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RE: How do you all make extra money/crypto online? Comment your method here!! Let's help eachother with wisdom :)

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I think makeing money on steemit is not worth it i put a lot of effort into my page and it not reach as much people as I want it to? I don't think that fair


I think you need to stick with it. Look at the members who have been on here for a year. Things don't happen overnight. There is a LARGE audience to reach online.
I put time into my page, posts. comments and replies also; as I think most members that are dedicated do too.
If someone is looking to make quick money on steemit, then perhaps they aren't meant to continue with his or her blogging.
Great things take time and building a following does too.
I see you joined steemit at about the same time as I did. I am not advancing with a fury, but I am dedicated to making a positive attempt.

Yeah I guess I just need to be more positive! Thanks for you u comment !🙌

You're welcome! I can understand the frustration, but persistence and dedication are key.
Good LUCK!

Can you have a look at my blog and tell me what I can improve on

I gave you some votes :) Have a nice day!

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