is no problem, we are constantly making quality posts and when SBS prices start to decline we are still eager to play steemit, we continue to work hard in making postings and we never give up. Although my posting is less quality I will keep trying for better.
the saying goes, though ugly but it's got our own, not someone else.
Thank you to yourself #promo-steem @starkerz and @anarcotech who also built #steem-ambassador and thank you also to all the world ambassadors team and especially to the ambassadors of Indonesia.
@suheri @khusairi @herryazmi11
@starlost @ayijufridar @my451r
those who have taken pains to promote steemit to the village community.And thank I also say to @aiqabrago and @levycore always curator Indonesia.

by. @saifuddin07

Thank you.!!!

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