Steemit Custom Profile Challenge

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Hello and welcome to the Official Steemit Profile Pic Challenge!

Our mission! As we are all aware or will come to realise things work a little bit differently around here on steemit. I kinda think of steemit as a decentralized social chat that promotes block-chain tech, crypto currency, creativity and loads of unbound enthusiasm among its fans. We are free to express ourselves as free individuals and are rewarded to simply be genuine and truly express ourselves.

However I cant help but wonder if we, the steemit population were to have designated profile pics and possibly a little interesting info about ourselves what would we look like? What would we share? What profile picture madness would be taking place amount the steemit crowd of unfolding enthusiasm? I don't know about you but I cant help but wonder.....Mmmmmm this could be fun!

How it works?: Actually more like guide lines really :-)

To keep things all tidy lets reply either here on this thread or " Submit a new Story " and do our custom profile on a new post possibly under the " introducing yourself " #tag for example. If you select a new post please come back here and share your Profile Pic Challenge with us. Got it? Simple enough I hope :-)

Included in my tutorial below you will find a simple example of how to display a basic profile pic and some basic info about yourself on steemit using what we call Markdown Language Don't worry its real easy I promise!. Included below is a simple Markup Language Template I have created to help get you started. Simply copy and paste the code then fill in your profile image link and basic info. There are no real rules here, most importantly post your profile pic and have fun lets keep things creative shall we... Most importantly please remember this is mostly just for fun and my contribution to the community really :-)

Below is my idea of what a basic steemit profile template should look like. Also you will find the markup template below that may be simply copied to your clipboard and used to setup your own custom profile fast and easy. Please note you can obviously get creative and add or remove fields, content ect.... The sky is the limmit! Also consider saving your custom profile to a text doc so in future you may simply add it to a new post or comment at will as a simple extended profile for example.

My Profile

Name: MarkSteemit ID: @bitminter
Country: South AfricaLinks: @steemit #steemit

About Me: Hello, this would be the part were you say something a little witty about yourself :-)

Profile Code Template
Simply copy the template code in the grey area below then edit the fields to create your custom profile.

**My Profile**

Name: Your Name | Steemit ID: @YourSteemitID
------------ | -------------
Country: Your Country | Links: @steemit #steemit
About Me: Hello, this would be the part were you say something a little witty about yourself :-)

Well I hope you all have enjoyed reading my tutorial and have fun creating and posting your custom designed profiles here on steemit! I am looking forward to all your comments, feedback and most importantly the following madness that will inevitably be conjured up! Enjoy :-)

Edits and Updates

Removed Contact: from form and replaced it with Links:

Important: Once you have copied the profile markdown its important to make sure you are posting in Markdown and not Editor.

Hints and Tips: Copy your custom steemit profile to a text doc so you may simply copy and paste it in any post you desire.

Try posting somthing fun and witty, be yourself and create genuine content. Who knows your profile might end up a trending steemit. :-)


My Profile

Name: MarkSteemit ID: @bitminter
Country: South AfricaContact: [email protected]

About Me: Hello, My name is mark I am the creator of this post. This is another example profile post and a little info about me and who I am. Please reply in this thread or start a new " Submit your Story" and don't forget to link back to this post. Thank you :-)

My Profile*

Name:BrianSteemit ID: @bdavid
Country: USAContact: [email protected]

About Me: Just your average walking contradiction. I'm a Harley riding, gun loving, libertarian, atheist, and above all a family man.

Awesome love the pic, what a beautiful family photo thanks for this!

@bdavid It is recommended that you remove your email id from your post. There are plenty of scammers who might be willing to take advantage of this fact. Other details are fine. Same goes for you too @bitminer. Cheers. :)

I have changed the markup, Thanks for the concern I am glad you brought it up thank you. I have changed contact to links.

I love the fact you love Harleys, bikes are a passion of mine aswell!

so that's why I see your profile like this in the other posts.

Hi, yes you can create a custom profile for fun, please if you need help just shout! Thanks

thanks Mark nice to see another South African on Steemit ,please look at my photos from Africa Burn this year and like and follow ,ive just joined and still trying to find my way around , Cheers G

@bitminter This seems interesting but I have a genuine concern. It's not advisable to ask people to post their emails on a public platform. There are plenty of scammers here who might take advantage of it. Kindly change your markdown code. There's no point in asking people to post email ids. Thanks :)

Good point and done! Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated

Any suggestions as to what we could use in its place? Lets get creative :-)

Great tutorial just shared it! Thanks

Thank you much appreciated!

Great to see we are gaining some traction here, thanks for all the support guy's much appreciated!

I created this one just for fun!

My Steemit Profile

Name: MarkSteemit ID: @bitminter
Country: South AfricaLinks: @steemit #steemit

About Me: Hello, My name is mark I am the creator of this post. This is an example profile post and a little info about me and who I am. As you can see I am a hero rescuing the damsel in distress. Thank you for your support and have fun creating your profiles!

Keep up the great work @bitminter

Thank you I have really become a steemit addict and enjoy doing this kind of thing.

Nice @bitminter
Shot you an Upvote :)

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Ok not sure if this is a complement or not hahahaha

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Thanks, Please post a profile if you dare! It can be of anything really just for fun. Thanks

Keep up the great work @bitminter

Keep up the great work @bitminter