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Fighting with Weapons in Post Modern Imperialism

Even as the war takes a turn for the Russians, as the military maneuver pulling troops from the north to the east for a fresh charge to cut off the Donbas Region seems to be working, any good news about an end to the murdering seems to be slipping away.

In fact, it looks to be getting worse in that regard. A slight uptick in morale for the Russians gives credibility to the narrative of fighting a war against NATO and not Ukraine. With weapon shipments coming in from nearby countries it wouldn’t take much for the conflict to breakdown borders into a wider European front.

The human connection to the Cancel Culture on the frontlines for the Western Powers, Willy Cancel, 22-years-old killed in 2022, in Ukraine; as an American combatant. It’s so fitting for the moment and most likely becomes historical if history survives this potential global nuclear war.

It must be put into that context. Only this blog now makes a commitment to call it WWII, or World War 2, as in a continuation of hostilities since Japan and Russia never signed a peace treaty. The irony being that Japan could have gotten the oil they needed had they invaded Russia in the 30s. Instead, Russia has that oil reserve today to take a chance at world domination.

Another attempt and China could make a commitment to fight with the Russians in the Pacific theater. A new global conflict where the United States most likely gets hit on the mainland. Even with a tactical nuclear warhead. Simulations are already online to prepare people for the potential fallout that could affect ground zero of these explosions.

The only things that can most likely stop this from happening are the removal of Putin from power, or a ceasefire. Both don’t seem likely. The West could back down if the coalition breaks-up through the election of more Moscow friendly politicians like we nearly saw in France.

This conflict looks to go on for years, unless Ukraine suffers a setback and ends the war, there most likely remains five or more years of war ahead. Enough time for elections to change the playing field and the need for oil addiction weakens the will of those who might have held out with an alternative fuel source available.

This could be seen as the failure of the Hippy movement; though by no fault of its own. One of From A to Z’s board members had a chance to continue the Hippy’s spirit into the next generation. It might sound funny, only the entire world order might have been saved through a poetry reading with “The Doors” on Le Grand Journal in the early 2000’s in an epic protest against the Bush Administration’s Middle East wars after a possible black flag operation on 9/11.

That’s the way the Hippies saw it. This one shot at stardom depended on a unified vision of Hemp for the production of civilization’s products with a sustainable biodegradable alternative. It’s something that might have happened had Al Gore won the election. The board member I’m talking about also lost the love of his life through the heart wrenching battles that would instead ensue, with the powers that be driving the country to war, eyes shielded by violent blinders to feed the oil addiction that lined their pockets.

They created a wedge to the love that could have been sown into the Earth. Their shortsightedness for the greed of cash sitting out in the open waiting for their mad dash. If they only new that their swarming bodies brought the darkness without sunlight. It’s for these reasons looking back on events that the board of From A to Z has begun to feel apprehensive that the world can be saved through the creation of a solution to climate change.

The death of the Hippies, now becomes the death of the environmental movement when it’s needed most.

Instead, we are pulled by the gravity of 9/11 into another Afghanistan where there’s a more dangerous invisible line between enemy and foe. We are not dealing with a minority culture in a Democracy. We are dealing with another version of ourselves. Ask yourself whom the members favor at the yacht club, the one taking the toys away without even a Bayliner, or your favorite Captain who taught you to sail the coast of the Mediterrianian Sea?

The choice seems clear while the Western Powers could lose sight of this greater foe, at least there’s the minority populations of Democracy that have been calling out the big money the entire time, those people feel the pain of civilians dying in Ukraine more than anyone. Yet we all know the underdog doesn’t win most of the time. Otherwise, they’d be the bully.

Thank you,
From A to Z
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