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Weapons Divide Us: Hemp Unites Us

Even as the war moves to the eastern portion of Ukraine with forces dug in on each side and the Russians wanting a decisive victory in this new ongoing conflict, it could end fast with powerful weapons not in use.

That’s another answer to why this conflict happens to be taking place right now. The Russians have some cool weapons and a large nuclear arsenal. Yet it’s becoming outdated because of advances in space exploration. In a few years they could lose the even playing field with the West and NATO.

On the flip side, everything that can be done to erode the threat of Russian weapons of mass destruction takes place already, so that when tested the system can jump into action.

In the short-term, Ukrainian civilians are taking the blunt blow of the last European army. The Russians have turned back the clock in order to gain the distinction. We can now witness war with social media interactions and drone footage. The brutality of battles documented in horror so that this state of human existence can end as consciousness expands towards the future united Earth movement.

Only the key to the door is missing. That key being Hemp for textile production of course. Only then can mankind truly colonize the solar system.

In the long-term, on our present trail through the woods of human civilization we cannot control climate change in time to save our species. We might build a moon base that survives a mass extinction event as Pink Floyd prophesized in “Dark Side of the Moon”.

Microplastics are now inside the blood of all living things on Earth. While these indestructible grains from fast food waste could decay in a thousand years they’re here now and create habitats for viruses to find sanctuary while the virus load continues to grow during the current pandemic.

Wacky weather can only help this new lifeform looking to disrupt the current structure of things in order to find a niche so that it can begin to thrive. We obviously have taken the gift of life for granted and have failed in our attempt to steward the planet. The shock of powerfully unpredictable weather patterns could be enough to sap the will to live as the thought of having control of our destiny begins to slip away.

We must adopt Hemp now in order to secure our future. Hemp graphene must be developed over carbon fiber graphene if we are to have grandchildren that explore space. We must use the life of this plant sacrificed into hemp paper cups that save trees. Without this green sustainable resource used for the mass production of everyday household items we can never again correct our journey to reach that destination we can only dream of at this time in our development.

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