Project FLAME™ (IGWE's Random Thought) -- From "Introduction" to "Table of Contents"

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The flame flickers
a golden glee;
its stagers,
serene stars
of beckoning beauty

The sight of its lure,
such seraphic sway,
enchants me
to sleep
like a music fay

And my dream,
when it beams,
is lit in the Gem
of the Golden Flame...



The FLAME collection is inflamed by
Isaac Asimov’s GOLD collection. I
dedicate this luminous gem
Of mine to him…

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FLAME is an ad-book. Its contents are actually a systematic collection of the scattered “junks” of all my literary works, both as completed books and as on-going projects. In essence, FLAME is a book that advartizes all my other books.

As such, FLAME should only be regarded as a fun book for “attraction” studies and reference purposes, its aim being to direct the readers’ attentions to the completed (or on-going) book projects from which the short stories and poems
are culled -- as most of the short stories
narrated within FLAME's pages may not
give you complete “stand-alone” appeals...

Therefore, to fully enjoy these scattered “junks” of my works, I crave your indulgence to also read my other books being made reference to which will be displayed online for sales as soon as they have become completed book projects. However, these abridged witty words of FLAME are designed to knock your mind over -- and out!

Some are created to crack your ribs; others, to stir deep thoughts within, mayhaps faith-challenging or provocative thoughts (my apologies); while the rest are meant to scare you so stiff as to wonder: “Which planet is he coming from?” whatever be the case, one thing is guaranteed: you WILL have a fun read!


Fragments of a Great Secret
have been found in the oral traditions,
In literature, in religion and
philosophies throughout the centuries.
For the first time, all the pieces
of The Secret come together in an
incredible revelation that will be life-
transforming for all who experience it.

(author of The Secret)


Below are Table of Contents of pearly collections from all facets of my literary works, both from finished books and still on-going projects. Happy reading!


  1. “Prologue to Eluncha: Missing Children”
  2. “Intro to AngelBeast”
  3. “Mini-Shrine”
  4. “Prologue to The Melchizedeck”
  5. “Dreamed Reality”
  6. “The Love Triangle”
  7. “Ideal Chemistry”
  8. “Wino”
  9. “Lady Law”
  10. “Transmigration”
  11. “Warriorship”
  12. “Greater Dane”
  13. “Gladiatorship”
  14. “Eke-Mmiri”
  15. “Bullet-Dodger”
  16. “hoodlum kugdum”
  17. “Sage Soul-0-Ntrostrigodro”
  18. “Dream Hunter”
  19. “A Better Earth Bender”
  20. “Diabolus”
  21. “Verdict”
  22. “Prologue to Taurata”
  23. “Bare Butchery”
  24. “I Come in Peace!”
  25. “Ezegawa”
  26. “Sina Mina”
  27. “Your Rulership”
  28. “Market Thief”
  29. “Wino’s War Within”
  30. “Ray-Storm”
  31. “Premonition”
  32. “Bottle Trouble”
  33. “Defending Your Life”
  34. “Dr. Watch”
  35. “Mirrage”
  36. “Confession”
  37. “Hue-Man”
  38. “Aura Dehydration Therapy”
  39. “Father Fredrick”
  40. “TerrEvil”
  41. “Anaconda”
  42. “Amnesia”
  43. “Gwurroxx Gomenzzah”
  44. “Shadow Forms”
  45. “The Devil's Grin”
  46. “Kezzitta”
  47. “Armageddon!”
  48. “Commander of Gods”
  49. “Kiss of Death!”
  50. “I Believe in God”


NEXT: "Prologue to Eluncha: Missing Children"

Stay tuned to...
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See you next post. Blessings!


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