Getting the Third Degree - Underage Compiling!

in programming •  10 months ago

Reversed psychology when it comes to scolding our fictional son in this parody episode, where the problem is not that he spends too much time out with his friends, but too much time hacking and programming and upstaging his dad.

It's another episode of, from the first season.

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The dad was just hating cause the sons compiling skills where better than his lol....

I really know nothing about coding or what compiling is, thats just how it played out in my imagination. So if that makes no sense you know why.


Hehe that's precisely why the dad is jealous of his kid.

Coding is basically writing for programmers, they write a code instead of a blog and then the system has to process it, which is called compiling. The way I was able to understand it was to compare it with video edition. It has to render before I can export it. So for code, it compiles before it's released ;)


Thanks. Remember to upvote ;)

I had watched this last times while checking your channel. The ending is sweet. Scolds son for compiling and the father himself heads of to compiling.


yeah exactly lol And instead of sending him to his room, he sends him outside.

We forget sometimes that as paretns and step paretns, kids remind us of ourselves and certain behaviours trigger emotions within us, such as envy, and we don't always know how to deal with it. Exploring those emotions can lead to better understanding, which most parents do, but some parents may become resentful in certain situations. The dynamic of Brian and Frank is a bit of a parody of that.