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From business advice segments to comedy sketches to uploads of baby animals, it seems like almost everyone has a YouTube channel- or at least an idea for one today. While there are literally millions of YouTube videos hosted across almost as many channels, sadly most creators will never see a dime of revenue despite investing hours upon hours of hard work as well as paying to advertise their channel on the giant online video platform.

While there is the occasional beauty vlogger or musician who is “discovered” on YouTube, the sad reality is that 90% of videos, regardless of their level of creativity or quality of their work, will never make a significant profit.

Despite an estimated annual revenue of close to $800 million, only the top 10% of YouTube creators see any significant profit. These channels are typically backed by corporate interests or major advertisers, putting them at a meaningful advantage ahead of the vast majority of content creators, who do not have time to invest.


Viewly is about to change all of that.

A Brand Based on Quality Content, Not Algorithms

Building on the philosophy of a patronage business model, Viewly is the first online video platform to use a decentralized content delivery network (CDN) that will allow high quality creators with a small, medium, or large following to build an audience based on the quality of their work rather than wait for YouTube to use arbitrary algorithms regarding view, watch‐time, and likes to put their videos in front of potential subscribers.

The idea behind the patronage business model is simple: creators upload content, but since there are no advertisements, fans will be able to support their favorite content creators directly through a streamlined token payment system. This eliminates the need for a content creator to reach a certain number of views before they can monetize their channel and also significantly cuts out the middleman fees. Whereas YouTube takes up to 50% of a content creator’s ad revenue, supporters will pay creators directly on Viewly. Whereas YouTube does not allow creators to monetize their channel until they reach 10,000 views, creators have the potential to turn a profit from day one on Viewly.

A Smart Blockchain: The backbone of the Patronage Business Model

Viewly accomplishes this through its decentralized backbone, the pillars of which are peer‐to‐peer hosting on the network InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and smart‐contract‐based transactions on the blockchain.

The main benefit of the blockchain as far as content creators are concerned, is the ability to create and execute smart contracts, which can be customized between creators and fans as both see fit. Fans can choose to support content creators in a variety of ways: a small one‐time donation, recurring micro‐payments based on new content published, periodic subscription payments to favorite categories, channels, or limited access content based on a predetermined quota set between the creator and fan, or any other arrangement that both parties see fit.

Transparency, Immutability, Security, and Community

By using the blockchain and decentralizing network operations, as well as using a token system that is built on the blockchain, there is far less of a risk for security breaches as well as misappropriation of fans’ donations. Since there is no centralized body holding and managing payments, fans can be sure that their tokens are going directly to the creators and vice versa.

The blockchain application also serves as a reward, synchronization and enforcement layer for the peer‐to‐peer hosting.

More importantly, Viewly facilitates a community experience between creators and their fans. Since creators have full control over their token reward system, they can engage fans in ways never thought possible on traditional online video platforms. In addition to simple one-time or recurring donations, creators can offer creative ways to build up patronage: creating membership levels with access to unique content at each, setting up private chats as a reward, or auctioning off the opportunity for fans to be featured in an upcoming video. The possibilities are endless.

Don't forget to sign up on the website for updates and you can also speak directly to the team on telegram - t.me/Viewly

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Wow @Deimus, Viewly sounds awesome!


Yeah it's going to be amazing for musicians! Glad to see you on steem!

wow this seems interesting decentralized video platform a new opportunity


Thank you Jacob, indeed it is a opportunity to give back power to the people 👍
Hope I see you on Telegram

Viewly is looking great. I'm definitely looking forward to this. Thanks for the information. Have a nice day.

Thank you Deimus for the reminder post 🤗
Can't wait to see everyone joining our Telegram group 👍


Thanks for all your hard work with the community, @ideagenerator. It's going to be an exciting year!

So exciting D. Loved your video, nice to hear your voice. When I get a chance I will have to check this all out and invest in some tokens.


Thanks, I'm not used to being on that side of the camera!

Recently just started checking out dtube and and dsound which as a alto saxophonist musician I am gravitating towards. Some very good promo-steem work going on and looking to get involved. How will be the differences between this and dtube and buy the way i think it freakin great news for artists im seeing so much talent that I would never get the chance to see over in youtube


I am a big supporter of the Steem blockchain and promo-steem especially (I did the logo animation which you can see in one of my recent posts) . The lead developer of Viewly, @furion has been pivotal in the development of Steem as well. You can still see our proof of concept at alpha.view.ly which works off the steem blockchain.

Viewly will be on its own blockchain so that it can scale sufficiently. Join us on telegram at t.me/viewly for more info.

Great to have new musicians here! Check out @edenmichelle, my sister who's a music producer based in London


Thanks for that demius and yes I am following your sister hopefully will get to chat with at some point. Yes i noticed the promo gif you did and i downloaded it very cool. I have been doing a lot of promo via twitter and instagram so I was actually going ask to be honest if they could be resized 1024 x 512 for twitter and 1080 x 1080 for instagram. I l also use gifs and turn them into video files for some of the youtube video's ive done. I am bit handy with the online creating capture pages follow up email sequences etc amd although im just coming into my second month its been a very steep learning curve but now beginning to find the right people. so I really do want to bridge the gap between been musical and business headed . Love the gif if you can resize let me know. I tried do an edit but not sure if it can be done?

Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

Nice Post Dear Steemian. Thank You For Your Effort
Shared LOVE With My Upvote. How about you Share some Love too?
Cheers and Have a Peaceful, Profitable Year .
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