How to create account with delegation using

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Creating account with delegation

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 22.37.29.png

  • Go to
  • Fill the form
    • Enter unique username (check if it is available by going to, if you've got "Page not found" error then it is available)
    • Copy password and store it in a safe place.
    • Put "0.500 STEEM" in Steem field (this amount will be balance of the new account).
    • Put "29700.000000 VESTS" in Vests filed (about 14.5 Steem Power will be delegated to the new account).
    • Ensure you have 0.5 Steem and about 14.5 Steem Power and click "Continue".

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 22.14.28.png

  • Enter your existing account credentials.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 21.51.35.png

  • Login to with your new account and saved master password. Optionally, you could right away change password on, if you trust them more.

You are done. Success!

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Thnx for sharing such useful posts. Let me apply what I have just gone through

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Thanks it good

Thanks for the tip, I will be using just this to sign up new members.
SP delegation can give a good start for new member.
Thought the normal account signing up gives some delegation though i don't know how much it is.

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Thought the normal account signing up gives some delegation though i don't know how much it is.

For simplicity, I've used same amounts of Vests and Steem from normal account registration. Check this transaction:

But you can change amounts. Decrease Steem (minimum is 0.100 STEEM) and increase vests (for 0.1 Steem it will be 30706.285335 VESTS)

fee 0.500 STEEM
delegation 29,700.000000 VESTS

I have seen that,

But you can change amounts. Decrease Steem (minimum is 0.100 STEEM) and increase vests (for 0.1 Steem it will be 30706.285335 VESTS)

I get it, this is the trick about it. the adjustments you can make. good one.

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Highly rEsteemed.
Very valuable info. I've been using Blocktrades for account creation but the delegation option is very useful. Thank you and SteemON!

I'm gonna use this post to show my friends how to join!! It's so much easier than explaining it myself lol

You could create accounts for them using this method.

hey! thanks for this helpful article. I know it's a bit old. I just tried to create an account and it was successful, but it took off two letters (and the account doesn't have nearly the same meaning without them). I was disappointed as I triple checked the name before i hit send, and then I just tried it again -- making sure all the spelling was good and it wasn't able to do it and said "check console" .. I'm guessing it took off the letters again and made the same name! ugh! any suggestions? now there's a random account floating around that is not the intended name!

actually I had problem creating account name with “-“ in it. Seems that it is some kind of bug.

Are you sure that new account was created?

yes it was created. it turned out as thehear-- was going for thehearth..

after some waiting, i tried again and succeeded in creating the-hearth.. which is weird you said you had a problem creating with a "-"... haha! now i have an account floating around! too bad and still don't know why that happened... anyway, excellent tutorial above. definitely helped me today!

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Thank you for participation! You can undelegate your 14.5 steem power from useless account to minimize your losses:

After a week you will have your steem power back.

Dear @cron I have tried to undelegate but it is over 2weeks and there are no progress. May I know why.

Commenting to mark this post. Going to try this.....

thank you for sharing information, I will try. @ cron

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What does this do exactly? I'm thinking in the way of multiple management of accounts for my blogs to preserve articles via Steempress transfer resulting in potential to win upvotes making for future profitability of the channels. I have STEEM Power in a multiple of accounts. I would like to configure an upvoter to have the multiple of accounts delegate their STEEM Power to and offer the opportunity for others to partake in my upvoters offer. What does this do exactly? I'm not understanding fully.

Such a great and important post for all steemit people...

I did try for few services via SteemConnect. But I forgot which is.
Is there any tool for "delegate finder" or something like that?

Great. you made it easy. Thanks for the post.

Thank you very much my dear friend cron for upvote me.....

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@cron, please what is steemconnect all about..? thanks for checking on my post, you such a good friend.

This information is very valuable, thank you for sharing it.
Thanks for the advice, I will use only this to subscribe new members.

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Is this for when is taking a while to do it themselves?

What is the purpose of sharing this with new users? Just curious.

You would need an account already to do this. But, if you wanted a second account and was taking too long, you could do this. Or, if you knew a Steem user and you couldn't get an account through, they might do this for you and then give you the account. If someone does give you an account, make sure you change the password right away so it is secured.

Good info. Might do this for people in the future. has been taking a while yes.

Useful article.
Does SP delegation ends when created user reaches 14 SP in his own wallet?

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What is the benefit of this type account?

It is not special type of account. It is a way to create one.


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Cool instructions. Wonder if you have instruction on how to move rewards to steem power in your wallet?

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Really useful information for beginners like me, thank you very much.

This is the other social network??

I just did this to set up an account for a friend, and it worked, but it seems like I now toggle back and forth between the new account and my own using the same pass key! Should I have not done this for a friend? Is it somehow linked to my original account? I appreciate any help.

Oops. Disregard that. I was just being a total idiot.

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