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Jim Morrison Died Today

As mentioned before in the blog one of the board members almost reached the height of The Doors with a poetry reading project in collaboration with the surviving members of The Doors. It would have taken place toward the end of the Bush Administration on Le Grand Journal in Paris, France.

Yet it didn’t happen and the world remains a sadder place because of it. That poetry reading in 2007-2008 would have sparked an energy revolution away from fossil fuel. It could have helped with the advancement of Hemp Graphene for a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine. It could have done a lot of things.

Instead, the Bush Administration cashed out causing a recession that you can read about in Rolling Stone magazine. Obama stayed in the Middle East. So did Trump. We got out with Biden only to redirect into Ukraine. Trillions of taxpaying dollars going into a mysterious fund that only the most powerful people on Earth know about and it’s happening in front of all of us.

We must keep fighting for fossil fuel in order to go to work or else they’ll take away all of our possessions and give them to people ready to die for fossil fuel. It all has deep Biblical ties like eating olives in Syria. Everything pulled into this dismal black hole where light cannot escape.

Every year the gravity of this situation gets stronger and it’s companies like From A to Z that grip tight to the Earth in an attempted to stabilize the magnetic lines to balance the energy that keeps our reality from collapsing into the abyss of theoretical mathematics. Can we survive the situation we are creating if it continues for another hundred years? Or would we instead cultivate the comfort of walking the clean freshwater creeks surrounded by thriving plants where the sun shines through as the welcome sight of love.

How easy and natural it could remain on Earth our spaceship cutting through the galaxy at great speed effortlessly. Yet the manmade stress of climate change coupled with the pandemic and a war shatter the illusion of security and the prolonged life of our civilization. While at the same time this whole time From A to Z has been doing everything within its power as a corporation to end this fall into ruin.

Hope is here as we keep looking to the heavens for guidance to remain calm while ill informed decisions are made that jeopardize everything we’ve ever built or could create for as long as the Earth remains a rock orbiting the star we call Sun in the center of our solar system. The bright beacon casting away the darkness of the dust in this Milky Way arm on autopilot to reach a destination we’ve never questioned.

We are here for as long as we can maintain the ecology of this place to sustain organic life raised from the ground. Dirt becomes blood and gems our brains. We see though the diamonds of splintered light giving way to quantum physics. Only the current conditions are ideal for the genetics of our bodies to exist. Yet we endanger all we’ve know to test our skills in exotic climates that should be saved for space exploration. Instead, we are bringing space into this one air bubble we know of that can sustain us. How wise are we truly?

Thank you,
From A to Z
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