WHY acknowledging and REPLYING to received comments MATTERS ?

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In our previous publication, posted a short while ago (you can find link here) we've introduced some changes within Project.hope beneficiary system. Those of you, who are active part of our community should definetly check it out.

Current short post is partly related to previous one. We would like to focus on aspect of replying to comments received from your readers and followers. We would like to ensure that all of us (PH members) are "on the same page" here.

All of us enjoy post rewards as well as we're happy to see some traffic and people visiting our publications. For many it matters to receive valuable comments. But it seem that sometimes we keep forgetting, that IF WE DO NOT acknowledge those comments in any shape or form - then people who read our post may not be keen to do it again in the future.

After all, if you commit your time into reading and commenting on someone's else post and you have an impression that the author doesn't even read received comments - then result will be quite obvious. You will ignore such an author in the future.




Try to become well-disciplined with checking received comments and acknowledging them. Open each post you published, which is already 3-5 days old and go through all comments. And be consistent with doing so. Every day check if any of your post is finishing in 3-5 days and ensure, that you read received comments and engaged back.

You may do it easily by responding (often with just some simple words of gratitude and appreciation) or at least drop an upvote to received comment. Small upvote, with as little 1% voting power.

That is simple and it would not only serve as a way of saying that "I've read this comment". But it also makes it easier for you to spot comments, which you didn't read so far.

All you need to do is visit received replies and seek for those, which were not yet upvoted.

Important note:

It is important to notice, that reach initial 500SP milestone in order to be able to place 1% upvotes.

Please CONFIRM reading this post


Most of all: we would like to know if our message is clear and if this post is making sense to you all.

Consider sharing your feedback or simply confirming reading this post. It will allow me to make sure that we managed to reach out to all our community members.


Greetings, I confirm the reading of the article and I also consider that interacting in the community strengthens us even more, no doubt we should all be committed.

Greetings @project.hope 💕❤️

I personally really can't do without visiting my blog posts just to check out for people's comments and I also ensure i give valuable reply to people's comments.

Just as you've stated as regards to complementing or rewarding commenters on one's post, I'll start upvoting users comments on my posts.

I confirm reading this publication

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Just like as I said I love this idea and will love to take it very serious. I am in support of it and I pray I have the strength to continue doing so.

hello @project.hope,
I understand the importance of responding to comments on my articles, I think I need to be more disciplined about it.

With the new methodology, I will be able to be more efficient in responding to comments.

I confirm that I have read the publication

Confirm reading it.

I agree with you if you don't acknowledge it feels like you read and comment and just go. We need to reply as much as we can and I like the idea of 1% upvote.

Hello friend. The most important role of a social network is feedback, if there is no interaction between non-users then there is no social network. All users would like to receive a comment of appreciation or a nice argument about their post.
Unfortunately, it is very common to find users who are indifferent to the posts of their peers and the comments left on their posts, this does not help in any way the growth of their profile on Steemit and in the communities that integrate it.

I confirm reading this post. I agree with you that replying to received comments and also commenting on other authors posts is very important in building a strong and friendly community. I will ensure to do so.

Greetings dear @project.hope team, first confirm the reading of the publication, and I agree with each suggestion suggested here, since a community develops with the commitment of each of the active members.

Therefore, managing to capture more traffic is an important part, hence the commitment of everyone both to read the publications of our colleagues and to respond to each of the comments made in our publications.

Hello @project.hope
I confirm reading this post. And what are you referring, Of course, it is minimally logical to respond to the comments made to us in the publications. But it never hurts to make the dimension.
I hope that as many users as possible can enter and take the time to read these publications that are for guidance.

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