Disrupting Bankers and Filming Steemit Promo - Viral Video

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For those of you who didnt see this film yet, it was first posted on the steem ambassador account and now that the 7 days are over, I am posting it here on my account.
Please share it with your social networks!

steem promo1.png

@dannyshine, @weirdside and @starkerz were filming their Steemit promotions in London at Canary Wharf, which is where all the big banks are situated. I (Danny) was on the megaphone catching the attention of hundreds of people during the day, whilst I was the banker, the guy with the extra information, taking down people's email addresses, giving out Steemit business cards and inviting people to Steemit using www.steemivite.com.

Please enjoy this hilarious video where we promote steem, misbehave, annoy security, have our banner stolen, cause a scene and let hundreds of people know about Steemit!

We gave away 200 business cards in 10 minutes!! WOW!

Thanks to:

@weirdside for videography and editing.
@starkerz for playing the banker so well.

Signing up?
If you do open a steemit account as a result of having seen this video, include the tag #promofree-steem in your intro blog stating that you signed up after having seen this video, and we'll upvote your blog. (I'll give you a bit more if you are a vegan ;)).

The rewards for this video will be shared between the three of us.

Stay Tuned for More
During the day, we filmed enough crazy promo content to make several more videos. @weirdside is currently editing and they will be out shortly!

We encourage others to do the same!
Short promo videos about steemit are the most likely things to go VIRAL! So please record your promo work, find a talented editor and make a great short video out of it! The more of these types of videos our amazing promo community produces, the more chance we have of getting the steemit name out there!



One of the best videos you've done for a long time, it reminded me of the good old days back with the love police stuff you did. Amazing work dude, keep doing stuff like this and waking people up to the world around them!

Hhah, I liked the way you were saying free crypto, free crypto. It is nice idea to get public because who doesn't want to have some free money.
You guys have done great job.
I am looking forward to see how #promofree-steem performs.
I hope you didn't offend anyone saying "The pound is dead".

Rothschild felt offended!

Great promotion for the community

Good arguments, great comments 😊

Thank you, but I’ve chosen to stay. 🤙
Cheers 🍻

amazing this guy have balls! 100% Upvote :D


That's certainly a way to get reactions.... and sign ups!
I'm happy that guys like you all promote this platform everyday. I do my share, talk about it in my classes, try to get friends to join and whatnot, but everyone should help.

The more the platform gets widespread, the more we all will have. The higher the Price of Steem, the more valuable our accounts.

If being able to change lives doesn't motivate people to promote, then consider these incentives a variable.


You've done a great job introducing this platform to other people. You also have a lot of fun at the same time. So, many people should be proud of you. Thanks for sharing :)

The perfect marriage Danny - Street Theater / Philosophy disrupting the status quo AND offering a solution - Steemit . bravo!

AMAZING VIDEO! Crazy how no one really knows how valuable crypto is and will be... If I saw someone in the mall giving away free crypto I would ask if they needed help lol... LOVE IT!

@dannyshine this video is my motivation to tell the people of indonesia that steemit can make money

Lol, thats pretty funny. Great work!

i like you crazy idea , thanks

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@dannyshine lol love the videos. Look forward to more. I invite you and all who read this to come join a contest of mine called Together We Build 3. It is a great way to interact and keep our Steemit community strong. Thank you.

Lawl everyone saw a guy who grab x2 card ? > . <

DOesnt eveeyone masterbate at least once?!

Very good effort guys for promoting steem

This video is exceptional, one need to download it for furture purpose, for me it's a 100% win win

Amazing post and very informative for me I really enjoyed after reading, keep it up and
Keep following @sohailomi

One needs to have balls to pull this off, well placed in front of an HSBC branch. Kudos to you, sir.

it's a trusted side where we will earn [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha i loved when he pulled out the bullhorn!

Ye i wasn't expecting that either, he just stepped it up a level when we all thought it was over, had me lmao.

its a great video you made i impresed
it has lot of fun funny videos are important in our life
ges way?

bangking sector is secure

intéressante video merci pour l'encuragement

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Excelente trabajo, esto es para admirar e imitar. // Excellent work, this is to admire and imitate.


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Заранее Благодарю

Hi @dannyshine From @Super-grand-ad

  1. How can they say the Pound, Dollar or any physical promissory note issued by the banking world is dead - Yes I agree about poor return on any investments with the accepted high street banks - I had to spend pounds to buy bitcoin to convert to steem and yes the returns at present are better. But without the pound I could not have bought my steem.

  2. But The video was great.

I am Up-vote 91 - I also Followed you

Have a great day from super-grand-ad

Very good

great job, steemit out side parformance .

now disruptive. that i can get behind. very nicely done! :)

Intresitng wau of promoting a good product. New every one who wa there knoz abut steemit .

People have to see over and over before the believe in it

thanks, happy today

nice video you have here,I see greatness in your post, keep it up

Good work, thank you and wish you success and further work and success.

This is awesome. i like your content.
I invite you to see the my post. I hope you like it.

What in the world! This just shows how many people have yet to get in to crypto. Where kind I find the that stand at? haha. Also never seen people on bikes in a location like that before.

Nice tip at the end man

One of the best videos you've done for a long time.

Great promotion for the community.

Make it viral

I don't know if this is accomplishing what you think it is. If i didn't know better and i saw this live in a mall i might think he was scamming or promoting a cult not proselytizing for a potential next big thing on the internet

Well you certainly did put on a show!

Oh dear. Good thing everyone doesn't behave like that.

The best video on youtube

That's was fantastic wish I was there grabbing them cards

Hahahaha..... thats good at all.

This was a really great video @dannyshine - I enjoyed it immensely.

This was awsome

It's amazing

I Knowwwwww

I like you, like me and follow me!

we can have good time


you my friend are an AWESOME PERSON !!!! keep up the awesome work!

Nice one Danny. Just watched the vid on youtube where we have been following you for a while. And now here too. Keep up the great sense of humour!

Hy all please up vote my post i am newbie in steemit

hahah awesome vid! Thanks for posting this! Just made my first post :)

Followed and upvoted bud!**

Nice best of luck to your film...

I love this, we really need to stand together to overcome this total slavery we have currently in existence, the institutions and bankers however are currently waging a war on crypto and any decentralised products, making it all the more difficult for the masses to break free from their chains of financial slavery.

Long live @steemit and all other platforms who promote the same ethos and concept of sharing and caring.

stay blessed.

Not really sure how resteem works since I have never used it, but I just resteemed this, hope that is what it is used for, lol

Thank you very much that you are promoting Steemit. The more there are different people in our team, the more interesting it will be for all of us.
I hope that Steemit will reach great heights.


wow, guts! Determination and winners!! Teamsteeem 👏👏any day!! I hope you guys were not harased in anyways though. Did you get your banner back?


thank you!

It's amazing not just magical!

Lol,, funny you.. Great work though

Good Job guys. Keep it up

Wow! This is an originally piece.

nice post.. (Y)

Is it possible to buy steem ? E.g trade it as you would the FTSE 100 for example. I’ve been trying for the past few weeks but I’ve found no solution other than buying steem through bitcoin.

Can anyone help ? :)

Ballsy , edgey, and creative and ITS WORKED LOL

good post, do not forget to follow back thank you

this was amazing ! balls needed to do that ! Made my day. long live crypto and steem :)