PROMO STEEM SERIES: join me in welcoming C.E.O of nsibests company

in #promo-steem3 years ago

I had an awesome experience today and I would love to share it on here. Its very rare to see physically challenged individuals being actively engaged in Nigeria, most takes to receiving alms and begging on the road sides. My phone needed some repairs, at the repair shop I was amazed to find out this physically challenged guy owns the repair shop. I thought it was very commendable and told him so, right then it occurred to me that he could augment his earnings by getting on steemit.

I asked if he has heard of steemit and he said no, funny thing though is he is on facebook and didn’t know that by doing just about the same things he does on facebook he could add to his income, no matter how little it is, so I told him about steemit and how it would pay him by doing post and commenting just like he does on facebook so he is signed up now on steemit.

I would like to use this post to call on steemians to check his blog out, follow and support his blog, I assure you his blog will have quality contents, I have linked his introductory post to this post so do take sometime and welcome him the steemit way.

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