How do you all make extra money/crypto online? Comment your method here!! Let's help eachother with wisdom :)

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How do you all make extra money? What is something you do you could share with us all? Something easy? Something hard to do? Does it take a lot of time?

I am making this post so we can discuss what we do online and how we can make money/crypto from it.

I will begin with my methods!

1: Youtube!!

The very first thing I did to earn money online was using Youtube. Now many of you might know that YT pay has gone down a lot lately, and may have seen a lot of Youtubers complain about that. Well I am one of those with a complaint. BUT if you get a few thousand followers you can still make a few dollars per video you upload. Youtube is a very time intensive process and should be considered something you have to really really really dedicate yourself to.

YT takes time. I am talking 1 hour to 2 hours make a decent 5 to 10 minute video. Why does it take this long? Well, if you are the type of person who needs to write out a script that can easily take 30 minutes. A lot of youtubers write a script to read from while they go through ther video, that way they can control their message and have it refined to what they want to say(concise and to the point). Others just wing it, like myself. I and many others are capable of extemperaneous speaking, where if we already know a lot about a subject we can talk about it endlessly for hours without creatinga script. If you are able to do that it saves you a lot of time and you come off as more friendly most of the time :) maybe even more likeable!

The other time sinks in YT are editing the video, editing a picture for your thumbnail, coming up with a good title, coming up with good tags, a good description, uploading it, sharing on other social media sites once uploaded.

This can all take a lot of time to do! In the beginining it is not very rewarding, but it can be a lot of fun if that is what you are in to!


What is bitcointalk? It is a website where many people talk about cryptocurrencies. Mainly they talk about Bitcoin, and there are some smaller subsections with a marketplace and altcoin discussions.

But how do you make some extra money from that? As you rank up to the higher levels you are able to have a signature. A signature is something that everytime you make a post it appears below your post/comment. So the higher level you go the more you can have in there. Eventually when you get to be a Sr Member or Hero, you can have customized links/graphics/coloring/highlights and other lettering/characters that make people notice the signature. You get paid for having a signature.

Signature campaigns pay people to put their link/logo in their signatures. Each time you post you earn a certain amount of BTC or another altcoin. It depends on which signature campaign you join. There are hundreds of campaigns to join and some pay better than others. If you are just starting out you will earn very little(just like here), but if you are posting for a few months and rank up to a Jr Member or Full Member, you can start making anywhere from $5 to $25 USD every week. Higher level people make $80 to $100 a week!

3: Steemit!!

I think this one is pretty much self explanatory at this point hehe. We are all here making some posts right!?!?!

What else would you all like to share? Detail some of your methods below and provide a link to them. Let's help eachother find some new things to dive in to!!


I just use dicing sites. Earn a little bit from giveaways and then cash in! I was up to 4 bitcoin at one point, but now I'm back on the faucet. I don't ever autobet and never bet if I see someone winning a lot (since the site might adjust odds as it pays out).

Signature campaigns are interesting, but I don't really like the idea of touting someone else's website, it's very spammy. Youtube probably makes more sense as you can be a content creator instead.

nice post
Your vote is important to us. For which we thank you. And keep voting @piyushkansal

I think makeing money on steemit is not worth it i put a lot of effort into my page and it not reach as much people as I want it to? I don't think that fair

I think you need to stick with it. Look at the members who have been on here for a year. Things don't happen overnight. There is a LARGE audience to reach online.
I put time into my page, posts. comments and replies also; as I think most members that are dedicated do too.
If someone is looking to make quick money on steemit, then perhaps they aren't meant to continue with his or her blogging.
Great things take time and building a following does too.
I see you joined steemit at about the same time as I did. I am not advancing with a fury, but I am dedicated to making a positive attempt.

Yeah I guess I just need to be more positive! Thanks for you u comment !🙌

You're welcome! I can understand the frustration, but persistence and dedication are key.
Good LUCK!

Can you have a look at my blog and tell me what I can improve on

I gave you some votes :) Have a nice day!

Steemit, boinc and day trading. The most important thing is PATIENCE!!! lol

YES! Patience is important when starting out.

What is boinc?

PC crunching to help science and obtain gridcoin/ grc


Amazon affiliate marketing :) But I won't give out my niches :P

Care to say how much you make in a month from it? :)

sure! At the moment, approximately 300-400 $ per month. Used to make a lot more but haven't worked on my sites for a few months.. But I plan to restart one of these days :)

I can send you a very detailed guide if you want to give it a try. But be warned, it will take a while until you start making any serious cash

Restarting your website would be a great parallel with steemit. Cross-promotion can lead to new followers, sales and exposure. Good luck!

Thank you :)

Speaking of amazon do you Mturk?

nah, that's slavery XD


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