Create Instant Account for New Users Using Steemconnect

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Fellow eSTEEmed,

I hope you are good as you read this post of mine. As a lot of persons try to sign up on to steeemit and get the steem rush, it now takes longer time tobe approved. I do remember I got approved after 6 hours. But now, it takes a longer time to get approved; maybe16 days, a month or never. Well, we have the anon steem to create anonymous accounts but for someone looking for financial freedom may not have enough to afford the fees to create an account.

So about 5-10 people I have invited haven’t received their passwords mails. Going through the general page too and some groups on Telegram, some others too are complaining about not getting approved. This is quite sad, for someone to already relating to steem communities must really be ready to do a lot on the blockchain, unfortunately, they cannot because they don’t have an account.

No need to be so sad since there is a solution to this.

I was having a good time chatting with friends in the africauncahined community when @otemzi dropped in and told us we can instant accounts with just 0.5 steem and 14 steem power. My joy, I have this friend who has been reminding that he hasn’t got his password yet. I decided to test it out to help create an account for my friend. @otemzi in his benevolent spirit donated the steem to use.

It’s quite simple, just use steemconnect to create the account.


  1. First, go to

  2. Fill the form with the username intended to use. It has to be new i.e. not in use already. You can check that using or ( is down sometimes). If its new, you’ll get a “page not found” on or a “username ‘blabla’ doesn’t exist”. If you get any of that, you know you are free to proceed.

  3. A password will be there on the form. Make sure it is copied and backed up somewhere safe
    The field “steem” on the form gets “0.5 STEEM”. I didn’t or couldn’t test if I could put more. The steem will be the steem power of the new account.

  4. The field “vest” on the form gets “29700 VESTS”. That will give the account 14.537 delegated steem powers.
    Crosscheck everything filled and if correct, click on “continue”.

  5. Sign In with your account credentials to complete the process.


You’ll then get the message of the complete creation of your account.

Give the username and password to the new user and ask then to change (password reset) it.

There you have it. A new account is created. So I created one for @nationofgod. You can check him out and support him. So help new users create instant accounts instead of waiting weeks to get an account. And you can undelegate your steem power back when they have found their feed. It is advisable to have much steem power (80 and above) so you may not fall into the exceeded bandwidth problem.


I got all I know from this article by @cron.


Thanks for the useful information! :)

You are welcome. Thank you for reading. We hope to get more amazing users to this platform

That is a nice development. Will try it out pretty soon

Thank you for reading. Do try it out and bring those guy onboard

This is a very helpful post.
You got my humble vote.
Thanks, keep up your good work.

Thank you very much for the upvote and I'll keep doing what I do best. Glad you learnt something from this post

Thank God! Finally, my people get to get that steem feel

Hehehe. Sha don't delegate all your sp to your sisters. I hope to meet them soon. Ain't you on whatspp anymore?

Thanks for the tips man

You are welcome man. Steem on

I just dey pass -:(

Pay check point fee o. Or else.

Cool, I didn't know this could be done.

Yes, it's truly cool. I only thought of anonsteem before I knew of steemconnect creation.

Thank you very much forntjr comment, I appreciate it.

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Suleiman Uzoma, كيف حالك
I noticed your first comment above and thought maybe it was just like that and now this. So I had to go check how you comment on posts. You are part of the "nice post" sabib guys. To help your steemit career, do not make such comments anymore.
If you do not have anything of value to add to a post, better you just read and upvote maybe. I'm not saying this because I don't like you but I am saying this so you can learn. You may try this on another person's blog and get the flag of your life.
Enjoy steemit and make the best of it. Take care and steem on!

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