How to use @resteembot

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How to use @resteembot?

@resteembot is a bot that resteems your content. All of the resteembot's followers will see it in their feeds.

So how do you use it?

  1. Follow @resteembot
  2. Wait 3 hours, until @resteembot finds that you are following it.
  3. Send a transaction to @resteembot, where the public memo is the post's link.
  4. The price is your reputation divided by 1000. (For 44 reputation the price is 0.044 or more)
  5. Any currency is accepted


  • If your reputation is 30 or less, the price is only 0.001 SBD or STEEM.

Other tips and tricks:

  • You can not use the bot if your reputation is lower than 15.
  • If your post doesn't get resteemed, check out the transaction page of @resteembot ( and search for your name. If you made one of the common mistakes with your transaction, it might appear as a message there.
  • It is advisable to not resteem your post right after publishing it. Even if it disappears from the main feed in one minute, it takes longer for it to disappear from the sub-feeds (for example - the photography category). The best time for a resteem is after 1 or 2 hours.
  • Please be careful with your transactions. The bot receives many requests per day and I can't possibly go through them by hand. If you make a mistake, your transaction will be considered a donation to the bot.
  • Be careful with your transaction's memo. It is public! Never, ever write your password in it.

I sent you a payment before following you... I hope that doesn't screw things up too badly - otherwise consider it a donation.

The bot has a requirement that 3 hours must pass after following, before it can be used.
I will check the post you wanted to resteem.
If I like it, I will resteem it anyway. :)

There is a tiny bug in either the bot OR the documentation. If I ( @pibara ,follower) send $0.052 to @resteembot with a post made by my brother ( @nicetoshare not a follower), the bot gives the message that @nicetoshare is not a follower, what is correct ofcause, but @nicetoshare didn't initiate the transaction, @pibara did. Think this is a bug. Either that, or you should mention in your doc abouve that both the person initiating the transaction and the person who created the post need to be followers.

It is not a bug.
The bot doesn't care who makes the transaction. The author must be a follower, and his/her reputation determines the price.

Otherwise a user with 60 reputation can create a second account and share everything for the price of 25 reputation.

But it is true that it is not documented...
Feel free to write a post about it with the #resteembot category.
Link it here (as comment) and I will resteem it.

Thank you for the attention to details

I voot and follow you .follow me and make voot..😘😘

i have trust you befor i see your blog and I sent you a payment before following you. I hope my first restem does not turn into a disaster. @resteembot

Ok. I made an exception.
Your post was resteemed.
Be more careful in the future.

Thankyou @resteembot . i start with 0.056 SBD for testing your service.
if i receive more upvote i will send 2 SBD for every next post.
thanks again

Receiving upvotes depends on the post itself. The bot only ensures your content gets more chances of being seen.

If you do get upvoted, it is because of your own efforts. There will be no need to pay extra for the resteeming.

Good luck!

This comment has received a 0.63 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @banjo.

resteembot is the only project dedicate itself to help minnows like us to grow and became whale in no time.

I don't think one can really become a whale with @resteembot. To become a whale, one must invest heavily in SP.
But it is possible to become a bigger fish.
Let's do that.

Hey good job,keep it up,i will support you...check me out @kamranbhatti


In point number 4 you've spelled "divided" and "thousand" wrong. Probably you should fix that to be taken more seriously!!! Just a heads up!

Thank you, friend

You fixed the 1000 but still have DEVIDED there when it should be DIVIDED. Feel free to upvote me for my dedication to helping you present yourself better.

Even worse - 0.003... I am sorry that it's such a disappointing number.

I feel silly now...
Sure. You have a 100% upvote...
It's probably worth 0.01 $ - I'm so poor :D

I've followed you pal. Now, what is the price and how do i send across to you.

That's my post mate. Could you please resteem it for me. Thanks x

The post looks cool, so I will resteem it.

You're a legend buddy. Thanks alot. I'll have to repay the favor once i get some exposure. Ta

Sorry, but it is not possible to make transactions, if you have no STEEM or SBD.
Earn steem through your posts and comments.

Should I post a list of all your spam bots accounts here or do you stop spaming Steemit? @flauschi

Hi, friend.
How is your bot, doing?

I am assuming that you are talking about the volunteers who use my program to advertise my bot.

It is funny how most people are thankful for the information, posted on THEIR posts, but only you (someone not involved, but with a motive) are offended.

If it's only about listing my volunteers, then... Ok.
List them.
I don't see any harm in that. ;)

Or what? You will spam me?
Grow a pair, kiddo.


did you try? is it rally fake

Looked at the bots transactions in the wallet section and at the resteems. Seems legit. Just to be sure, tried a transaction and it works seamlessly. No reason to believe it's fake.

Did not work for me and I sent extra to be safe!

Look at the transaction log in @resteembot wallet tab, apparently, you weren't following @resteembot. Might be good manners to refund, but seems to work exactly as specified, so no reason to complain and certainly no reason for calling it a scam AFAICS.

Worked this time around. I retract my statement. Thank you!

Tried again, lets see what happens

It works well to me, gave them try. Just follow them but do not invest to soon. I did the same follow them and monitor my post vote. If all my post receive a vote then thats the only time I invest if not. Then just unfollow them.

Not fake ! This will be BIG !! because as @resteembot grows more people will See the value in it.. When it has 100,000 followers those resteems will be very Powerful... More Power RESTEEMBOT..

If it has 100,000 followers, surely all you will see on it are the re-steems of all those 100,000 followers. So what's the point? Good posts will still get lost in all those posts

You will likely only use this service if you are a small fish... the number of followers will not represent the number of resteems...

If there are too many resteems in the future I might put a restriction of 1 resteem per user per 10 or even 24 hours.
I don't like the idea of too many resteems.
If that happens, the followers are just gonna leave, because of the non-stop spam. Such a system will have no future.
I am already thinking about it.

did you try? is it rally fake

Not resteemed and not 100% upvoted. Thank you for not using my service!
Read here how the new green bot from Berlin works.

Are you targeting my post specifically, for your advertisment?
You wrote comments in 4 of my posts in 5 minutes.
That is not very nice...
It's like if Pepsi went to a Coca-Cola conference and started waving around their logo.

He's trying to overthrow you mate. Somebody tell him this isn't game of thrones.

@steam-roller. No. But by the way, we did. :) But he hast to stop his spam bot network. Because it has a bad influence in the community for us. team

You remind me of two brothers yapping away on a dinner table

the other comment sounds strange, because I plan to send it to other people as well. It is a template.

You can help me with something.
And it might be beneficial you as well.

This is a bot that imitates me.
I am @resteembot and he is
@flauschi created his bot 5 days after me (he refuses to be the creator of the bot, but it is obvious), and... he's kind of a spammer.
He seems to have something against my friends upvoting and advertising on people like you.
I assume you learned about me from the advertisement campaign.

Ignoring him didn't work, so I tried reasoning.
That didn't work too, so now, I decided to troll him.

You can see his logo in some of the comments of this very article.
It is a simple logo with a lot of green on it.

I made this logo as a parody to his:

So... if you write a post about's new logo, and how much he loves it, I will resteem that post for free as well.
Make sure to mention him, to explain why the logo exists (Do some research on it. Read our comments here. Also check the places I published that same image in my comments today) and most importantly - be funny!!
Use the tag "resteembot".

He will downvote you with both his accounts, but I will upvote you.
My upvote is worth 10 times the vote of the bot creator and 15 times the vote of the bot itself.
If your article is good and informative, other people will upvote it too.

I was actually going to use both of your services... until I saw this. Picking a fight with your competition isn't the way to succeed.

I will now go use other, completely unrelated to the two of you, resteem services. There are plenty of them. Yes, naming one bot close to the name of the other is sort of petty and weak... but so is falling into this sort of back and forth.


This is what's wrong with the internet.

The problem is, nobody notice his account so we get the negative feedback for his spam bot network. People think this spam ist from us.

Kindly Help me ...
its a Big problem... :(

What is the big problem.
You have to be more specific.

How to send a transaction ?

This is not how one uses the bot.
I would have directed you to the post with the instructions, but you are already in it.
Just read.

how long has this been on steemit

Your pricing is quite the opposite of what it should be. I think higher the reputation, lower should be the rates as everyone likes to resteem more quality content to their followers. With your pricing system I'd be possibly receiving a lot of sub-standard content. According to this concept, I need to reconsider to continue following you after 3 hours and my resteeming is done.

It depends on your purpose.
If you want to resteem the best content, then yes - you are correct.
But that is not the purpose of this bot.
It is to help talented minnows grow.

How can one distinguish between a talented minnow and a spammer?
It can't be done. At least - not by a bot.
That is why I prioritize the resteems of minnows and then leave the distinguishing to the community.
The community decides which steemians will grow and which will be forgotten.
I simply direct their attention to the people's posts.

Ohh, I thought the purpose was just to earn money. So I though it could be done in a better way by changing the pricing mechanism. Anyway, All the best to you in your endeavour to help out "talented" minnows!

It does earn some money, but not enough to consider it a serious income.
For now it is just a cool project of mine.
Thank you for your advise.

When i sent you spd after 10 second i follow you.can you not resteem my post.Its my mistake because i use it first time .please consider my post...

I resteemed because I liked the post.

thanks u so much

Just keep writing good content.
If your next post is also that good - write here.
If I see your comment, and I like it as much as I liked this one, I will resteem it for free.
But do not hurry.
Take your time to ensure the post is good.

I will be interested if you shared your thoughts about fixing the schooling problems you described.
What do you think is needed to improve the situation?
Write a post about that.

I am lost here, can someone tell me the benefits of resteeming a post

It gets more exposure. That is all.


I won't pay for upvotes nor resteems

Sure. Everyone can make a choice for themselves.
Have a nice steem!

bot sen aradan çık hele ben çizme giydim

Can you help me better use the bots ?

Resteembot's rules are described above, so I will not go over them.
Instead I will give a few advices:

  • don't resteem too early. ReSteeming is a second chance to get noticed. It is a waste to use it while your post is still on the top.
  • don't resteem too late. Resteemed posts don't appear in the order of resteeming, but in the order of creation. If you resteem a post that is a few days old, it will appear pretty low on resteembot's feed.
  • clickbaits generate clicks. It is sad, but it is true. Using a clickbait title and first image will get you more attention.
  • resteeming crap = flags. It doesn't matter how good your clickbait is, if the content is crap. The content you provide must be satisfactory to people. After all - you only receive their attention, not their approval.
  • write regularly. Your aim is to make your name remembered, so that people would look for your posts, instead of finding them randomly. If you achieve that, you will no longer need resteembot.

How to make a transaction ? @resteembot

To make a transaction, you must have any steem currency in your wallet.
Go to wallet, select the currency, point at the balance, press the arrow and select Transfer.

You can not do that yet, because your balance is 0.
Once you earn your first money on SteemIt, you will be able to make instant transfers.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Thanks for your support @resteembot

That's pretty cool actually... I'll be back to check on you in a couple hours

Thank you for randomly picking me. Can I wait longer than three hours as I was headed to bed? Also, I have never sent money so I am unsure how to pay? Can anyone reading this explain how I pay this bot? Thank you

3 hours is the minimum following time.
You can wait 1 year if you wish.

To send money on the SteemIt website, go to your wallet, point the balance of the currency you want to send, click at the arrow that appears, and select transfer.

Then simply fill the form.

If you are still not sure - Google "SteemIt send transaction". I'm sure that some people already made guides about it.

In this lobby, will there be T.P.? For my bunghole?

I think I understand, went and looked it all up. So the number next to my name is my score? I will need to send you .032 apparently?

Great job! Followed.

Hi I just checked and you received my payment a couple of days ago but I forgot my reference in the memo. Apologies. If it's not too late, the url is "We have clothes banks What about book banks". (in books). Thanks

This is not a valid URL
URLs are web addresses.
Like :
That is what the bot expects.

Oh Dear!! Clearly I need the grandchildren to give me some more computer lessons!!. Thank you for responding anyway

Do not worry.
It is only hard because it's new.
Once you get used to the internet, new stuff will come naturally.

Just sent my payment and my link, thank you in advance for choosing me!

How do I send a transaction post to @resteembot pls?

If you chose to resteem, then the post gets another chance at being seen for a while longer and therefore potentially more upvotes, and maybe even more resteems.... This is another option to boost your visibilty that I think many will like to use. It is really different from the buy an upvote bots.

upvote & resteem

I have sent payment before 3 hours pass. Is this considered a donation ?

Soon I will improve the code to return money in cases like yours... But I'm on vacation right now. I'm relaxing on the beaches of Greece.

It is considered a donation unless you want it back - if you do, you will get it.

You can r esteem one if you remember it when you are back . :) i will use your services again its ok :) Where are you, if i may ? :)

Rafina, Greece.
It's close to Athens.
Pretty and not too expensive.
I see you are Greek. Maybe you know it. :)

I will resteem your latest post now, cuz I will forget later.

Haha thnx for resteeming. I am from the other side of Greece, to the north. be sure to visit us at some point :_)

resteem and upvoted :)

Sorry if I sound stupid. But I have 5.592 STEEM Power but no STEEM. Am I going to be required to buy STEEM to use the bot?

Steem Power (SP) is locked and can not be transferred. (They can be powered down, but it takes time.)
Possible transfers are:
Steem > Steem
Steem > Steem Power
Steem Dollar > Steem Dollar

@resteembot accepts all three.

No need to be in a hurry to use the bot.
Just write posts, make some Steem Dollars and then come back.
You sound like you need a bit more experience with the platform anyway.
Experiment away.

Still in waiting line after 5 hours not Resteem my post by @resteembot and also have not active support.

I just resteemed it manually.
I am sorry that you had to wait so much for it.

We can't really talk about active support - I'm just a dude with a computer.
I wrote the instructions for using the bot and you did not follow them.

In the future, for your own good, please do not send any money anywhere, if you are not familiar with the conditions of the other party.
My bot is designed in a way that all invalid transfers are considered donations.
This was also described in the introduction post.
This was what happened with your transaction.

I also resteemed another post of yours. A funny one, about Before-After Marriage.

Thanks for your support @resteembot

I'm sure you guys have noticed by now....but theres a fake version of your bot lurking...

I know of him already.
He might be a copycat, but he's Not a fake.
He really resteems articles, therefore he's real.

Actually - his services are cheaper than mine.

// But at the same time he's a bit annoying, when he is downvoting me, or when he accuses people of copying him.

I'm not a fake, I had this idea and I just started. I dont't care about this other guy (@investigation = @resteembot). I did't see him on Steemit. Later I just ask not to copy the idea of my logo.

Your logo is cool, I give you that.
However, if I were to copy it (assuming I wanted to) that would only bring me trouble, and no benefits.
I wouldn't have done it, so your worrying was wasted.

I am glad to see you writing calmly, without any strange accusations.
You might not care about the other guy (me), but I am curious about you.

My bot was created 5 days before yours.
Because of that, I assumed that you were an imitator, but here you claim that you had that idea by yourself.
I will believe you.
(After all - even if I don't believe you, I can't really do anything about it.)

That means that we had very similar ideas at the same time.
If that's true, then you are interesting to me.

I have a few questions about your bot, and the areas where it differs from mine.
Can you please find me at the PAL network in Discord - my username is @resteembot#9831

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