Winners Of The 1st Writer's Contest |2nd Writer's Contest NEW THEME ANNOUNCEMENT| + Results Of The Reach Out Contest!

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There's a lot of information packed into one post here, folks. We have the Winner's Announcements for TWO different contests and the beginning of our 2nd Writer's Contest! To make this easier for your eyes to devour, we'll break it up by section.

First read about the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of The 1st Writer's Contest of the Project Milkbox. The theme for the contest was SUSPENSE. We loved and appreciated all your entries.

Next up rev up your writing fingers for the 2nd Writer's Contest of the Project Milkbox! Discover the THEME of the new contest along with all the directions to enter. Let's get going.....

Finally, is the lucky winner of our Reach Out Contest. The mission was to get in contact with Sgt. Craig Sawyer and it was a success!!! Find out who wrote the email that got through PLUS more info on how you can still earn by thanking Craig Sawyer on Twitter.

Announcing The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners Of The 1st Writer's Contest Of The Project Milkbox!

The theme for the contest was suspense, and we received an incredible amount of support from all your entries. We loved them all and it wasn't an easy task narrowing it down to just three winners.

Without further ado, the winners (along with their prizes) are:


3rd Place & Winner Of 20 BEYONDbits + 200 MILKs Goes To...


2nd Place & Winner Of 30 BEYONDbits + 300 MILKs Goes To...


1st Place & Winner Of 40 BEYONDbits + 400 MILKS Goes To...


Project Milkbox sends out a HUGE thank you to our winners and everyone who participated. You helped make our 1st Writer's Contest a BIG SUCCESS!!! If you weren't one of the top three writers this time around, please accept our acknowledgment and honorable mention below. We encourage you to WRITE AGAIN by entering our second contest

Honorable Mentions (50 MILKs):

@nahupuku :

@astrea :

@juanitojones :

@marijo0404 :

@leticiapereira :


💥 Announcing The New Theme - Start Of The 2nd Writer's Contest Of The Project Milkbox!!!

Our next announcement means it's time for action!!! Warm up those phalanges cause it's time to enter the 2nd Writer's Contest of the Project Milkbox.

Theme For The 2nd Writer's Contest? 'LOVE STORIES' 💌 - Please Follow All Contest Rules To Participate Below


These are the steps to follow to participate :

  1. Write a short story that reflects the usefulness or purpose of the Project Milkbox in today's society. Make the text from a love story perspective.
  2. Make a publication from your Steemit account with your story.
  3. Include the name of the contest in the title of the publication, next to the title of your story.
  4. Include #projectmilkbox and #milkboxcontest in your tags
  5. Send us your entry to our channel in Discord and put it in the comments of this post.
  6. Vote and share this post so that other people can participate too.

We held this contest in order to sensitize the community about the importance of a project like Milkbox at a time when disappearances have become a global and unsustainable problem and as a reminder of the current situation in our society.

These are the rewards 💰 :

1st place: 20 Beyondbits and 150 milks
2nd place: 15 Beyondbits and 100 milks
3rd place: 10 Beyondbits and 50 milks


  • If only one person participates, the corresponding prize will be taken to the second place plus 100 milks.

You will need a Bitshares / OpenLedger account to receive the prize.

The criteria used to choose the winners will be:
Attachment to the theme and gender provided, Writing, development of the theme, character development and originality.

The rules 📃 :

Rule 1: You must be a member or join our server in Discord
Rule 2: The story MUST follow the thematic (love story) and the subject (Utility of the Milkbox Project) provided.
Rule 3: The text must contain between 250 words and 1000 words.
Rule 4: You must place your participation in the comments to qualify. Including the address of your wallet in Bitshares and your user in Discord.
Rule 5: Be responsive when writing the story, remember that this is a sensitive theme for many members of our community.


Grey Photo Leave the Office Early Day Social Media Graphic.png

Winner Of The Project Milkbox 👋 Reach Out Contest: Contact Craig Sawyer!!!

Project Milkbox is looking for a hero to help champion our cause and we believe we found one in Sgt. Craig Sawyer. The mission was to get into contact with him using a Reach Out Contest. We are elated to announce that one of our contest entrants successfully got into contact with Sgt Craig Sawyer, and so wins the Grand Prize!

Let's Give A Huge Shout Out To Milkbox Member VidaFitnessFeliz!!!

Congratulations & Thank You VidaFitnessFeliz - Winner Of The Reach Out Contest...

If you are interested in learning more about Sgt. Craig Sawyer and his mission to stop human trafficking, visit the original Reach Out Contest Post.

There's still time left to earn some MILK rewards by thanking Craig Sawyer!!! Sound interesting? Just jump over and participate in the @officialfuzzy Reach Out Contest Tokens4Tweets. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We also want to give the proper appreciation to everyone who made an attempt at reaching out to Craig Sawyer. Your honorable mention below means you will be receiving your reward shortly:

@truthsfinder, @gentlemanoi, @nahupuku, @samest, @astrea, @heyimsnuffles, @marijo0404, @inalittlewhile, @bibby, @an0na, @katteasis, @prfm, @xtel, @thethreehugs, @seyiodus, @muhammadalikatu, @jotmax, @maven2017, @sammynathaniels, and @maxwell95



Este concurso me permitió conocer mucho más a fondo el proyecto, y fue interesante conocer su propósito, considero que es una labor muy noble que merece nuestra atención y apoyo.
Fue realmente una sorpresa ganar el 1er lugar, espero que el final de mi historia sea el final de muchas historias de la vida real gracias a esta iniciativa.
Estaré promocionando el proyecto y el próximo concurso, GRACIAS , gracias por todo.

awwww :/ debieron colocar premios de consolación a los participantes ! ;(

Quizás para la próxima...

Thanks for the mention. I'm always glad to contribute Milkbox Project and its affliates

Congrats to the winners and I am happy that Sgt. Craig Sawyer responded to Project Milkbox. I am not sure if I am going to participate in the love story contest because I am not good at writing but I will share this publication with Altruistic community members on discord.

This is cool buddy. I am honoured for mentioning my name. Meanwhile, i represent #airhawk-project community in Nigeria and we have over 3,800 membership on telegramand over 400 on discord. I am not too good on writing love post but i have members that love this and can do it well. I will share this link with them and also i wish to have you in our discord server and shaare with us the overview of milk token.


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Discord tag #8009

awesome! thanks a lot :D i enjoy all of this contests, <3 thank u, muchas gracias proyecto, agradecido por las menciones y felicidades a los ganadores :D

That good news, congratulations to the participants, the project is consolidated every day, I am happy to be here contributing my bit of sand, to follow the successes

Felicitaciones a los ganadores