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Why Join Steemit? 9 Advantages of Getting in Today!

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Imagine a social media platform that PAYS YOU for posting.

How would you tell your friends the BENEFITS of getting involved with Steemit?

Here, let me give you a list of reasons why your friends might want to join Steemit. It's a list of the benefits and advantages I, a newcomer here, already see in Steemit.


9 Reasons Your Friends Should Join Steemit Today

1: Get paid to post

It's like Facebook except you GET PAID for posting and "liking" (except here we call it upvoting).

2: No advertising

No ads! No sponsored posts. Isn't that great? Your Facebook is sometimes filled with ads for stuff you don't want to see. Not here. Which also means...

3: No Zuckerbergs getting rich at your expense

Or anybody else. Everyone gets paid according to their contribution.

4: Exciting vibe

There's an exciting vibe at Steemit. It has the feeling of pioneers growing something remarkable. I haven't experienced that at other social media sites, and other members say the same thing.

5: Built on blockchain open source code

Blockchain is a distributed database that is transparent and tamper-proof. Here's how that works, in simple terms:

"A distributed database. Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you have a basic understanding of the blockchain.
Information held on a blockchain exists as a shared — and continually reconciled — database. This is a way of using the network that has obvious benefits. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and easily verifiable. No centralized version of this information exists for a hacker to corrupt. Hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, its data is accessible to anyone on the internet. The code is open source which means nobody (and no corporation) owns the code." [Source]

Because of the coding system that undergirds Steemit, everything is open and visible. Whether you're a minnow (a newbie) or a whale (someone with a lot of value in the system), your every action is recorded and open for inspection by anybody. That's transparency for you. If someone does something crooked, there's no hiding it. Ever.

6: Fair

There was a conscious effort by the programmers to make it fair for everybody — and there are people constantly working to keep it fair. Every now and then, it's been tweaked to make it more fair -- especially when it's discovered that some clever chaps have found a way to game the system.

7: Quality gets rewarded

Quality content gets rewarded by the members. Just as Facebook users can "like" a post, in Steemit you "upvote" the posts you like. So when you write quality content on popular topics, you can get a substantial number of upvotes. They can translate into substantial earning power.

The day you join, the system gives you 25 "reputation points." If you post rubbish and make empty comments (like "great post" or "COOL!"), others will downvote you and your 25 will reduce. If your reputation gets too low, the system devalues your account. Not sure of the details but this I do know — the system is designed to reward quality contributions.

8: It's early days

Steemit was launched mid 2016. And the early days are always the best time to get in. Compared to the 2.13 billion active users on Facebook, the 700K accounts in Steemit is tiny. And not all those are active members.

9: Expected to outgrow Facebook

With all this going for it, and its current rate of growth, some members expect Steemit to outgrow Facebook over time.

And to be candid, some critics expect it to fail. We'll just have to see about that, but since the only thing it costs to participate is your time, I'm in, boots and all. You?

So, how much can you make?

Profits are shared with those who help to create the value. You earn in cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for "real money" such as US dollars.

As I first-draft this, here are the top 7 posts on the Trending/promo-steem page. It will give you an idea about potential earnings. These are posts by users who are keen to grow Steemit and their own accounts in Steemit.

$327.93 - posted 11 hours ago
$334.57 - posted 2 days ago
$173.40 - posted 2 days ago
$89.06 - posted 6 hours ago
$214.61 - posted 3 days ago
$107.89 - posted yesterday
$161.37 - posted 3 days ago
$135.64 - posted 2 days ago
$67.68 - posted 22 hours ago
$95.28 - posted 2 days ago.

Now, if we go to the overall Trending page, the earnings figures are bigger. Much bigger. Here are the top 5.

$1047.63 - posted 12 hours ago
$539.45 - posted 8 hours ago
$427.79 - posted 5 hours ago
$597.89 - posted yesterday
$480.42 - posted 13 hours ago

By the time you read this, these figures will have changed but the general pattern should be similar, the pattern being that people are making a lot of money with this social media platform.

Be advised. It's quite different to anything I've known before, so it's been a learning curve. And there will be also a learning curve for you. However... Steemit has attracted a supportive community and if you ask questions, odds are you'll get answers, help and encouragement. I certainly have.

Steemit is an exciting opportunity. Participating will cost you nothing but your time, and it could make you a nice chunk of cash. Get actively involved. And spread the word.

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Much appreciate you picking up on the #promo-steem method @garyharvey


I was glad to find that tag, @starkerz

And it fitted my post perfectly.

Thanks for your comment. See you again, I hope.



PS: I upvoted your comment.

Thanks for such a great post. I liked your post so much that I reposted it. I would have used the re-steem feature, but it appears that feautre only works for posts less than a week old.

You're truly pick of these points in this post Sir.
thankyOu for understanding the much value of STEEMIT.


Thank you, @sanach.

One of my goals was to write something simple to help people whose first language is not English. I'm glad it helped you.


What a good, concise look at the benefits of Steemit. I'm loving it so far (I'm a newbie like you, here less than a week) and rarely visit that other site much these days. I look forward to growing here on Steemit.


"That other site". Hmmm, I wonder what site you're referring to, Peggy.

Actually I dont wonder. I also visit Facebook a lot less than I used to, now I've found the site that's "like FB but you get paid for posting."


You summed it up perfectly, Gary. It is so wonderful not to have to listen to BS because we can look at anyone's wallet and see just what they have done on the blockchain. Plus I have been meeting some awesome people here. Thumbs up to you!!


And it was such an easy post to write, Joanne. This is a fun ride!

Upvoted you too.


No Zuckerbergs getting rich at your expense
Or anybody else. Everyone gets paid according to their contribution.

Awesome poin, he got rich from My country too Indonesia, Ha ha ha ha

Greeting from Aceh sumatra Indonesia


Greetings to my new Indonesia friends.

And Thank You for commenting.



My pleasure, :)

As I newbie I wasn't aware of all these points so thank you for this comprehensive list. I like the fact that there are no ads. It is quickly becoming my pet peeve that I am reading an interesting blog post and being bombarded by adverts for something ridiculous. This will make a pleasant change.


It will make a pleasant change, I totally agree. Those animated gifs and flashing banners are distracting, as well as annoying. I mean you're trying to read something and there's a monkey (or whatever) jumping around in the right hand column. I sometimes used to cover that column with a piece of lightweight cardboard when it got really bad. Dont have to do that now. Yay.

So thanks for your comment, @writehappy.


It's true that there's an exciting vibe at Steemit, but I'm not sure I agree with your point #7. I'm not really sure that quality gets rewarded overall. We'll see.


That's the goal, the intention. I imagine that when wrinkles are found in the system, they try to remedy them to achieve the goal of rewarding quality content.

Seems I'm a little more optimistic than you about this.


Well written and very informative @garyharvey - well done!

Thank you @garyharvey, very good explanation.
Regards from Canary Islands


From the Canary Islands. You, my friend, are the first. Thank you for commenting!



You re welcome, keep following your great work!!!

Gary, no wonder I just got to check what you've been up to during my sleep! ;)

Thank you SOOO much for writing this #promo-steem post. Since this morning, I've been consciously FB'ing and tweeting all the posts I find on Steemit that I like because I want to do everything I can to share so peeps everywhere can get in on this early. Why NOT do normal social media AND be paid?

Time to upend the personal value system apple carts! ;)

Already resteemed and will now do the FB/Twitter dance.


Love your enthusiasm, Angela. And your kind words.

But what's the FB/Twitter dance?

See? I was so out of it in terms of social media... until Steemit.