Promo-uk & Promo-steem @ The London Investor Show Highlights by @ashleypeat

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Promo-uk / Promo-steem Speaking @ The London Investor Show - 20th October 2017

Click play to watch the Introduction video (@Tomasgeorge is currently editing the Full 30 minute recording so follow him to see it)


From the left Mike @molometer, Stephen Kendal @stephenkendal Me Ashley Peat @ashleypeat, Tomas George @tomasgeorge

So the day was finally upon us. I picked up Dylan @anarcotech and Tomas @tomasgeorge from Leeds and Huddersfield, and made the 5 hour journey down to London to meet Stephen and Matt @starkerz.

It was a great feeling after weeks of planning and Skype calls to be putting together the show we wanted to.


The three speakers who all did an amazing job Matt @starkerz, Stephenkendal @stephenkendal and Dylan @anarcotech. I knew they all had professional speaking experience, but the delivery on the day was flawless.


@tomasgeorge did a fantastic job of supplying the kit, and working with the audiovisual crew at the venue to pull this off, especially with him being ill and due to go to a stag the following morning at 4am!


The venue (Novotel) were great and provided 2 audio/visual staff to help us just focus on providing the show


Stephen @stephenkendal and Matt @starkerz with the Promo-steem banner.


It was great to meet @molometer for the first time in person at the event.


We had a full house for the talk.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 07.58.11.png

Around 90% of the audience the whole audience stayed at the end for questions. People were blown away about the whole concept. @stephenkendal @starkerz @anarcotech me and Tom were taking questions for another 45 mins in the lobby as we had to leave the conference space at 5pm.

There was also around 10 Steemians in the audience which was a great surprise, I didn't get a chance to speak to everyone, but it was great to find out we have such an interesting and diversely talented user base on steem, the guys (and girls) who I met were;

Shout out to;

The @promo-uk team
Stephen @stephenkendal
Matt @Starkerz
Dylan @Anarcotech
Ash @ashleypeat
Tomas @tomasgeorge
Curtis @Crypto-Curt
Steve @TecAV
Karl @McKenzie259
Kiran @TheMeanBean
Zoltan @Coinkingz
Jonathan @JonathanYoung
Adam @Adamm
Rea @Rea
@danny s

I hope you enjoyed reading about what we are doing to promote steem as we believe it has huge potential to be a game changer.

To keep up to date with all steem promo, just search the tags "promo-steem" or promo-insertcountrynamehere" to see location specific results.

This initiative was started by stephenkendal and is spreading rapidly all over the globe.. along with steem users! But this is a de-centralised platform and you can get involved with the promotion of steem by organising your own initiavtives, and blogging them right here, with the short term rewards of some up-votes, but the long term reward steem price increases.

Please follow me @ashleypeat

Much Love all! STEEMON

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What can I say. You and Tomas @tomasgeorge did an outstanding job Project Managing the event and liaising with the event audio/visual team at the show. I was very impressed. Well done. I hope people see how hard you guys worked to pull this event off considering it was the first one we have done working as a team. I would highly recommend your skills and knowledge for audio/visual to anyone on #Steemit. You two are a real credit to have in the Community. A massive thanks again for help making our first #Steemit Presentation flawless. Stephen

Thanks Stephen, you guys were fantastic speakers, looking forward to it again next year hopefully centre stage!

Thanks Stephen :)

haha, we still need to do a post of un-pc jokes on here. I forgot about that! It definitely was a good laugh!

I'd also like to say a massive thanks to you @ashleypeat and @tomasgeorge. We couldn't have done it without you, and it was a proper pleasure to spend time with you in the car for that many hours. I loved our un-PC joke session too on the way back. Brilliant! Look forward to seeing you soon in leeds for a beer.

Shared on twitter. Stephen

Shared on LinkedIn. Stephen

Fun day!!

The work of the whole promo-uk team seems to be quite outstanding! Great job! :)

P.S.: The nanchev profile link is not working, maybe there is a typo there?

hey @rocking-dave thanks :)

I saw that, but thought it would be rude not to include it if they saw the post and were the only person left out haha

Great to meet you Ashley, and was nice to chat about your ventures and experiences. Really glad I came out to support the promo-uk team in the small way that I could, hopefully I'll be in a position to be more involved soon.

Hope to see you all again soon. Have a great time at Steemfest 😊

Hey @redrica. It was great to meet you in person too!

Likewise! Until next time :)

Hey @ redrica It was great to meet you too, i enjoyed our chat about all things steem and entrepreneuring!

Im sure there will be another event soon! :)

You're doing a great job. If you can help people get signed up quicker it will improve their experience

Hey steevc,

I agree that certainly is a bottleneck that needs addressing, but I'm not a dev unfortunately.

Hey steevc,

I agree that certainly is a bottleneck that needs addressing, but I'm not a dev unfortunately.

It was great to meet you Ashley and the rest of the team. We had a great event which was also a lot of fun. That's the way to do it buddy. It was astonishing to see so many people after the event still wanting more information. That is a pretty rare thing to witness. Well done and thanks for the mention.
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Thank you for Using #promo-steem tag, Promote steemit by inviting your friends and your family!

whos behind this account?

well done @ashleypeat - hard work pays off!!

Latest episode of Crypto Nights up now :)