Steem-Powered Projects and the Need for Crypto-Landmarks

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Big Pictures Need Big Things

Today on @dtube, we discuss the motivations behind creating physical things in the @sndbox incubator and the importance of showcasing projects powered by Steem. Our adoption philosophy is that new and invisible resources (like cryptocurrencies) need physical footprints. Cryptocurrency is afterall a new type of value that is very different from traditional fiat or static stores of value. This new norm of funding projects encourages us to explore new ways to fund new things, projects, systems, designs, and so much more.

Video Animation created by competition winner @leotrap.

Music by Joakim Karud

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I can just imagine sculptures based on Steem, Bitcoin etc... poping up everywhere :)
With, of course, plaques with QR codes to donate in said cryptos too

Hmmm... to go even further some sculptures could function as "physical faucets", containing an internal computer system designd to give out small amounts of currency stored in genrated QR codes on a little screen. with a disclaimer that the currency comes from an external program so no use ripping the sculpture apart for more, of course.

diid I go a bit far there ? hehhe

reminds me of those bitcoin "eating" robot plants (don't have the link, but pretty sure just that combination of search terms will turn it up in Google)

The only sad thing us there doesn't seem to be some online place all the artists send their pictures to.

But other than that this is as good a start to autonomous organization's as I can imagine hehe

you're 100% right

oppps! really


I tore this whole sculpture down and didn't find the Bitcoin anywhere!!!

Sadly there'd probably be a few people who would attempt that 😅

We'll just have to create difficult - to- destroy sculptures...

Why stop there! I’d like to see crypto centric buildings. Workstations for blockchain devs, crypto mining rentals, blockchain to fiat atms and meetup rooms!

For now, you'll have to travel to Japan for most of those ;)

But it'll be interesting to see when it gets adopted in Europe and America.

I think NYC or San Fran will be the first Western cities to have it.

Not too far at all :D just where we should be.

Physical places could become caches of crypto. Like Pokemon Go but instead of a Charizard you could earn Steem!

Hope you're all signed up for Cryptohunt's beta then XD
Augmented Reality caches will do till we make some physical one's :)

Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link

Excellent Post. I invite you to see my postcards. Here I leave the link

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In my experience, a lot of people struggle with the abstraction of crypto. Seeing real projects, in the real world, that are funded by this fantasy money can help people move beyond that abstraction.

In truth, all money is an abstraction, a financial derivative with its value based on underlying productivity, hopes, dreams, greed, fear, optimism, and force. The only difference is that the underlying is more immediate to you when you're looking at a fiat currency.

The biggest difference between your bank balance as a ledger entry and your crypto as a ledger entry is that it's easier to get to your bank balance. Easier for you is also easier for your enemies....

Very well said @josephsavage! The abstraction of fiat is just made tangible by everyone agreeing on what can be bought and sold with it. Crypto needs just that but in a new generative form more faithful to its nature.

I think that's why people care so much about Steem markets, etc. It's also why silk road and poker sites were so important to the early progression of Bitcoin.

nice photo

Great post

It is really hard to get my fellow artists to believe me when I talk about Steemit; even harder to get them to commit to posting regurally when they do not reap immediate rewards. Getting the word out there would really help; maybe I will curate steemian art in my exhibition studio one day. I look forward to meeting steemians in Los Angeles to see what they are up to. I think there is a meetup on the 26th, hope I can make it:)

OMG. Guys thank you...I am seriously peaking after watching this video. You are completely speaking my language. My husband @barthabermiller on steemit is an installation artist whom has a long history of making art with the communities involvement. And myself I have started a 'how to be more creative on steemit series.' you can see my first post in the series today. I am not trying to be spammy...but rather just wanting to connect with you and share ideas!!! so excited and i need to know more about steemit park. Have a lovely day!

Great project , very much impress .

It is very helpful for users and the technology help us many new things in a steem

That will work for real
I wish i was part of the mains to share ideas with you on how fast that can spread like virus

You have spoken well, crypto has advantage over static notes because it does enhance the effect of quick transaction from any location. Well done

So how would the physical footprint be?

Outstanding blog..
Your post gift us genarel knowledge incrase. Your New thinking give us new blog wrighting inspirations.

Totally agree with this..the next step is to start leaving Landmarks.

Since a time ago I'm thinking in how to improve a project I have in mind. I know a real community living in the Forest, in my country. They just escape from city and they are self-sustaining and I found in the blockchain a way for them to start getting many things in order due to some problems that they have becasue they have no real incomes because they live of their own production .

Now I'm working in the development of a project to improve their lives with a E-Cat so they can be decentralized from the System in some way thanks to free energy, and that will give them the chance to grow to get many things that they need to grow as a community that will be (I hope) based on the Blockchain

Making things in real life, in this way, as the Steem-Park for example. I mean.... is like Armstrong (In case he went to the Moon) leaving those footprints.

Every little effort we can make to show people, communities or whatever, is something that... You feel butterflies in your stomach, dont'you?

We are making history!

Peace! V

Very cool @leotrap! It's a great strategy to just look at your own situation and find a solution for yourself and your neighbors.

The butterflies are strong!

My physical footprint of steemit is both artistic and meetup, it's steemit artists event. We got 2 tv interviews promoting the event and steemit, 70 in attendance with 20 artists signup. I really wanna continue doing this for my city as this will help them create art and get rewarded for it.

Physical demonstration of non-existent things make them more explainable and trustworthy and has potential to help in its growth. Like for bitcoin, whenever use this word, a gold coin with a capital word B came into mind with a little bit dollar shaped.
It's true creativity how you guys are planning to promote the things. Hats off to your brainstorming. :)

That's exactly right and it helped Bitcoin's presence become much more prominent. It is, after all, digital gold. It would benefit for other cryptos to consider that representation as well.

Thanks for the support!

A physical object could be the bridge between a nice idea or a complex concept and the real understanding of it.

Regarding to crypto, it actually acts as manifestation of truth.

"Look, crypto is not really numbers and metrics and parameters and stuff... crypto is THIS. Crypto is ABOUT THIS. This is the result of it. And you can get on board too..."

I'm very excited to see future development with dtube and a lot of the projects going on in the steemit community! Great post

very good business, i like

Another insightful discussion. Keep up the good work, guys.

Very interesting. It is always very hard for non-tech people to wrap their brain around the creation of money out of nothingness. The cryptocurrency surge has created millionaires whom I am sure can create plenty of worthy footprints. I have seen it first hand but not on their scale. It does afford us some tangible extra's.

What about Scavenger Hunt concept? Set up real world items or situations and have people navigate/find them and interact.

QR Code for Steemit Registration. Bonus for tracking down more physical "clues"...

Just riffin' here. Love the idea of giving tactile experience on crypto currency. It's a strong counter to the ephemeral framing the Establishment prefers.

a remarkable step forward

Good job

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Strongly agree that Physical things are needed. We are not virtual we need something real

indie game crypto pets??

Good job...and well don...@sndbox

Thank you for managing such the projects.

I'd love to see more meetups in Europe, seems like the perfect way to expand your friends network on Steemit and Dtube. The rate at which Steem is growing shows a lot of promise for the future.

You should try to find likeminded fellows in your country!

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I have listen about mining rigs but it cost around $3000 which is too much.

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a building soon would be possible. good job sirs.

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How big are the pictures? Greetings.

How about Steem Beach (short story blog of mine)

With steem performers artist and steem promotions

If you don't live by a beach how about a steem train. (Short story of mine)

People meet up at beaches and on train ride parties to promote Steem. Just an idea. :). Joy

I support you
go on

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The possibilities are endless.minded blowing. I just leap forward ,makes sense.

This is a very wonderful video.
I am soo glad that I am here on Steemit already. This made me think that Steem will worth a lot in the near future.

Physical presence is very much front-of-mind for me as I am beginning to start on building a local Steem community here in Olympia.

I would be very interested in learning more about how to get started working with @sndbox to build our community here.

i think you create a great news...... Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable of luck brother....

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