I printed an orc miniature

in print3d •  9 months ago

A while back I sculpted an orc in blender.

I finally got around to actually printing it this past weekend and it came out really nice. It still needs paint before I can get some really good photos, and it is only assembled using bluetack, but I think the general idea gets across
It is printed on My wanhao d7 1.5 and is printed in a combination of wanhao red resin (which came with the printer ) and my new black Monocure resin. the quality of the resin has a huge impact on the prints and i have only started to scratch the surface of this but i will keep experimenting
I hope you like it.

Im EvilHippie, a compulsive creative and jack o' trades. If you want to know more about me, check out my introduction post here

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looks awesome !

too bad I couldn't submit it in time to Steemmakers system. with the move and absence of wifi I haven't been the most active curator since beginning last week.

I submitted it to our new review system anyway, just in case the bot gets to run before the deadline on voting is up.

It'll be a test to see if the bot breaks if the article is too old. hehe.


Hey, Looks like your test was a success :-)

Yes, its very beautiful. I really like it. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing.