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As a natural sharer, recruiter and optimist, I have been sharing the message and possibilities of Steemit with my network from day 1 of my involvement, almost a month ago.

I wanted to share some tips for how to encourage your community to make the move over to Steemit.


Nothing is achieved in this world unless we stay in close contact to our “why” or motivation with each action we take.
I believe that Steemit is a potential solution to many of the problems that creative thinkers are facing in today’s economic climate. As a musician, I lived through the wholesale destruction of our industry (from a financial perspective) with not very much solution-based thinking done to replace our previous sources of income.
While I have loved the democratizing result of streaming music, and the flattening of the power structure in my business, it is undeniable that musicians income on average has decreased and this makes it hard to sustain a creative life.
But this is obviously not just an amazing platform for musicians and artists, after all WE ARE ALL CONTENT CREATORS in one way or another. Every time we post a picture of our yummy breakfast on Instagram, we are creating free product for a company to “sell” to their advertisers.
Its time we start to monetize our involvement in social media.
These are just my personal reasons for belief in the platform. Know yours, and share them!


This doesnt just mean sharing your Steemit posts on FB or Twitter. But share from your heart! Whatever time you have spent on FB or Twitter in the past is not in vain - these are now some of the primary bridges that people will discover Steemit through. On the same note, please do not flood peoples feed with one-note posts about Steemit being awesome. You will get ignored and lose credibility. Continue to be a value-adding content provider wherever you post. In time, more of your community will realize where the real party is happening!


People want solutions. Be a solution provider. Ive noticed that people’s tolerance for “bad news” reaches a real limit pretty quickly and they emotionally shut down. This is the issue that stops many people from engaging in important conversations about climate change and the environment.
Focus on how Steemit could work for people, in a way that is natural to them. Not everyone wants to go super deep into crypto or anarchist technology - speak about this platform in a way that people will hear and understand. Speak their language!
And also - get a Steemit t-shirt! :) Great conversation starter. I got mine on Amazon. No better way to start the conversation than by someone asking "What's Steemit?"


I’ve been warning people right away about the wait times for their account to be approved. I dont want them to be turned off in this world of instant gratification. I tell people “Sign up, it takes about a week for your account to be approved, and then lets connect and Ill walk you through the next steps.”


I have felt very blessed to have had the #teamaustralia community there to guide me through my first month of Steemit use. Particularly @gohba.handcrafts @choogirl @ausbitbank @mattclarke and @krystle have been available to any all my questions. I have also been super impressed by the support network that @suzi3d is creating for all of her new Steemit allies. This is a community based platform and its important we continually pay it forward and show people the ropes as they join.


Building influence on Steemit and powering up our accounts is how we “get some skin in the game” and also how we put the Steem we earn to work for us. The more influence, the more we can earn curation rewards. Help people understand the value of leaving their earnings in Steemit and creating more influence on the site.
On this note, if someone is serious about Steemit as a source of income and platform to share their work in the future, encouraging even a 500 SP investment into their account to help them cross the line into having a sliding scale on their votes is an awesome idea. The sooner we get to that point, the sooner our options open re curating and increasing our rewards.


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I have a FB group with about 4500 followers that I can't really reach. Which is, of course, one reason I left FB and its disruptive, non-connecting algorithms. I have tried posting Steemit links and you're right; that's pretty futile. But your post has given me renewed enthusiasm and I'll try again, with a slightly different tack.

Good luck! Let us know the results!

in mean time what do you think about an SENATE UPHEARING?



The time delay between signing up and approval is really not nice in a world where people expect to get everything instantly. I hope that this is going to improve soon.

Im sure it will. There are always growing pains as systems scale.

Great post, thanks so much for the shoutout too, very kind. Looking forward to discussing this with you in more depth later this week. Upvoted, followed and resteemed!


Hey this is unrelated, but I want to ask if you can join our Steem Thunderclap on Twitter. Here are the details:

Thank you!


A lot of wisdom here. File sharing looked like the end of the music industry, or at least it was presented that way; but look at the incredible artists who established a following just by being excellent on YouTube.
It's permissionless. A barrier between the creator and the consumer has been kicked over.
Artists have needed to be a little more creative in how they capitalise; they need to tour a lot more than they did, but think of all the Weinstein types who no longer get to be the only gateway to an audience.

Yep, but the touring model is not a reality for every artist - some of us also have kids and dont want to live on the road! I like being able to balance touring with getting paid for the recordings/content I generate!

You should wear that t-shirt next time you're at a gig!

seconded :)

Awesome post. Thanks for sharing this tips I've also come to understand that steemit is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a long term investment and if committed will yield awesome results. I'm trying to be patient and grow slow and steady. I have never tried the social media publicity for steemit but I think I will give it a trial now.

Its the right moment!

I absolutely agree to your beliefs in regard to Steemit, and that it 'pays out' in one way or the other if your supportive and also patient. I believe and have experienced in nearly fifteen years of self-employment that you have to know what you want, and that you have to give something first if you want to get something back, not only in business as an investment of time or money, but also in your personal life where you're giving trust or comfort or joy or anything to others.
Which doesn't mean you should constantly give if some publisher or label or other company gains the whole profit from your work, that's where Steemit comes in ;)

Yes your why will get you back on track anytime you need it!

Brilliant post my friend!! I’ve just started to try doing this. Want to give me a few more tips on how to convert my FB audience to Steemian? :) Drop me a note sometime / I’d enjoy chatting!

Dropped you a twitter DM. Lets connect this week!

We definitely need to help people out when they join up as Steemit can be confusing to start with. They will have lots of questions, but the FAQ is pretty good. I've brought a few people here, but I'd love to see some of my favourite bands join. Some of them struggle to get by and Steemit could make a big difference. When the artists join the fans will follow as they realise the benefits. We could have a thriving music industry using Steem as a currency.


Steemit and Dtube could definitely be a solution for struggling creators that currently aren't getting by on other platforms.

It does take quite a bit of time and dedication to start getting some decent rewards, but as long as you keep expanding your network, you will continue to grow.

I think we will look back at the time it is taking us, and realize it was negligible in ratio to the rewards we will accumulate

Continue to be a value-adding content provider wherever you post. In time, more of your community will realize where the real party is happening!

I'm watching this happen right before my eyes.

get a Steemit t-shirt! :) Great conversation starter. I got mine on Amazon. No better way to start the conversation than by someone asking "What's Steemit?"

I have some shirts I made up and am making 100 more right now.

about the wait times for their account to be approved.

I have been funding people's account with enough Steem to get started so they don't have to wait. Youcan do this through

I have felt very blessed to have had the #teamaustralia community there to guide me through my first month of Steemit use.

They have helped me a lot with @openmic and inspired me to start #teammexico

Help people understand the value of leaving their earnings in Steemit and creating more influence on the site.

I built my account from the ground up and teach people how to do the same. It's fun to see people's accounts grow.

You seem to have a good idea of how to approach people about Steemit and I can vouch that all these tips work. I use them myself.

Great post @benleemusic. Glad I'm following you.

Thank you! And thank you for your additional input.

Excellent ideas on how to bring Steemit to a wider audience! I've been impressed with @teamaustralia and how much positive energy about crypto is coming out of Australia. I've started to spread the Steemit word via my other social media platforms, but it's clear that there's still more that can be done. The people who "get it" immediately are the people I think who will really invest into Steemit and become the most vocal ambassadors. The others will follow, just give them time.

Indeed. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for this Ben. I am also a musician and local music advocate in the Pacific NW. I've been doing a podcast here for a month or so and only learned about Steemit recently. I have been impressed with the overall quality of the content and with how supportive the community is as a whole. I have just started talking to the bands and entertainers I am working with about the platform. I am the first person I know to join the platform so I've been working under a bit of a learning curve so thanks for providing insight for those of us just trying to figure this thing out. I'll be following you for sure.

Awesome. I find that artists are already in acceptance about having to commit to social media, so why not add one more platform and see if it works?

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Bang on with this post Ben!! I'm muddling my way through steemit! @krystle has been very supportive of me, also the whole of the #openmic team! We are the creative revolution! As an independent musician without any management or marketing experience, I really have struggled with the online retailers and distributors, to even sell a few units of my EP! I decided enough was enough! I've closed down all of my sites where people are getting my music for free and I'm now sharing my creativity here!

PS. It was great to share the top 5 with you in the Openmic mate! Your music is great chap!
Onwards and upwards my Esteemed fellow musician!.

Its a fantastic community. Excited to see where we can take it!

Thank you for the tips.

Nothing is funnier than a 50 year disabled pensioner (and failed politician) squealing like a teenager to his wife 'Ben Lee Upvoted me'. That just happened at my house - and it really is Ben Lee. Good on you son!!!

Awesome, this just made my day! The mutual support here is amazing (though I only joined Steemit three or so weeks ago), and well worth investing time and passion, I think. And as far as I am concerned I don't see you as a failed politician, from what I just found out (I'm not Australian) you stood by your beliefs and political views, most of them I'd say I share, and that's definitely no failure.

I fully support pensioner squealing.

I absolutely love this post and the Steemit Community! Out of this world post and tips! The Steemit Community is so very kind and helpful! Joining Steemit is one of the very best things that I have ever done for myself! I'm encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

This post makes so much sense I must admit


I love this...

Hi, good article. as a newbie muself, I can use some of the tips and hopefully i build up my own network to share more of my post and read from others.
I have followed and upvote you pls do the same for @digitalmind cheers

Thank you

I completely consent to your convictions as to Steemit, and that it 'pays out' in one way or the other if your steady and furthermore understanding.


I love this post
As much as file sharing is so convinient and faster for listeners i feel musicians must be hating technology on that part
Hey i love that T-shirt!

Me and a few others are trying to create and start a local community for our country. A small but densely populated city with more than 5 million residents. So far, we had only found just a handful of steemians. I believe we can do more to reach out to others to come join the Steemit platform. Sharing to social media sounds like a great start.
Thanks for the info.
Upvoted and resteemed.

Best of luck!

awesome post Thank you for sharing this tip I also understand that steemit is not a get rich quick scheme, I hope your post is useful to all steemit users as well as many audiences


Thank you so much

Being really thinking how to ACCURATELY paint STEEMIT to my community, but this piece is just gonna be my prototype

thanks a lot

Glad to be of service!

Love the message and your ideas. You are adding great content.

I really like your article, especially this part: Continue to be a value-adding content provider wherever you post. Really well said!

Nice Post Ben. I gotta say I'm spending less & less time on FB and the other platforms, and switching over to Steemit. Now to encourage others over here :-). I have a little fitness of that has over 500 followers, so I reckon that's the place to start. Let's rock this thing!

Totally. Im the same - its more fun!

Love how quickly your growing on here Ben. Keep up the great work spreading the message.

Its a blast!

Hello @benleemusic. This is the second time I read your post. Better understanding and useful article for newbie like me.
There is one point I don't get it though, what is the $500 about ?

When you reach 500 SP in your wallet you will receiving a "sliding vote" - so you can vote in % not just whole votes. This allow you to cast say 200 votes at 5% rather than 10 whole votes. As a result the curation rewards we are eligible to receive are much higher

Re-steemed to help you reach people!!!!
Thanx for info!!!

Upvoted and new follower here! Always great material. Please consider my blog as well. I currently have 80,000+ followers on Youtube, Twitter, and here combined where my goal is to help improve the crypto community. I'm a crypto analyst in the community with high accuracy calls. My Youtube, and on twitter, is the most unique channel currently out and I hope it'll add value to your crypto career as well.

The information is very useful for steem user From now On i will try sharing steemit on social media

nice selfi 😜

Welcome to Steemit and #teamaustralia Ben. The Steemit platform is really starting to attract attention as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube's draconian censorship crackdown really begins to affect the livelihoods of talented people who have dedicated time to building their social media profiles on those platforms in order to share their content. If you are not toeing the establishment line, you are being hammered.

I'm currently working on the team from the Alternate Current Radio Network to join Steemit. They have some terrific music and alternative news shows including the Hessian Sessions, Anarchy with Spore, the Boiler Room and Sunday Wire with Patrick Henningsen. I've been enticing them with the names of those who have recently joined the platform, such as Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight on RT.

Now I can add your name to the list too.

Love your music and I wish you every success on Steemit.

Thanks mate! Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

Share the Steemit posts that are about Steem ecosystem on different social media channels.

Great post !

Great post, @benleemusic!

I've tried to do all that you said, but unfortunately ... a lot of people are still very irreducible about the revolution that Steemit's provoking.

I would like to take this comment to show you a post I just wrote about the fact that I have rediscovered your work. It would give me great pleasure to know that you have read it.

Here it is:

Thanks in advance! ;)

It is said in sales that most people need at least 4 exposures to a new idea before they will try it. DOnt be discouraged. You may just be one of the exposures that will cause the person to "tip" later.

I totally agree we need to spread the world about Steemit,and I do that everywhere I go,but my Facebook page is about mma,and as much as I've learned about the Steemit community so far,there aren't any interest about it ,maybe later.

really amazing post and full of information
thanx for sharing this advices with us

Thanks for this information, it will allow to improve the connections between the communities that live in steem

Where can I get the shirt?


Terrific is very cool
Where the logo of the site is written

Thank You Ben,

May I ask what exactly is #TeamAustralia?

Connect with @choogirl and she will get you on board!

Thank You.

@choogirl love to know more.


cool buddy you write always great thing thanks for sharing @benleemusic

Publicity can also be done on Tv

true. most dont have access to that medium though.

yeah. it can really help. @benleemusic it is really a informative post

Where did you get the steemit t-shirt?
About facebook, I was told they mark steemit posts as span and can lead to have your account shadowbanned. I do not know if it is a lie, I have been around a very short time, but it would be worth to check Time to use our official sites and newsletters.