Life Is Your Victory: Morning Routine

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Dream Big. Start Small. Begin Now. Be the hero of your life every minute of every day.


1. Journaling. Declutter&Gratitude

The moment you wake up - is the moment you choose how your day is going to be. The first minute when I wake up - I journal my dreams, every single thought that comes across my mind, and after, I write 3 things I am grateful for today. For example “I am grateful for such an amazing day to be productive, happy, fulfilling, healthy, driven and so on,” “ I am grateful for my heart that knows how to love, for the heart that is open to receive the love from God.” “ I am grateful for knowing my purpose and realizing my dreams every moment of every day.” Basically what you’’’ do - is get rid of everything your mind is sabotaged by and cultivate the E-emotion of gratitude. (Be grateful for things you want in your life and watch them happen).

2. Water

A cold shower helps me wake up like no other, topping it with drinking water like a habit. It gets the body into an energized state. Sometimes, I would take just a cold bottle of water and water my face with it, sometimes I’d mix cold-hot water on my face or my body when taking a shower.

3. Measure daily steps/exercises

Wealth is combined with a physical, mental, financial, and a heart set. You have to make sure your physical being is the best it can possibly be by daily exercises. When you sweat at least 30 minutes a day - you increase dopamine in your body, which gives you the drive, passion, energy to action you need, to accomplish anything you set for the day. What really helps me, is technology to track myself, the Fitbit watch, which not only measures my exercises, steps, sleep, food but also motivates and reminds me to keep my body in shape and sleep routine in check.

It is scientifically proven that your Body Fit Set gives you the drive to thrive! You can check FitBit watch I’m using here by clicking on this link

Or download a free app that counts your steps, and also pays you to walk.
Check out this free app 👆 It pays to walk!

4. Train passion via meditation

Breathing is the bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind. Learn to cross it. Law of attraction has been around for so long, that I am sure even those who don’t believe in some power of the Universe, have heard about the idea of creating your best life based on purpose. This means, by using simple breathing techniques, you will bring yourself to (I call it) Point Zero Timeline, which was first brought by Joe Vitale, where your conscious and subconscious mind are in the flow of balance, from that point, just by using your “best day” visualization, you create your own reality. Life is combined with choices you make every day and habits you cultivate over time, every day. One day is a reflection of 75-95 years of your lifetime.

5. Traffic University or Walking School.

While exercising, walking, driving - STUDY. Every day, for at least 60 minutes - become a student. The job of the news is to get you addicted to producing cortisol, to fear. Victims don’t like to learn new ideas, they want their same 80 or so years, every day, and call it a lifetime. The discomfort of growth is what makes you a hero. Learning collapses the timelines. When you study something that drives you, gives you knowledge on expanding your productivity, influence, business - you forget about the clock. Expand your growth, it is the essential goal for your personal mastery.

6. Breakfast
Every time you are about to put something in your stomach, ask yourself - Is this what my body truly needs right now? Just by becoming aware of the food you eat every day, you will learn to apply this idea into every area of your life. Listen to your body, it knows the answers which the mind doesn’t see.

Hope you enjoyed the article and can make it helpful for your morning routine.

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The satisfaction of victory that follows the discomfort of growth for me has been profoundly satisfying.


I appreciate your time for reading my article and thank you for the beautiful comment!

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