Few Tips to give an impressive presentation

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If you are a person who feels nerves while giving speeches and presentations before a huge crowd, if this tension and anxiety lead you to worry much and create nightmares during sleep, done worry you are not alone. About 70% of total population have the same fear of anxiety according to a study. Although this might seem like a common problem, we should contemplate overcoming the situation in a way that we could thrive.

I have learned a lot while watching TED talks as I mentioned earlier. The way they speak and the way they present their idea and opinions make us as receptive persons rather than unresponsive. I have been observing many things from their speeches and I would like to share them along with my tips and experiences to you, and I hope this will help you to flourish in public speaking.

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Record Your Speech While Practicing

When I was in my graduation, I used to fear a lot to give a presentation before a crowd. I would feel uncomfortable and ended up in many wrong postures and body languages several times. However, I didn’t know I was standing in such a strange position until I saw the video of my presentation. Then I have decided to record a video during practice and watched the strange things I could do. This allowed me to not only understand my drawbacks in terms of posture but also the whole picture of how and what I am speaking.

Give Audience Few Small Pauses

Unfortunately, I will be on the list of people who speak fast during presentations. This happens because of anxiety with which we speak fast instead of maintaining a constant pace. If you see a professional speaker, they often give small pauses that may be followed by a joke or an example.

Include Some Real Time Examples

Having a good sense of humor is a blessing as far as I am concerned. Our professor used to have this kind of characteristic, which made him so special in our university. A perfect speech must include an example that can be understood easily and few entertaining jokes related to that. This way you can grab audience attention.

Be Enthusiastic

You know what you are speaking. Adding a little bit of enthusiasm shows your love for the topic and love for teaching. If you show more enthusiastic feeling, the presentation is going to be great. For this you don’t have to do anything extra, rather you could learn the concept in detail and try to explain in detail in such a way that every person in the room can understand.

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Dress Well

The world is full of judgemental people. Of course, you and I are judgemental when it comes to judging a person based on his dressing. If you have a plenty of knowledge, but if you wear not so nice dress, you may end up with a negative outcome. So prepare the day before that. Get ready with a pressed dress, cleaned shoes and decent hairstyle.

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Don’t worry thinking you can’t speak properly or a fear of rejection or contempt. As I mentioned you may face unresponsive people and sometimes critics. Nevertheless, don’t let you down. Go ahead and give your presentation. You will surely get more confidence if you do this often.


You are very beneficial to me

I am glad that you could learn.

Am blessed by this post, I always find it difficult to present thank.

This post is going to help me in my all upcoming #presentations. I always dress well and include some real time examples as per the topic but I don't practice before going to the roastam

Thanks a Ton for your detailed post about Presentation Tips. God Bless You :) Going to follow you for getting notify

Whenever i come to know that there is a presentation in couple of days time,,,, i tend to get nervous and my basic problem is my lack of confidence while speaking infront of the public and even if i try to get the confidence but on the day i feel nervous and spoil the show though my preparation before it was far good.

Specially the first one 'Record Your Speech While Practicing', definitely it will help me to boost my morale and confidence, i can see myself, my facial expression, how to behave, how to pause, how to emphasize and so on.

Next week i have to do a presentation of annual financials to the Board of Directors. I will definitely share my experience @dcrypto

I am just that person! :P ..Thanks for the great post!

yeah presenting something to someone is difficult and skillful work u have to take attention of the audience and u have described a good way to represent to an audience

I am very happy that I learned the information you gave me. We love you

wow! i m just waiting for your post! your are just amazing and also creative mind! i m learning from you ! your inspiration for me! i dont know what to say but i say one thing that i m fear and cannot do presententation in my universty now i will follow your rules and now i m motivated! your are my teacher who inspire me! thanks once a agiain i will be waithing for your next article!

I am happy that you can learn something from my post and thanks a lot for this kind of support.

you got a new fan hear!i am very happy to see that kind of people who help other!god bless you!

Yes your post is really informative because i faced the same problem initially because English is not my first language but i always had courage to speak even with mistakes that made me fluent over the time. And yes TED talks is amazing and people can learn great things from it.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

this is help full

Very helpful keep sharing this kind of information.we have written about the examples that need to give while giving a presentation as it becomes easier to understand .

Whenever I got presentation from my Uni lecture then I always feel fear that how can I face so many people in front of me..after reading these tips I will apply on myself from then on so that mt presentation go well in every aspect such as dressing and including real time examples

Great tips, should have record down my presentations while practising it. I tend to speak really really fast when im nervous, end up audience cannot get my message. I do agree that a good speaker must have a great sense of humour too, i find it hard to incorporate humour in my speech/presentations.. But anyway, like u said, no one is perfect, i believe practice makes perfect! :)

These are just some amzing point i have ever read about giving presntation in an effective manner, you have described the topic very easy and concise manner. and the points you have mentioned are simply amazing, i used to be under pressure while giving presentation, but i think now i will be fine because of you... Thanks

Thanks a lot for the input. I always had a huge problem to speak in public, and your post did help me a lot to reconsider my point of view.

Keep doing such good posts and have a wonderful day.

Also check out my blog if you want. @tevinci

awesome post thanks for sharing tips of presentation

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