Help us in promoting Steem with the Steem Twitter Thunderclap 2nd Edition! Join now!!!

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Bigger, better, bolder! Here comes the 2nd Edition of the Steem Thunderclap! The first edition executed on the 9th of January 2018. Together we brought the message of Steem to 750.000 people. In this next edition we are aiming to get a social reach of at least 1 Million! Yes, this time we will make Steem trend on twitter, no doubt.


What is a Thunderclap?

Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an "online flash mob." Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr that cannot be ignored.
By participating in this Thunderclap you will allow Thunderclap to send out 1 specific message at an exact time on your behalf. This will happen on the 9th of February, letting the world know that the Steem blockchain has a massive amount of transactions going on, especially compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Credits to @overkillcoin for this amazing GIF!



Join this Thunderclap right now, let's all do our part to make this message trending on social media. Spread the good news, sign up today, it's time that the world starts realizing the power of the Steem community and the potential of the Steem platform!!


IMPORTANT: information for the people joining with a Facebook account

This Thunderclap was set-up for Twitter. Be advised, some very good feedback from @reggaemuffin: The GIF from @overkillcoin does not come across perfectly on Facebook through a Thunderclap. If you want to participate with a Facebook account, we advise you to modify the message a little bit and include a picture. Or, replace the in the message by " ".

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We added 30k followers. We've run some pretty big thunderclaps before..... up to 1007 people and 3.9M followers. We'd be happy to help run a steem thunderclap in exchange for some upvotes/sbd.

This looks and sounds exciting guys, so how do I sign up?

Let's do it! Bigger, better, bolder! :)

Ayeeeee thunderclap round 2!!! Here we go!!!

RDJ controlled explosion.gif

Done. You don't really get the clap, do you? Asking for a friend.

No animals will be hurt during the Thunderclap, it's a family friendly thing :)


Who's your friend? Sounds like a good time lmao


#TmSmile on Twitter supports Steemit :) Tweeted post

I loved the last one, no reason not to get in on this one!

well good to hear this great idea and i am happy to see this thunderclap and sure one day steem will be more valuable blockchain and people will know the power the steem @fitzgibbon

Yay, another Thunderclap! I hope we are able to reach even more people this time :D And I signed up of course, but unfortunately my reach is still very low.

We got a little bit more time to promote this (about 2 weeks), I'll be hitting up the Steem folks at Discord and also the people that joined the first one.

Then I just hope we'll get support from some new and influencial Steem legends...

Sounds great! We got 750,000 in one week, so we'll probably manage 1 million very easily in 2 ;)

Great to see another Thunderclap. I've added my 4038 Twitter followers to the party.

great work and a fantastic promotion for Steemit!
special thanks to @overkillcoin, perfect work as usual!
Best regards from Thailand and much success

Shared it on Twitter @fitzgibbon. The more people know the bigger we'll get!

haha, great idea!
Now just have to unite all steemians together and once 0.6 million will clap together, the world will listen :) Incredible !

all steemians... wow wouldn't that be something? If that happens, we will have changed the world as we know it.

I'm in honey!

Please upvote and follow me
Ework tq

Can i use this gif please. I have been here since new year eve and part of my background is online marketing my twitter account and instagram has been going mental since promoting steemit so those of you who understand how the analytics work that is why i have posted a screen shot. I also have started an email campaign when people opt in for more info. this means people can be educated whilst they are waiting via automated emails or retargeted. Naturally people have the choice to unsubscribe which i am pointing out because I was mis understood by a guy that wanted to charge me for posting in his FB group which I will also touch on because FB officially announced all bitcoin and cyrpto currency ads are been banned see this link

So Im not to sure that a fb campaign would even be wise since they have their eyes on me and have challenged every steemit link i have posted for the last 3 weeks. Be ruthlessly honest FB group posting does more damage to the reputation of steemit in FB than people realise because when multiple urls are posted to one site meaning that the traffic is sent away out of FB which naturally FB want to keep inside and because of how some uneducated people are creating these groups running them like syndicates it is actually destroying the value that we want to keep here . Again sorry I don't want to stress to much but i am very passionate about guarding the opportunity we all have here so if anyone reading this runs a fb group just remember you are in FB house and that fan page or group that has 18,000 people in it do not be fooled FB can shut it down at any point you do not own anything on FB which is why I encourage those with the mind to learn to create your own list of subscribers and please do not mistake it for spam which is when you mail shot without consent any way loving the idea good to see promo-steem would love to use the gif if its okay. Here is a link to one of my posts on twitter

And here is a screen shot showing how my twitter account is going mental for steemit right now so linking up and putting our heads together can only be a good thing :) twitter proof.png

i just start following you

i am sharing
resteem!! click

Yes, more users! Because the current bandwidth issue is not enough!
Less Bandwidth for more users!

Currently the usability of the blockchain for new users is close to zero. How does this campaing address the issue?
Pay to win?
BitConnect 2.0?
Steem, where only rich people can participate.

No, no we can't have people with different opinions in here. Criticism is categorized as negativity and we all must obey the rules and commands of our overlords...

But seriously, I think the value of the platform increases when more people are active here. I don't have much Steem, I'm not even a dolphin, but I'd like to see the value of Steem go up. Who wouldn't?

Also, bandwidth limits are unrelated to the number of users. Your bandwith situation remains exactly the same if tomorrow 300.000 people leave this platform. It also stays the same when a million would join tomorrow.

Finally fyi a marketing campaign is usually not the vehicle to solve technical issues. But I'm honored you would consider that venue of thought for this Thunderclap to address technical issues.

Also, bandwidth limits are unrelated to the number of users. Your bandwith situation remains exactly the same if tomorrow 300.000 people leave this platform. It also stays the same when a million would join tomorrow.

What? How did you get that conclussion?
More users -> more transactions -> more traffic -> less bandwidth
With less active users, there will be more bandwidth for everybody.
Please read this article, how bandwidth and transactions are related:

The marketing campain drives more people to this platform, who will be very dissappointed, that they cannot use it, because there is no bandwidth..for them this will lokk like a big scam.

And you have 1000 SP, of course you don't care about those issues, because you don't experience it.

Usage and users are not the same thing. What puts a strain on the max block size or the reserve ratio is usually insane usage caused by badly developed bot behavior. There is some UI improvements necessary to help new users understand what bandwidth limitations in fact are. But I don't think the situation is so dire that we should stop telling the world about the Steem blockchain.

FYI: I have a second account with 6 SP, I also have a wife with about 100 SP and kids with SP in the range from 2 to 60 SP. I also have friends that I invited to this platform, who have less than 20 SP at the moment.

I do care. Do not try to presume what I care or don't care about based on wrong assumptions.

I agree, most strain on the blockchain (huge amounts of transactions) is coming from bots.

I am concerned about the first impressions.
Once you are hooked to Steem, you don't leave that fast;)
But if you are a new user and just get the message, that your bandwidth is exceeded..well, you leave and forget this platform.
In your case, you can explain this to your family and friends, they will understand in most cases.
But John Doe out there goes back to his MySpace blog;)
And maybe tells some friends how bad his experience here has been.
This scenario is to avoid.

Saya sudah bergabung di Apa yang harus saya lakukan disini @fitzgibbon

cool cool the resteem!!

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

please vote me once wrote

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I have rt'd these type of posts, and will continue, but they do not get much action. The steemit tweets that draw the most attention for me over there are not crowing about our success, but are just awesome posts by regular steemers.

It all totally depends on how your educated. To be honest I can't cope right now with the amount of interest im getting on twitter i need to plan a weekly schedule and get a bit more organised because im attracting a lot of people but im working on it. Some where in this feed i have put up a screen shot and it is on my agenda very soon to do a few videos sharing what im doing I also have a small crew right now im training who are willing to copy and share.

I have 5000 followers over there - mostly content creators. They are rting my steemit tweets nicely, but my steemers just like, like, like, like and not many rt's. Hopefully things will improve soon.

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I just supported $STEEM Capacity

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

@overkillcoin made a great gif file. All the best for the second edition of thunderclap. I love to be the part of this edition. It will bring steem to the new high. Thanks for sharing info about thunderclap @fitzgibbon