IMPORTANT update within our Project.hope community BENEFICIARY SYSTEM

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Several weeks ago, I've discussed several crucial suggestions related to some major upcoming changes within the Project.hope economical model (you can check the link to a post explaining our PH economy at the bottom of this post).

On my private profile I've posted an article, which served as an opening for discussion. It has been shared with the entire PH core team and several other active members of our community. Those of you who would like to get familiar with that particular discussion (or refresh your memory) can visit this link. I highly recommend that:

PROJECT.HOPE economy - upcoming changes and suggestions for 2022 [DRAFT]:

UPCOMING CHANGE within beneficiary model


We will focus on one particular change related to the current beneficiary model.

Allow me to quote:

MAJOR CHANGE: beneficiary would be maintained at 50%. With one major exception:
if you (or any other author) would decide that YOU WILL invest at least 30 minutes of your time right after publishing your post, and you would read others and comment on publications of other Ph members -> then set up 35% beneficiary instead of 50%. This way more rewards will stay with you.

Within that 30 minutes, each one of you shall be able to read and comment on at least 3 publications. Without rushing. Having enough time to read post and share some valuable comment.

By setting up 35% beneficiary - you will also declare your willingness to read received comments on your own publication (after all, nothing discourage more from commenting more than knowing, that author won't even bother to read our comment).

Hope this change is clear and easy to understand?



This change has two main purposes and goals that we hope to achieve:
1.) We aim to bring extra benefit to those who invest their time into being active and an engaging part of our PH community (they keep more payout rewards for themselves and they will be prioritized with strong upvotes)
2.) It allows everyone to recognize publications which are worth their time.

Those of us who invest their own time into reading and commenting on other members' publications WILL STOP wasting their time by engaging with those authors who are non-responding. Simply by checking the beneficiary on each post (if it's either 35% or 50%) - all of us are being informed by authors on their intentions to be ACTIVE or IN-ACTIVE.
Responsive or unresponsive.

This way we're hoping to redirect more VALUABLE TRAFFIC towards those who are an active part of the Project.hope community.



On top of finding ways to reward active PH members for their engagement, I also have another purpose: to PROTECT their valuable TIME. After all, I would like to reduce the amount of time wasted. Wasted by often spending hours engaging with people who do not ever bother to even read received comments, people who will never visit their own publication in return.

All our members are welcome to set up 35% beneficiary (instead of standard 50%). By doing so YOU DECLARE that you will do two things:
a) you will read received comments and reply to at least some of them.
b) also you will also allocate at least 30minutes to visit few publications posted by other PH members right after you publish your own article

You receive traffic and attention - then pay back with the same. Fair enough?


Those who are engaging and are active with comments in our community on Steemit will enjoy priority with upvotes. ON BOTH CHAINS (I plan to set an auto-upvote on HIVE and support MAINLY those of you, who are engaging within Project.hope community).

On top of that, active members may also count on financial support from us in case of medical expenses (in such a case: contact @josevas217 or @crypto.piotr).



Every resteem would help us greatly to reach a wider audience within our community. So consider resteeming and also commenting (and sharing your thoughts and opinions on upcoming changes). We value and appreciate all feedback.

Decisions eventually are made by Project.hope leaders, but we want each one of you to have some VOICE. A voice which will be heard and taken into consideration.

Useful links


Those are some links, which many of you may consider worth visiting (even if simply to refresh your memory about PH economic model and read discussion on some of upcoming changes):

PROJECT.HOPE economy - upcoming changes and suggestions for 2022 [DRAFT]
Project.hope community on Steemit:
Our discord server:

Greetings friends of Project Hope, certainly a fair and necessary measure, because in this way it will be possible to have a better control of this issue.

This is actually a very good idea and I strongly agree with this idea.

I confirm that I've read this publication.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕

I must admit that I really love this and I am ready to give my own contribution by commenting and replying to comment too.

I confirm reading this post and agree with all the changes mentioned here. Greetings.

Just read this after posting after two months of inactivity. I think it's a very good decision. Very fair. Wish for positive results.


I believe that this new formula will bring very good results, in the same way a great commitment continues to be observed on the part of the notable members of PH who have always served as a good example for the rest of the members of the community.

See you.

hello @project.hope,

It seems to me quite fair, the basis of a solid community is the commitment of its members. This methodology seems to me that it will be very efficient, you have my support.

together we can build a great community

I confirm that I have read the publication and given RESTEEM to the publication.

I confirm that I have read the publication.

I have given RESTEEM to the post.

I like this methodology, as it creates a balance in favor of finding more interaction through comments (more active community), and it is also a way to benefit the most engaged users.

Let's keep consolidating a more organic community, this is a good way.

I agree with your we need to take at least some step so that we can achive our target this way we will one step ahead in ph plan. I agree token creation is the long process and need time. So this step is good.

This new update will definitely encourage more people to be active within the community and will lead to more growth of the community. Nice one buddy.


Greetings to everyone in the community, these measures help users to have a little more income, and on the other hand encourage all users to interact a little more in the posts we make in the community, great incentive that you share, thanks Piotr friend.

I confirm that I have read and agree with the new community changes. Regards

I confirm reading and I support all the changes.
Glad to see a good strategy to incentivize PH members to be more active and engaging

Greetings @proyecto.esperanza
These are changes that I think will be very good for everyone, no doubt that the interaction of the members will make the community stronger. I totally agree.

This is a really good idea and welcome development in my opinion... as it will encourage more active engagements in the PH community

Greetings @project.hope,

I confirm reading this publication,

I think it is a wise move, I think it will certainly increase the engagement of people in each other's publication .

Indirectly it will motivate all the Ph members with the publication they post along with it spending some time reading and commenting in other publications ,


Thank you so much @crypto.piotr for updating community guidelines : )


It is indeed a wonderful idea and it shows that how PH community leaders are concerned top reward its members.

I confirm that I have read this publication and have given it resteem.

I love this initiative it's a win win it's a great idea


I confirm reading this post. And I strongly support this idea. It's a highly welcomed update.

i confirm reading this post.

It is very important to reward every time spent as you hav mentioned. Buy this members are also motivated to read and comment on other members post and at least create good communication through different post.

The essence of sharing opinions through posts is not for one's self, at least reading other people's writings is key to learning something new or adding some to why you lnew before.

I think it is an interesting change. On the one hand it would allow those people who want to increase their earnings a little, to know that it is not a gift by lowering the percentage of beneficiary, but that there must be a commitment, reading and responding to comments, as well as commenting on other publications. I think that's fair.

On the other hand, it allows one to get organized, and finally spend the time necessary to respond and also read and comment on other posts.

It is the basic thing that one must do to say that we are interacting. Beyond just posting to wait for a "yes" vote, which is not a bad thing to receive votes, I must point out, but participation must be there.

On the other hand, I will gladly keep an eye out for those users who need support and even some kind of guidance regarding support in case of emergency.

I have read the post and I support all the changes. Its good to have more engaging people in the community because this is an important part. Thanks for bringing this change. More power to the PH family.

I think this method could be very succesful! I'm very curious how it will play out! :)

Changes are essential part of living that makes life fun, these introduced initiative is really good idea with it we can know those authors who are very active active with quick response on their publication.

Hello friend @crypto.piotr, I confirm the reading and I have given RESTEEM, I like the changes you have announced to us. Greetings.

Hello dear friends, I think it is very good that we are generating a filter and that the most committed people are taken into account, it seems fair to me. Of course, I will remain committed to the project. Thanks for your support!

Greetings dear @project.hope team, first confirm the reading of the publication, and I agree with each suggestion suggested here.

The issue of active and effective participation is important and I applaud the initiative to offer improvements to users truly committed to the community who respond to the work of their peers but at the same time make themselves known through their writing.

Excellent initiative that will take us to a new level of participation within PH. Greetings

Hi @project.hope friends, I confirm that I have read the information and am aware of the changes, which I think are a good idea, the more committed authors will be able to keep more rewards, and it will certainly encourage those less committed to spend a little more time to read the articles of other colleagues.

Resteemed already. I confirm reading this post, and I support the updates. Nice changes.

This is quite beneficial for authors. Also, I am surprised people do not respond to comments on their posts. That's the least one can do after receiving support from a community. :) I am totally up for this!

Hopefully the changes will be positive for everyone and we can give value to those users who are more active and responsible with the community.

#affable #venezuela

In my opinion, reading and commenting on 2 articles is ok. Most comments I read on Posts are funny because they clearly show that the commenter didn't read the article at all. Most comments are just from people who read the title. If the number of required articles is reduced, readers might take more time to at least read the first paragraph.

I think the idea of increasing interaction as a strategy is going to have long term results in the growth of the community. The 35% rev share is surly a positive incentive step in this direction.

Also creating interactions on a post is the lifeline for any creator.
As a creator Interacting with readers is something which gives me a boost to create more content and shows me a direction as to what content is relevant to my audience.

I personally like to read and comment this sometimes motivates me to research on various topics, we must work and work. Greetings

Taking 30 minutes after we post something, to engage with other posts, that's a good idea. I try to do that, but I fail most of the time. I will try harder :)

And reducing the beneficiary allocation to 35% from 50%, in exchange for reading and commenting on more posts, is also a good incentive. Again, I will try harder.

It seems to me a fair and healthy change in the economics of the project. It is true that there is a need to encourage the active participation of the members because that makes us grow as a community. Well, I had already assigned the percentage of the publication that I made today so I will still dedicate myself to read and comment. Thanks

 4 months ago 

hi @emimoron

Please try to visit your Discord from time to time. I would like to be able to have some contact with you.

Also consider reading that publication:

Cheers, Piotr

Actually, I am against this rule of requiring a active ph member to read and vote other posts within 30 minutes of posting.

See, why time limit can't it be within a day of posting, reading and commenting on 3 post.

I tell you why...because it takes a freash mind to read and comment intelligently and meaningfully.

After I write a post and post it, I am drained, because I post it in three platforms with pictures and read and comment in other platforms, read news articles, do crypto reseach etc.

Please keep a resonable timeline on needing to read and support/comment on other posts of members... maybe within 1 day after posting your article...a minimum of 2 posts...

It takes lot of time for me to comment on article, 10 to 15 minutes because my comments are long, detailed and insightful. So, in my opnion reading 2 posts of other members after posting your post will consume 30 minutes.

Just my My suggestion.

 3 months ago 

Hi @mintymile

It honesly looks like you're the only person why is against that introduced rule. Everyone I spoke to does see it as an extra way to reward people, who are already putting their effort into being active part of community.

So far several PH members have been engaging in comments while many others (including you, as you pointed it out) didn't. And I've realized that for those active members it is very discouraging to see, that they are being rewarded and treated the same way as those who do not engage at all.
For that reason I came up with idea of lowering beneficiaries for those active people and I will also increase value of upvote on those posts with 35% beneficiary.

See, why time limit can't it be within a day of posting, reading and commenting on 3 post.

Truth be told, it seem that we're both on the same page here. I don't see a problem with commenting within same day of posting. It may even happen next day. As long as IT WILL HAPPEN BEFORE next publication will be published.

I never actually wrote that engaging need to take place "within 30 minutes of posting". Perhaps you understood my post wrongly.

All I asked is that those who set up 35% beneficiary system are requested to invest 30minutes of their time to engage with others and drop 2-3 valuable comments.

Hopefully your concerns have been clarified :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me buddy
Yours, Piotr

Although I am damn guilty of not reading other people's post here, I would say, this is a good step!!

It will encourage more active members!!


I have read this post and I like the change that you are going to have. Its good that people who engage more can o with reduced beneficiaries because engagement is important. thanks.

Really nice update, this will build a more engaging and active community.

You are indeed doing a great job, you consistently show the attributes of a good leader by putting the interest of community members at heart all the time, kudos to you.

Greetings :^),
Receiving comments on a post are one of the best feelings, it tells us that people read our publications and even take time to share their thoughts. We also get to know more about how the other ph members are and how they think^^
This is an awesome initiative,100% in!

I believe that this procedure is fair for the beneficiaries who are part of P.H.

I cannot claim to be a full member of the community just yet but I remain grateful fr the opportunity to join conversations and build my knowledge here. Greetings @crypto.piotr and other strong team members.

Hello dear friends. I confirm to have read the information and agree with the change, I think it is a good way to encourage the commitment of the authors with the community and encourage them to read and share with other authors.

Hello there!

I would love to say that I will be happy see much more activity in the community by me and others since those changes are really encouraging and will for sure get PH better reputation in the upcoming months!

I think the idea of spending some time 30 min or more to share views is a very welcome move.
It sure becomes a great way to build interaction and gives plenty of new ideas to write about.
I am all for it

Greetings dear friends of @projecthope, I think a strategy that can increase interaction within the community, if any doubt any author will be grateful to receive comments on your article and be able to expand as much as possible on captured content.

So long, I’ve shared this great information, have a great start to the week.

I have been away for a long time and I must confess that this new development is a very highly welcomed one. Kudos to the team

This is an interesting update, and I really agree with it. I confirm reading this post.

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