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Sacrifice and Victory

As the summer Fire Season begins, we are reminded of the sacrifice the forests have made in order for humanity to grasp the importance of the Hemp Revolution. Not political; industrial.

At one time old growth forests protected the global climate from extreme heat in the form of fire on the planet's surface. Fires of old would clean out the underbrush leaving the tall sequoias standing to provide shade for a new generation of plants. This has been true for millions of years and before during the age of the dinosaur.

Only newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst along with the Dupont family produced “Reefer Madness” helping to make Hemp illegal. Hearst could then profit from lumber for paper while Dupont took control of the textile industry with fossil fuel biproducts.

Yet even now with Hemp legal again, along with the precedent established in Australia that to knowingly log forests with Hemp available as an alternative a Crime Against Humanity, the remnants of vibrant forests remain under attack of chainsaws for paper products that could be made from Hemp and grown everywhere.

Think of the Hemp plant as a recyclable beer can. You can grow a Hemp plant and deposit the byproduct of your crop every year at the community gathering place. It could just be a plant you found growing in your yard and you get a dollar or something.

Not to mention all of the other packaging for store goods that could be made from Hemp and recycled. It creates a closer cleaner community.

Unfortunately, these innovations to American culture in order to achieve the Green Dream of a sustainably environmentally friendly global economy with the ability to reach out in to space, is sold to the American people as carbon tax rebates.

Think of giant corporations being paid to put off transforming their industry into what’s needed for the next generation. No matter who’s been in power they always digress back to the fossil fuel industry as the top priority in our global civilization.

Biden looks to be setup for failure. The fruit of his years in congress now on display as tax money gets funneled into Ukraine instead of Afghanistan. Interestingly enough both of the Presidential candidates had controversial deep secret ties to Ukraine going back for several years. Even possibly before 2014 although that would need to be researched.

Where all this money really ends up seems to be a mystery. Yet it could be that Putin and Xi know exactly where that pot of gold is hidden and it’s this secret that binds them all in a global pact to keep average everyday people working in fear to preserve their trips with what’s left of the global oil supply.

Victory for Hemp can only be realized when these wrongs are righted and Hemp gets grown everywhere to transition into the Hemp Revolution a textile industry update on a global scale to save our species from another apocalypse on the planet. We need this to colonize the solar system before another sun passes through our Oort Cloud in about a million years. That’s way before our sun turns into a Red Giant pushing the inhabitable zone out to Saturn.

Yet it is the sad truth that we are unable to really plan for these things on a global civilization scale even with the United Nations and every country with representation. Instead, it’s always oil and war. Humanity must continue to sacrifice while remaining blind to the solution to all the world’s problems.

Hemp for Victory!

Thank you,
From A to Z in partnership with The Lords of Hemp
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