Facebook will not sell your data, according to a 2009 video interview of Mark Zuckerberg

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Please watch!

I saw this on @snowden's twitter

You will see in this short video Mark Zuckerberg saying that his company will not sell user data in response to a direct question from the BBC reporter.


Mark: the person who's putting the content of Facebook always owns the information [...]
BBC: you wont sell it?
Mark: no, of course not

Clearly, things have changed after that... How do we prevent that from happening? Decentralization anyone?

In any case, we have seen this story before...

Encyclopædia Britannica was replaced by Wikipedia.

World libraries are being appropriated by search engines like Google.

Mobile apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and countless others are shoving out landline and cell communications all over the world.

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Also - almost everything reported about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook ‘hacking’ controversy is wrong.

There are two key points to remember at this point:

1-None of what I just described involves ‘hacking’ Facebook or exploiting a bug. Instead, it all revolves around the use of a feature that Facebook provided to all developers and (at least) tens of thousands took advantage off.
2-The data collected was not internal Facebook data. It was data that developers accessed from the profiles of people who downloaded their apps (and their friends). Facebook has a lot more data on users than is publicly available and it has it for everyone who uses their platform. No-one but Facebook has access to that data. This is a point that almost all the journalists involved seem unable to grasp, instead they repeatedly equate ‘Facebook’s internal data’ to ‘data accessed from Facebook profiles using a third party app’. But these are VERY different things.

Source and to read a lot more:



Excellent clarification point and even more concerning re FB access and exploitation of personal data.


yes and there is a difference between what they have, what they let developers have access to and what they sell.


Makes sense and access if a function of how much they sell such data to developers.

Why can't we trust Marky? :( He clearly says that he doesn't sell it. We should give him all our information for safekeeping. 😊

But seriously, though, the only solution right now is not giving him any more information. All that he has he will keep, all that he has given will stay given and no legal consequences will unfold, since law enforcement benefits from his "generosity".

What's left is the future. I agree with the 'delete your facebook' movement in that sense.

Even the noblest of corporations can be cracked, though. Decentralization might be the way, but if it's all on the blockchain and permanently stored, publicly like on Steem, it might also not be the best for our privacy 😂

But blockchain also allows for encryption! My favorite thing ever :D And Tor and other things. Isn't Tor also partially decentralized? It's still emitted by the same company, but the nodes are controlled by so many people that it's hard for any law enforcement agency to control the majority and have a significant amount of information from intercepting the communications.


Thanks for reading and for your comment.

Yes, it is possible to mine any data posted on Steem. But Steem does not track your phone or activities outside of the Steem platform. You may decide to post about a trip or about one of your hobbies and therefore decide it is ok for people to know that about you.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to privacy, censorship, overall freedom, etc.


@liotap, great find, albeit sickening, yet expected. Materially everything he stated in the 2009 BBC interview has proved false. "...open up the process on how the site is governed..."

Great point in how Steem does not enable data mining to go beyond Steem. FB and IG creep deep into individuals activities well beyond that which takes place on their platform, including searching the megadata on your smart phone.


see this post my all friend. And be aware. I am linking you to the
awareness. please See that. @liotap

If we are to preserve whatever freedoms we have left and if we wish to recover all those that have been taken away from us, creating a decentralized internet would be the first step in a long marathon to get rid of people like Mark SUCKerberg.

To secure a decentralized internet, we need a secure way to access the internet without government intervention, like the one Mr. Elon Musk is proposing with his space satellites.

We also need to split this huge internet monopolies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and the Monopolized isps of America like Comcast and At&t, these companies are now way bigger than what the Rockefellers had when president Teddy Roosevelt dismantled their monopolies, among others like the Carnegie monopoly, etc...


Amazing idea! I actually haven't checked what Musk has said about the topic, but if this is viable, then we might be advancing with quick steps toward a free internet.

I think that once people can create their own projects and a true "free market" is set for projects to arise from the minds of the people and not the money-talk, we there will be much less oppresion and choosing "lesser evils" (as we do with today's social media).


Very interesting comparison with respect to the size of empires. Also, the new tech giants are 20 years old at most. Others took centuries to build.

Great find! Bloomberg.com news recently had a great article on how this is the worse month for FB since 2012 and this was before today!


@liotap and @radard, lets see how this flows over to other social media platforms and their exploitation of personal data on smart phones, laptops, etc. Also will be interesting to see if AMZN will be impacted given the data they collect on Alexa.


Great point. The Trump attack on AMZN has overshadowed the who FB social media exploitation, however, i think it will start up again once hearings start in congress.

What a jerk. It amuses me that the government is investigating Silicon Valley for breaking their users privacy not long after Snowden showed that the government is too. Facewhat is centralized government’s puppet. It’s hard to deny the number of people who signed up on his site and stay clueless about what they do with the data they share so freely. It seems like it should be common sense that when a service is “free” and they flourish financially that they are selling your data for profit. The masses don’t like to think about stuff like that though since they want the most popular things to be innocent benevolent. It makes it an easier pill to swallow if you go along with the lie. Google got (gets) the same “can do no wrong” treatment and only in recent years have people started waking up to that issue as well. Let’s be honest here what Google does makes Facebook look like an amateur playing catch up. Never been fan of Facewhat and never had an account!


I really like the following quote: If the product is free to you "you" are the product. Not sure who came up with it first but the point is nicely summarized in this way.

is this an honest statement?

Zuckerberg saying that his company will not sell user data in response to a direct question from the BBC reporter.

may be in the beware!!
on the other hand we have to review developments because they are ours
I have always deleted facebook and did not update imformasi again in faceebook. facebook is a collection of silly people who post silly things Let's be honest here what Google is doing makes Facebook look like an amateur who is playing catch up. Has never been a worldwide fan.
steemit is a collection of great people with accurate and full of people with great work. steemit is worldwide and the people love it


You are right, Google has all of our emails and searches. Plus, some phones... Much better data than Facebook.


as I said facebook is a collection of ridiculous people. But we have to be wary of him because this is a competition and I had time to read some articles that mention that facebook has been lingering about blockchain.


is this an honest statement?

Zuckerberg has a background with unduly use of information. Ever since his first projects, he has been collecting and sharing the private information of his users.

Facebook is going to need a miracle to get out of this one and i don't mind really, it will only shine a greater light on Steemit and decentralised applications as a whole...

what the mark says is true,
now facebook is experiencing a big shock,
now many are campaigning #deletefacebook and #joinsteemit.
I think he should consider what he said.
steemit continues to be number 1 in the world

Thank you very much for giving us a beautiful post on Facebook.

we do not know how to go forward,
is it true as discussed,
but in my opinion facebook has been destroyed,
and a better future steemit forward,
I'm sure steemit will rule the world,
I have made a post on my blog about,
the development of steemit in the community.
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thanks for sharing @liotap


Well, if not the Steem blockchain, it might make a good example for more projects coming in the future. Facebook is still holding strong in spite of the criticism. Almost everyone who has technology has a Facebook account (billions) while there are only a few hundred million users on the Steem blockchain (who might have left and have never used it).

But regardless of size different, it is true that the ages are shifting and something new may come to replace it any time.

Apple CEO Tim Cook roasts Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for selling user data to third parties. He is calling for government intervention into social media. That part I don't like.

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