Where are all the devs / programmers on Steemit?

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I want to follow you!

There are tons of lifestyle and other posts on Steemit but not a ton on programming, other tech, etc.  I would love to have some more people in my feed that I can engage with regarding code related activities.  I don't have much to say about politics or gardening but would love to talk tech.

I primarily develop with Node.js and mostly focus on back end architecture rather than front end UI/UX.  I'm going to try and start posting more myself but would love a big list of people to follow.

Programming Related Search Results Make Me Sad

Steemshovel.com Search Results


The frequency with which posts about programming are being added is pretty low.  It doesn't look like those posts pay very well and that's probably why.  I don't have a ton of Steem Power but I'd sure love to help you guys out with some upvotes.

Drop me a comment here so I know who to follow.  If you know of someone please tag them in a comment as well.


All the nerds weren't getting upvoted a month back b/c people were whining that newcomers don't want to read about Steemit. Hence, the lack of nerd blogs. Now we just have a bunch of mainstream circle-jerk articles.

I've noticed that as well. It's either posts about Steem or lifestyle posts getting attention. Some of them are great articles, don't get me wrong, but some more diversity would be nice. It's to the point that I don't even care to look at the front page anymore.

Also, followed you as well. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hello! I followed you. I am actively coming up with new Steem Projects and would love to work with others!

My first project was

RandomSteemit.com / http://randomsteemit.com

Followed back. RandomSteemit is a cool idea - what is it built with? I'm primarily a node.js dev and would love more people to work with on projects.

Thanks! It is built with AngularJS and SteemJS. I dabble in node as well, I just like learning new things! I am on steem.chat @tyler-fletcher

hello @kaptainkrayola i am also a programmer.
2 years ago you posted this.
i think you will have many developers in your following list can you share some of users name here.