Post 1 of 12 of the Series - Going to a University and Schools to present Steem and Steemit to Students - Earn Rewards on Steemit with #Promo-Steem even if you just Signed Up Today

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Hi Steemians,

Here is post #1 of 12 of the new Series: Earn Rewards on Steemit even if you just Signed Up Today. By Promoting Steem with Promo-Steem by doing Any Quality Promoting Activity.

In a post I made 2 weeks ago you can check all 12 activities ideas that can be done to promote the Steem Blockchain and Steemit]( You can also check the introductory post of the series, that explains how to apply for the automatic reward of the @steem-ambassador guild, as well as more information on #promo-steem project.

Today's activity I will refer to is:

Going to a University and Schools to present Steem and Steemit to Students

Going to a University and presenting Steem and Steemit to students.png


For sure we can find a university or school near our area, right? This activity can be done in several ways like:

1- Giving a speech on a certain school class
2- Giving a speech or conference for a certain group of students
3- Making a conference for teachers and students
4- Meetiung with students on free times and showing them about the steem blockchain and how they can use it
5- Giving flyers and explaining about steem to the students and people that receive it

And so on.

During the activities it is important to take photos with the students and people receiving the flyers and information on steem, and will be good if they can point out to the steem logo or something related to steem.
After the activity is finished you can make a post explaining what has been done, and showing the photos you took.

Before posting it make sure you have done the necesary steps on your side to apply for the @steem-ambassador guild automatic reply. You may Check this on the introductory post that explains how to apply to the steem upvote rewards.

Examples of people on Steem doing this activities

@battebilly is promoting Steem on Kyambogo University in Uganda

@stephenkendal made this promo day on Manchester City Centre and Around Manchester University

You may search on Steemit with keywords: [promoting university] , or search directly in Google: [promoting university steemit] or [promoting university steem], and you will find lots of examples of people promoting steemit on universities.

To learn in a couple of minutes a bit more about @steem-ambassador and #promo-steem, here is a great infographic about the @steem-ambassador guild, created by @hungryhustle

Earn Rewards even if you Signed Up Today - Steem Ambassador - Promo Steem - Infographic - Steemit.jpg

Thanks for reading.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Regards, @gold84

promo-steem logo - Steem Autonomous Decentralized Marketing Department - Blockchain - Steemit.png

This post and all of the posts I make are NOT investing advise, and it is not a motivation to invest. Its just my research and opinion on the Apps. As always DYOR (Do your own research).

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It's a really great idea @gold84 maybe everyone should learn from this idea ... Your post deserves great appreciation from @steem-ambassador.

Glad you like the idea @suheri , thanks for your support.
Regards, @gold84

Hi @suheri ! I thought you would be interested in checking the 2nd activity to spread the word about steem:

Looking forward to your feedback.

Regards, @gold84

This is a well detailed guideline that will help in the promo-steem mission. More needs to be done to make sure these processes are carried out and effected to achieving good results.
Weldone @gold84.

Thank you for your feedback and support @ejemai !
I am creating this to show new users the possibilities for them to collaborate/add value and earn rewards for quality contributions!
Regards, @gold84

I like....very much. I think these are going to have to go on website if you're ok with that so others can download. Can you send me a high res copy if you're ok with doing that? Thanks for this, great work.

Hi @anarcotech ! Do you mean the infographic? If that is the case, for sure you can do it. They were done by @hungryhustle after I told him about #promo-steem about a week ago, and he said we can definitely use them!

Regards, @gold84

yes. Ah, thats cool. I've been in touch with him and I know @starkerz has too. Thats cool. Cheers.

Yes! I am glad I found him and his great work!

I thought you would be interested in checking the 2nd post of the new series, of different activities that can be done to spread the word on steem, and how @steem-ambassador can reward them.

Regards, @gold84

This awesome idea @gold84 my friends who are already on steemit a group i am part of was talking about this and now i am hearing from you confirms this movement , i will be following up with this post and will create some content to support steem projects such as yours

Sounds good @ychaudrys ! Thanks for your feedback and support.
Regards, @gold84

Semoga sukses promo bro

Awsome idea @gold84, are you from rivers state?

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Your ideas for #Promo-Steem are excellent. The activities you listed seems to be simple. Getting a target audience is important for promotion of Steem.