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An Explanation for Dark Matter

While the evidence for Dark Matter remains elusive its effects have been made clear once again with the James Webb Telescope. The bending of light through gravitational lensing effects revealed in a new photo released this week.

From A to Z has scientists working to solve what Dark Matter entails; true proof of theory worthy of a million-dollar Nobel Prize. Here are the early working ideas behind the Company’s developing hypothesis.

The main premise begins with the idea of size from Stephen King’s book “The Gunslinger”. We are all inside the atom of a purple blade of grass in another multiverse. Only our research finds the atom too large of an object. The Company then substitutes a Plank Length the smallest measurement attainable in the Universe. Inside this universal constant length of measurement the unpredictability of electrons, bosons, and other subatomic particles interacting with quantum wave fields in empty space.

With this knowledge we understand that there’s no such thing as empty space. Space itself a massive volume of Plank Lengths filled with subatomic particles interacting with quantum wave fields throughout the visible universe. Though less dense space isn’t empty.

We are also limited in our observations of space to the area around us inside the shell created by the Sun’s heat and light pushing back denser areas of space around our solar system filled with the cosmic radiation of all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. In short it is this varying denseness of the area known as space that forms Dark Matter.

Expanding on the first part of this each Plank Length of the volume inside the observable universe contains its own multiverse filled with vast unknown regions and life.

On these massive galactic scales and in the smaller Plank Length we become a hall of mirrors sending a reflection of itself into infinity in both directions.

Only missing is the 5th Element of life. Yet here we are trying to understand this concept to help mankind colonize the solar system using the Hemp plant in sustainable green textile production.

Just as we can see atoms through a microscope we can see them in the James Webb Telescope giving us light composition graphs of distant stellar objects. In between these observations a living intelligent organism peering into the distance and what we find attracts us with a gravitational pull.

Let’s unpack that last statement to find that attraction and gravity are the same function in two simultaneously existing states. We are both attracted by the sight of a dying star inside a nebula of its own design as we are gravitationally pulled by it more so than other objects in our view. We have become entangled with this patch of space across the distance creating a pathway for the flow of information. Through our observations we’ve already created a faster than light speed tunnel of reality.

Think of the space that occupies that distance in terms of infinite Plank Lengths of quantum matter charged with the photons of light that are most gravitationally pulled toward us the observer. Why this patch of space could be as simple as our position in the Universe that makes this light travel faster in our direction through gravitational lensing on the quantum scale.

The same is true of the most distant objects being gravitationally lensed on the galactic scale with the light being observed getting a gravity assist much like a satellite making a sling shot maneuver around a planet. It is in combination with quantum scale mechanics and through its own unique path through the cosmos becomes attractive to us here on Earth because of our position to it.

By mastering these concepts we can only hope to shorten the time it takes to travel throughout our solar system.

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