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Today I am taking to the court of the public the application of local postponed posting.
The specified path is the source code of the application in the GO programming language, as well as the compiled binaries for the more common windows, linux and mac systems.


  1. Compile the project into an executable file for your system.
  2. Take 1 from the already compiled binaries from the bin folder.


Create two post and arch directories.


At startup, the system will request data about the user and his posting key.
Place a file with the name of a specific format in the post folder.
After processing, the file is moved to the arch folder.
The system works constantly and when the file appears it automatically processes it.

File name format

Title @@ tags @@ date @@

Title - The title of the article. Also used when sending to create a link to the message.

Tags - A comma-separated list of tags. The first tag in the list is basic.

Date - The date when you want to send an article to the site in the format YYYY-MM-DD (example: 2017-01-01).

Time - The time when you need to send an article to the site in the format HH: MM (example: 15:21).

The file extension is required by .md

All suggestions and feedback as well as feedback can be left in the comments to the post, in comments to the repository or sent to me personally in [Telegram](https: // t. Me / AlekseySuleymanov).


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Thanks for sharing this.

I have been looking through your code on Github for a while, good job on making progress with this!

I hope that you get a good response from your efforts.

Thank you very much

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