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I have decided to pay it forward by Launching a Promo tagged "First-post-promo"

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I made a post yesterday about the promo and its aim.
I was glad it was welcomed and accepted by most steemians. Suggestions made in the comment section was highly appreciated.

I tried posting on the first post of newbies, to see if they will notice the post and read it, but I observed that most newbies don't read posts.
I got comments of "thanks" instead of actually taking an advantage of the First-post-promo.

And also I don't want to be seen as spamming the community, so I decided to stop.

I am however, determined to promote the First-post-promo tag as I know this will encourage the newbies.
However, as at the time of this post, no link has been posted by a newbie.



I have decided to keep rolling over the prize money if no newbie comments with a link after the promo runtime until the promo gets noticed eventually.

If you know a newbie that will benefit from this, kindly inform the newbie.

To know more about the First-post-promo, you can look up the link below:


Image 2


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