How to use @resteembot

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How to use @resteembot?

@resteembot is a bot that resteems your content. All of the resteembot's followers will see it in their feeds.

So how do you use it?

  1. Follow @resteembot
  2. Wait 3 hours, until @resteembot finds that you are following it.
  3. Send a transaction to @resteembot, where the public memo is the post's link.
  4. The price is your reputation divided by 1000. (For 44 reputation the price is 0.044 or more)
  5. Any currency is accepted


  • If your reputation is 30 or less, the price is only 0.001 SBD or STEEM.

Other tips and tricks:

  • You can not use the bot if your reputation is lower than 15.
  • If your post doesn't get resteemed, check out the transaction page of @resteembot ( and search for your name. If you made one of the common mistakes with your transaction, it might appear as a message there.
  • It is advisable to not resteem your post right after publishing it. Even if it disappears from the main feed in one minute, it takes longer for it to disappear from the sub-feeds (for example - the photography category). The best time for a resteem is after 1 or 2 hours.
  • Please be careful with your transactions. The bot receives many requests per day and I can't possibly go through them by hand. If you make a mistake, your transaction will be considered a donation to the bot.
  • Be careful with your transaction's memo. It is public! Never, ever write your password in it.

I sent you a payment before following you... I hope that doesn't screw things up too badly - otherwise consider it a donation.

The bot has a requirement that 3 hours must pass after following, before it can be used.
I will check the post you wanted to resteem.
If I like it, I will resteem it anyway. :)

There is a tiny bug in either the bot OR the documentation. If I ( @pibara ,follower) send $0.052 to @resteembot with a post made by my brother ( @nicetoshare not a follower), the bot gives the message that @nicetoshare is not a follower, what is correct ofcause, but @nicetoshare didn't initiate the transaction, @pibara did. Think this is a bug. Either that, or you should mention in your doc abouve that both the person initiating the transaction and the person who created the post need to be followers.

It is not a bug.
The bot doesn't care who makes the transaction. The author must be a follower, and his/her reputation determines the price.

Otherwise a user with 60 reputation can create a second account and share everything for the price of 25 reputation.

But it is true that it is not documented...
Feel free to write a post about it with the #resteembot category.
Link it here (as comment) and I will resteem it.

Thank you for the attention to details

I voot and follow you .follow me and make voot..😘😘

i have trust you befor i see your blog and I sent you a payment before following you. I hope my first restem does not turn into a disaster. @resteembot

Ok. I made an exception.
Your post was resteemed.
Be more careful in the future.

Thankyou @resteembot . i start with 0.056 SBD for testing your service.
if i receive more upvote i will send 2 SBD for every next post.
thanks again

Receiving upvotes depends on the post itself. The bot only ensures your content gets more chances of being seen.

If you do get upvoted, it is because of your own efforts. There will be no need to pay extra for the resteeming.

Good luck!

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You've got serious potential.

resteembot is the only project dedicate itself to help minnows like us to grow and became whale in no time.

I don't think one can really become a whale with @resteembot. To become a whale, one must invest heavily in SP.
But it is possible to become a bigger fish.
Let's do that.

Hey good job,keep it up,i will support you...check me out @kamranbhatti


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