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Observations in Planck Time

The time it takes for light to travel the distance of a Planck Length the shortest amount of measurable time and another universal constant. It is here that we can make observations in Planck Time.

Diving in, while expanding on the last post in this blog, we find that in every Planck Length is a multiverse much like the fractal of a coastline. Space and Time broken down to its most fundamental expression permeates everywhere throughout the observable universe and beyond.

You can go all the way in and then go all the way out yet never at the speed of light. The speed of light is the key to the gateway for universal travel and its unobtainable unless you’re a photon or a God.

We see light on our scale as distant galaxies. We are only now starting to see the cosmic web that brings them all together in a gravitational flow; on this side of the Planck Length we find our universe in, we are unable to decipher the structure it comprises on the other side of the hologram.

Now we bring in Planck Time. Inside our Planck Length’s universe, we are compacted tight in gravity making time move slower. On our scale the cosmic web, while in another reality it is a photon traveling our Planck Length in a Planck Time. All of the stars and galaxies feed off of these photons of electromagnetic pulses bonding nodes or molecules. Outside the Planck Length these dissipate and move in fractions of a second. Inside the Planck Length eons, and only through this theory that From A to Z is now developing do we see it. That the cosmic web moves and breaks spins and twists only in our observation made in Planck Time it moves so slow as to be almost standing still.

We are a field of multi universes with different properties than the cubic meter beside us, or one AU from us. Earth is nothing more than a gas bubble of complex organic molecules bonded to the nucleus of the Sun, our star. Somewhere in space there are vast regions of gas with density making life possible in zero gravity without the need of a planet.

With all of this in mind it becomes clear that Earth is our best spaceship. We must maintain it. We must grow Hemp everywhere to be used in textile production in order to maintain society with all of our modern inventions.

In the short term, the best solution is to manufacture Hemp graphene for use in Hydrogen Fuel Cell engines. This can revolutionize our civilization by giving us a real chance to eliminate the need for fossil fuel in domestic vehicles. Once accomplished the carbon dioxide heating the atmosphere can begin to subside with the replacement of water vapor helping to water the forest without any effort, just drive to the store to go shopping. This can help to eliminate massive uncontrollable wildfires that can destroy a town within a matter of hours.

It can also help to end the War in Ukraine by giving Europe the new energy source they need to stop financing war machines on the globe. Afterall its carbon monoxide poisoning that’s eating away at our brains and allowing a virus to thrive.

At this time Russia seems to be winning with their push to keep fossil fuel while eliminating a large portion of the global population in developing countries with a possible food shortage that won’t be truly felt until next year as it begins to become a thing.

With poorer nation’s experiencing the mass extinction, pollution levels can be lowered with less consumers in areas that can now become apart of the Russian empire.

Brittney Griner is in prison in Russia for Hemp biproducts.

Hemp is federally legal in the United States for textile production. From A to Z has been lobbying for years to adapt Hemp Graphene as an alternative to Carbon Fiber Graphene. Much like Griner this idea to save the world remains detained.

From A to Z continues to push forward in other parts of the supply chain with strategic investment and partnerships with like minded companies. This network has been dubbed, The Lords of Hemp.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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