Let's All Support @steem-ambassador In Steemauto

in #promo-steem6 years ago (edited)

I would like to appeal to all Team @promo-steemrural that do not support @steem-ambassador on steemauto.com then immediately add @steem-ambassador to the curation trail.
Because We're a Team that supports #promo-steem tags.



This information has been very often conveyed by @steem-ambassador, @starkerz, and @anarcoteh in their posts.
But I see not all of Team @promo-steemrural is in curation trail @ steem-ambassador.
Let's as a Team that supports #promo-steem tags support @steem-ambassador on steemauto.com.


If you do not know how to do it then for more details you can see it on post @ starkerz on the link below.




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