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Before presenting the winners of the slogans challenge, we want to thank our entire Hispanic community for the good reception during the first challenge designed for Project Milkbox entirely in Spanish. We hope to continue to perceive such loyalty in the current and future activities, we love you ❤

Now yes: we already have winners of the challenge of slogans!

Three best:


Attention to all: a new challenge is about to start...

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-10 at 7.00.15 PM.jpeg

That's right: a chilling competition of paranormal stories!👻

Do you want to know what it is?

These are the STEPS to follow to participate:

  1. Write a scary text ✏💀. It can be based on real events, inspired by urban legends / mysterious geographical points / supernatural creatures or just be the product of your imagination.
  2. The topics to be covered are the following:

    • Ghosts 👻.
    • Astral travel 💫.
    • Alien activity. 👽
    • Premonitory nightmares. 💭
    • Places or haunted objects. 👹
    • Terrifying apparitions. 😱
    • unexplained physical / auditory phenomena. 🔊

  3. Publish your creation through your account (you can use Steemit, Twitter, Whaleshares, your personal blog, Busy, Medium or Facebook).
  4. Include the name of the contest in the title of the publication, next to the name of your writing.
  5. Add #projectmilkbox and #milkboxcontest or #whaleshares in your tags.
  6. Place the link of your participation in the comments of this publication.
  7. Vote and share this post so that others also have the opportunity to write and get rewards in return. Read more to find out what they are .


  • To all participants: 10 MILKs.

  • Those who decide to make their writing based on real facts and place at the end of their publication sources of research that served as inspiration, will earn a bonus of 20 MILKs for their dedication and good disposition.

1st. Place: 250 MILKs + 100 Beyondbits + 75 Whalestakes.

2nd. Place: 200 MILKs + 50 Beyondbits + 40 Whalestakes.

3rd. Place: 150 MILKs + 25 Beyondbits + 15 Whalestakes.

If the contest exceeds 40 participants, the prizes will double.
If only one person participates, 200 MILKs + 100 Beyondbits + 150 Whalestakes will be automatically taken by him / her.


You will need a Bitshares / OpenLedger account to receive the prize, and a Whaleshares account to receive the Whalestakes.

The criteria used to choose the winners will be:
Sticking with the theme of the contest, adequate documentation (if you were to use existing data), originality / creativity and follow the rules that appear below:

📜The rules:

If you use Whaleshares, remember to follow the official Milkbox account: @ milkbox.info.

Rule 1: You must be a member or join our server in Discord.
Rule 2: Your story has to stick to the horror genre. The writings should be created with the intention of generating fear.
Rule 3: The writing must contain a maximum of 140 words.
Rule 4: You must place your participation in the comments to qualify, including the address of your wallet in Bitshares, your user in Discord and Whaleshares (the latter is not mandatory).

Do you have doubts about this challenge?

Contact us at Discord and get out! 👥🌎


READY TO SCARE 😈? We will wait for you! 🔥

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