Get off of Facebook, please

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Facebook Wants Your Face and You'll Probably Let Them Have It

Facebook just got one step closer to becoming the literal embodiment of its name. On Tuesday, the company announced it’s rolling out several new facial recognition features on its platforms. Once you agree to let Facebook use your face data, you gain access to new tools the company says will help protect your privacy and block catfishing attempts.

Not only does googlefacebooktwitter own your data, one of them now wants to own your face. Nothing bad can come from that, they promise. Up by 50% are the requests for private user information thats handed over to law enforcement by Facebook, without end user notification.

Every year, Facebook gets tens of thousands of requests for data from governments worldwide, including search warrants, subpoenas, or calls to restrict certain kinds of content. According to a new report released by the company on Dec. 18, these requests are increasing.

YouTube demonetizes videos you produce. Twitter censors what fits it's agenda. and Facebook will now own the data that comprises your face!

one solution...

What could happen is people start leaving the legacy social networking dinosaurs in droves! Leave them stuck in their tar pits, alone. Blockchain apps like SteemIt allow the creators of the CONTENT to profit off their time invested. Imagine the boardroom bed-wetting that would go on if this comes to pass.
First they came for the currency, then they came for big corporation's control... finally they came for the governments themselves. All this can evolve into something beneficial to those who most need it, deserve it. Within decades control can be taken back. Without revolutions and without discarding the founding principles and documents of free people. That'll make many people happy right off the bat.

failed relationship

So leave the failed relationship you're in with googlefacebooktwitter. It's not working out in your best interest. They're selfish narcissists seeking only to control and dominate you. Kick them to the curb and breathe free air. You'll find someone better, sooner rather than later.


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Yes! I use a pseudonym on Facebook but so do many people i know. Someone reported me or something and so now i am in a several days long back and forth with Facebook about my name. They are requiring identification, proof, signed documents.. they want more than my bank does! I feel stuck because i am a community organizer and starting a new business, and unfortunately everyone in my area uses Facebook, and the most valuable thing for me there right now are the groups and pages. But I agree, and I plan to help motivate the droves to leave FB, and come on over to Steemit! :) Following


Wow, passing around my dox makes me nervous every time. Even setting up an exchange acct was a pain because of that. Whats in it for you? We know Facebook is making money on YOUR data... but what are YOU getting? IMO absolutely nothing. They seem to do a good job of dictating to folks though :)

Thanks for your thoughtful input

fuck facefuck. as if they would really not use your facial data if you didnt give permission... that shit is laughable



Illegitimate son of Ronald McDonald wants to enter politics now. Personally I've had enough of these goofball billionaires. They will be the easiest to "dethrone", the govts. may be harder.


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For the record, not on Facebook. Never liked it.

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I've never been on it and never will. I always had the suspicion it was a way to get facial recognition for the government. And I talk to those I want to already by phone & e-mail.


My definition of "friend" never matched Facebooks, so that was always a problem for me.


I have a few friends who are on it. They have asked me for years why don't I join. Then the next thing I hear is the bickering about this person posting this, blah, blah, blah. South Park did the BEST on Facebook and how stupid it is.
On another side, my girlfriend pulled up some family members of mine and I got a glimpse into what they are hiding. I'll just keep in the dark & reality.