How much important programming in our life in this generation.

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Hi.. Programmer

In this blog, I'm going to tell about the programme . How much important programming in our life in this generation. we live in age of science . we know that google,facebook ,yahoo,twitter even youtube created by programming. Through programming, many complex tasks can be made's saves our time. every person can learn to programme easily. many kinds of ways learning programming. you can reading book, reading blogs, even you can learn in youtube video tutorial and you can find lots of information in . programming makes our life easy and comfortable. if we want to compete with a rich country we must know programming 

we know that computer only understands 0 1 because it's machine language  . but a man can't understand properly 0 1 language .because it's not easy for a human. so scientist invents many programming languages so that man can easily create the program. 

The most popular programming language is script>java




This language helps in a job market. so when we learn to programming languages . we should focus this language.


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