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...Well almost always!


One of them had garlic oil in it... I hope we can get rid of the smell one day!

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Ah yes, the prepper's tool kit for survival... (I am not talkong about harsh weather or situations, just basic needs). What are they? We often hear these few must haves usually in this order of priorities:

  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Food

At least I always hear that water is the single most important thing for living and especially while building a homestead.

When we looked for land to build our Multi-family Homestead with Anarchist Tendencies]( (We're still lookong for people to join the community, don't hesitate to ask for more information 😁), we didn't really take our water needs into account, there was no shelter and we're not growing much of anything yet, nor have we hunted!!!

It was a complete failure! No, just kidding we love our property and there is no regrets, only perhaps a little fear of missing out or seeing how much greener the grass may be somewhere else, but that will always be won't it?

The main reason for having chosen this property was because of 600 feet of river frontage! We have pour own private swimming hole... but unfortunately it's not very practical for making it our water source. It's too far from the road and the building site. There's a fourteen acre forest to go through, plus let's not forget the rocky ground of the Hudson Valley, digging a 1500 foot trench 4 feet deep would be a nightmare.


Well I guess we never really made water our first priority. Oops... are we bad preppers? Na, I don't think so. We are learning to live with a super limited amount of water, and encouraging ourselves to waste not. In the past, all we had were three 55 gallon rain barrels for ll our washing needs and we'd fill up a few five gallon jugs for drinking.

It's going to be a whole different game this year with 550 gallons of rainwater to play with 😁!

Well that's all i wanted to say. I'm just excited to have something that makes us feel like we're moving forward in the build of a homestead!!!

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Man, that is exciting. You guys have such a beautiful property, I am glad we got to visit...even for just a minute. Water is an incredible resource. I know for me it is a number one priority. I think that it is going to become a resource that people actually fight over.

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Oh yeah, I think you're right about water being a resource we could fight over... and that time is probably closer than we think, unfortunately!!!

Thank you so much for having stopped by, I wish we could have spent more time together, but that will be for another day 😁!

Water - the essence of life. Yes @senorcoconut doing with very little water is a BIG learning. Perhaps it's the ultimate prepper skill that one day you'll be able to help others with. I'm seeing a solar powered pump, some piping up from the river and some holding tanks in your future. :)


Haha, thanks, yes I love this idea! Helping others and all the solar pump thing. It's been really pretty ok... maybe we were already used to things like not leaving the water on while brushing our theeth.

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Sounds like a hella of a project you’ve taken on @senorcoconut, and a fascinating one at that.

Definitely right to be prioritising water! Good luck 👊🏼

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Thanks @goodwothtravels, yeah definitely a life long project!!! It's been a dream of mine for a long time and here we are now finally starting to work on it!


Sounds ace! Keep us updated, looking forward to the reads 👊🏼

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They say that "necessity is the motherhood of invention", I have no doubt you will figure out what you need to. With every homestead comes its challenges, we just have to learn to work with them and adapt which I know you are capable of!

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