Steemit Promotion in University of Nigeria Nsukka

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On Saturday, the 24th of Feburary 2018, I hosted a Steem meet-up in University of Nigeria Nsukka for the sole purpose of Steemit promotion .
I had the audience of 30people on saturday where i sensitized them about the Steemit platform, the benefits of the STEEM Token and SBD (Steem Dollar).
I told them about my initiative of starting a steemit community which will be more of a mentorship group , steemit promotion center, and to also a plaform for visibility in the campus.

To create visibility and to have a strong network we concluded on having a presence in the following platforms:

  • Steemit community
  • whatsapp: Networking and Mentorship
  • Telegram: Support and Mentorship
  • Facebook: For promotion
  • Twitter: For promotion
  • Meetup Group: For registeration

For this vision to come to pass, we will be needing some funds to achieve the following:
launching/Staging the first Steemit Meetup in a grand style
We concluded on launching our community next month !! please help us in any way you can:
we would be producing T-shirts (50) for our participants: This is to help for more visibilities in the campus.
We would be providing WIFI that day : we hope to help our participants get registered on steemit , and also help those that just registered and have been approved make their first introductory post.
We would be also be needing a community banner for awareness.
we would be providing food and drinks to our participants that day.
I , kindly seek for your help to actualize this mission, send in any amount of sbd or steem to support us(we would appreciate it ). Thanks

Total budget is : 200SBD or 250STEEM

To support us: please send it the amount of sbd/steem to this account @ifunanyaikemma and memo as support for launching of steemit in University of Nigeria Nsukka.

NB: Drop a screenshot of the support on the comment section. Thanks.

please support us by upvoting, reesteem and sending in some sbd/Steem


ABout University of Nigeria Nsukka

The University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) was built up in 1995 by Nnamdi Azikiwe as a higher organization in the nation. At present positioned by Webometrics as the tenth Best University in Nigeria and 4,100th on the planet, the Philosophy of the University is to look for truth, show truth and protect truth while her Motto is to reestablish the Dignity of Man. Her Vision Statement is to make a practical, comprehensively aggressive and inquire about centered University which isn't only an Ivory Tower, however receptive to the requirements of the general public, while conveying World-class training and learning.

Her Mission Statement is to put UNN in the bleeding edge of innovative work, advancement, learning, exchange and HR improvement in the worldwide scholarly territory, while advancing the center esteems which will guarantee the reclamation of the pride of man.
Special Thanks to the CEO of steemit : @ned
please Sir, your support is needed in actuaizing this mission,
@ruwan @richardcrill @lindseylambz @pkattera @sneak @steemcafe @instructor2121 @ajaxalot @blakemiles84

@randowhale @ddangerwu @curie @minnowsupport @steemstem
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Nice one my sister. I support what you are doing and about to initiate. I took out some time to arrange a post that will help new people get started without struggles.
Am not after the up vote but to help new people. Do check it out and resteem if you think it worth sharing


Thanks Dear.


Congrats. Well done :-)

Thanks Dear. You can support more by reesteeming this post. Thanks

what does resteem mean? am seeing it but i need some more clarity

It simply means share. Please upvote too.

Nice effort. I upvoted to support what you are doing. Its great


Congratulations, your post have been upvoted and resteemed. courtesy: @aremuadekunle

Thank you for the support.

Excellent idea

Thank you Dear.

Muy buena iniciativa.
Congratulations very good
Follow me @luiselvis from Venezuela

Thanks, i will follow right away! Cheers

Wonderful. @surpassinggoogle @purepinay @oluwoleolaide check this out.