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America’s Standing Strong

Pelosi went to Taiwan and now we’re waiting to see what the Chinese do. It’s exactly how Russia invaded Ukraine with military exercises and a lax attitude toward the reality of it taking place.

Like most things, there are many layers and it’s impossible to break down everything in about 500 words on a crypto blog. Only for this blog’s part, ghost writers at From A to Z do their best to find another point of view missing in the mainstream media, or purposely left out of reporting.

We’ll start with what Pelosi could have done right. She could have spoken publicly about China’s concerns and talked with Chinese leadership about a good time to visit Taiwan. This might seem like giving power to the Chinese to make decisions for an American politician. Only it would have helped in the narrative now being developed by the current Administration.

We are asking the Chinese to stay calm and keep open dialogue channels. So why couldn’t Pelosi reach out to China and ask them about the situation and an appropriate time to visit. If they said never then maybe her trip would seem more justified. If they said after Xi’s appointment as President for life to make a smooth transition then we would have gotten what we all say we want publicly.

Unfortunately, it’s true that China wants to go to war with Russia as the new Axis powers. It’s also unfortunate that our leaders want to get that out of them, so the war can start. With all the negative news as it must have been during the French Revolution, it sometimes seems that another war would be a terrible thing, while the soldiers of fortune have hands on their chest in a Napoleon pose filled with confidence from winning on the battlefield.

Let’s remember that the American military remains ranked #1. Just like in college football, or in the article about power rankings in the NFL. The American armed forces are a dynasty that makes mental mistakes forcing it to withdraw from combat to reassess the situation. While never truly being beaten.

With focus on a goal, they can once again take the field in Primetime making the play to win the Championship in the clutch. The United States Armed Forces are a team player that can coordinate with other countries to create offensive precision.

They don’t watch sports in China and Russia like they do in America. They learn history about their impressive past.

Meanwhile, the America military has learned from the Middle East and knew that China hid its intentions as a suicidal bomber would do. That’s why the visit of an older stateswoman at the end of her career to a female President who’s statehood is being challenged by a patriarchal society with men dominating party politics have caused such a stir in the region.

China’s been planning an invasion of Taiwan. They’re in partnership with the Russia. Pelosi’s visit illustrates that these actions are premeditated. As mentioned earlier, she did a terrible job of making this crystal clear through a lack of communication with Chinese political leaders. By not extending the olive branch of peace to inquire about an appropriate time to visit Taiwan, she gave them the excuse to act out with the indignity of one who’s been insulted.

What’s also not been made clear is Taiwan’s President’s role in this whole affair. Did she encourage Pelosi to visit? Or did she feel intimidated by Pelosi and gave in to the pressure of the situation? Open questions that are not being explored by any media outlet in the world.

Taiwan’s President did speak in English. It could be that they are the lost tribe of Israel. China cannot destroy their infrastructure like the Russians have done in Ukraine because of the semi-conductor chip production. It must be preserved above all else. It’s something the Russians need, and the Chinese might be able to deliver. While at the same time semi-conductor chip facilities are being built in the United States under the direction of the Taiwanese who are then welcome to move there and live lavish rich lifestyles with China satiated with the meat of the island once known as Taiwan.

Another side effect from this being the drop in the price of oil. China is a major importer. And again, we see how both sides are playing each other and have been for some time. It would be easiest for China and Russia to have pipelines running across their borders. Yet is it Western influence that drove them apart to keep them vulnerable for the time when they would form a partnership and try to defeat the Allies.

China’s oil must be imported mostly by ship in the areas that would be contested during a war with Taiwan. The price has already gone up for Asian markets because of the added risk. Pipeline projects from Russia to China could take years to build with a project of that magnitude a target for current tensions especially if a hot war breaks out.

While there is fear of Russia and China’s might if given a chance to prove their full capabilities, it goes to show how strong the United States remains to this day with a bear and a dragon watching the eagle circle in the sky, while all along a variety of smaller animals sharpen tools to exact revenge on the bullies of the world.

The status quo a major topic in an earlier book. Yet it’s the status quo that we are fighting for at this moment on planet Earth. The hopeful American wants more time for Hydrogen Fuel Cell infrastructure to develop and From A to Z is pleased to announce projects to install Hydrogen pumps for cars in several locations across the country. This allows people to purchase and drive Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars that have seen an uptick in sales during the previous quarter. This can eliminate the need for fossil fuel and solve the climate crisis so that the solar system can be explored.

While China seems to be waiting for their moment to create a one China. America is hoping we can explore space as a one Earth.

Russia is more like a corporation that’s branding has lost touch with people and has undergone a disastrous marketing scheme compounding its current problems. In most cases this means a change of CEO. Yet their CEO has pulled those around him into the potential risk of war crimes that can only strengthen one’s grip on power pushing them to more extreme measures than someone who can simply walk away.

The 2020’s have been called the most dangerous decade for the human species and that if we can make it to 2030 then we have a chance to survive. It’s only 2022 and we’ve hit a dense solar wind. Can we make it through, or are we doomed to the dystopian future after nuclear annihilation; these remain questions that can only be answered by the passing of each day.

Until next week.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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