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💡 @mysearchisover get upvote on 50% (VotingPower 7277.61).
The post can fall into a two-day rating and get a reward in the case of Upvote the post

Rules for calling bot:

  • Anyone can leave an appeal under the author of the post, which is in my subscribers.
  • The bot can be called no more than 3 times in 24 hours.
  • Upvote on 90%, if the Voting Power is more than 93%. Upvote on 75% if the Voting Power is between 92% and 85%. Upvote 50% if below 85%.
  • After the Upvote of the comment, the bot votes with more VotingPower.

Omg that's epic haha!! 😁
you're too kool!😍

Thanks for sharing the link, I will resteem.

Wow that is great I didn’t know about it thanks for sharing @mysearchisover


You're welcome.

Ha Ha!!....I will finally get more money then you for doing something! (Not unless you won the raffle though) they are paying $3 SBD.


Crap! lol $3 is very good! I wonder if I can do it again? lol jk

Maybe you will still win the lottery? :)

It looks like it over ... link leads to the survey that says it has ended.

Thanks for the news about the survey.
@shortsegments thanks for resteeming or I wouldn’t have seen this. 👍