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Reporting on @smackdown.kitty daily for the first week activity


Top 20 self voted comments

Reminder of conditions: top 20 self voted comments, by users with over 1000 SP, ordered by pending payout of self vote contribution only.

VoterSelf voted comments (top 20)Sum of self votes worth (top 20)


For exact post detail you can look at @smackdown.kitty on

Quick thoughts

Some familiar names from the last few days, plus we see @dan squeaking his way onto the list!

There is of course one clear mega self voter, with values of a little of a third of the other top self voters at 35.2%

Total comment self voter stats

We are currently upgrading this and will not report on it today

Thank you for your interest 😸

Come find us on # steem-coop-public


looks like a new winner today :)

120 bux worth of misappropriated funds from the rewards (shared by all users) pool. That could have made 120 minnows so happy.

i guess even 240 new starters would be delighted

go go kitty!

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